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Tyan Tomcat h1000S(S3950)
4.4 out of 10

Tyan Tomcat h1000S(S3950)

Tomcat h1000S (S3950) Server Board featurs support for a single Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Tyan Tomcat h1000S(S3950)

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Overall 2

Does not work with Quad-core Opteron

Joseph H., Newegg
17 May 2009
  • Summary: Newegg should fix the spec for this board to make it clear Quad-core Opterons do not work.
  • Pros: Would be a good board if it worked.
  • Cons: This board does not work with Quad-core Operton processors. The details say that it is compatible with Opteron 1000 series, but that is only Dual-core 1000 series, which Newegg doesn't even sell. We even contacted TYAN to ask if we could update the BIOS to get it to work and they said Quad-core p...
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Overall 10

Great Board

Ray s., Newegg
7 May 2009
  • Summary: As I keep getting orders I will keep building them
  • Pros: I have built a stable of servers for 5 customers of mine. I have not had a single hiccup since I started using them as my standard server board almost 2 years ago. All my servers are running WinServer2k and they keep chugging along.
  • Cons: None Absolutely None
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Overall 10

Four more are also rock solid, but where are the processors???

Anonymous, Newegg
10 April 2009
  • Summary: Make sure that your power supply has both 24-pin and 8-pin power. I've just ordered four more of these boards for new servers that we needed. I applaud NewEgg for bringing this back from deactivation, but the reviewer below is absolutely right---NE doesn't carry a single processor that works with...
  • Pros: This board is 100% stable, and the chipset runs so cool that the heatsink doesn't even get warm. It works perfectly with the Promise SX4300 RAID controller (NE# N82E16816102077), which I always use with this board (three SATAII drives in RAID 5 with one hot spare). Side note to nVidia---why do al...
  • Cons: None. I've had two of these boards running 24/7 since they were first available in 2007, and they still just keep going, and going, and going...
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Overall 2

Useless thing

Potto N., Newegg
16 March 2009
  • Pros: It can work only in theory
  • Cons: It can work in theory, but no cpu that newegg sale is supported by this motherboard. The video is 64 bit which is very expensive and the one on the motherboard does not work. The cpu is only optron 2x and almost cost as optron 4x but is not support. If you want to waste your money by this motherb...
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Overall 10

User Review

Cordell B., Newegg
18 September 2008
  • Pros: Works good, nice layout, good literature, 4 PCI slots
  • Cons: Wish it had a 5th PCI slot :)
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Overall 10

Rock-solid flawless, like all Tyan server boards I've used

Jonathan P., Newegg
10 May 2008
  • Summary: I don't use the on-board SATA RAID. I'm using a Promise SX4300 with three drives + one hot spare, RAID 5, and an Opteron 1120. This board replaces an S3870G2NR (dual S940) that was destroyed when my office complex was futzing with network connections.
  • Pros: Broadcom/ServerWorks chipsets run cool, Tyan reliability and tech support, total Windows compatibility with earlier S939/S940 HT1000 boards (no Windows repair install needed)
  • Cons: In my application (W2K3 server), none.
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Overall 4

Too many problems

Nathan M., Newegg
21 March 2008
  • Summary: Considering there's 2 separate problems in 1 board, I would have to say Tyan chose some really bad chipsets or has introduced some really bad quality into their server board line. This board is junk for a server class environment.
  • Pros: None here, Tyan _used_ to make good boards.
  • Cons: Linux kernel will not see beyond the PCI bridge when using Phobos quad ethernet PCI cards which have a very standard DEC Tulip chipset. Perhaps bad linux support because of new chipset? Also, sata ports 3 and 4 cause significant errors under high load on the HT1000 chipset.
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Overall 10

Running great with Ubuntu 7.10

Jason D., Newegg
1 December 2007
  • Summary: Don't be confused about RAID on motherboards like this... it's just software RAID implemented at the BIOS level to trick Windows (which doesn't have native software RAID) into thinking the array is a single disk.
  • Pros: The ServerWorks chipset is well supported by Linux. This motherboard has excellent Netboot support, which is important if deploying a cluster with disk-less nodes. A system built from this motherboard has been running non-stop as my research server for two months without a hitch.
  • Cons: Doesn't support booting from an SATA CDROM, but perhaps a bios update would fix this.
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Overall 8

Works well

Samuel H., Newegg
29 October 2007
  • Summary: Not really a con, but seemingly poor graphics (XGI Volari Z7), and no sound. I'm not too impressed with the customer service... but I sorta gave up before I got anywhere with the SATA boot issue.
  • Pros: I like the dual 1gig lan ports. It doesn't have much else. Its a server mobo. Does what it is supposed to do.
  • Cons: Problems booting from a SATA CD/DVD - but there is apparently a work around... I haven't figured it out yet - just used IDE instead.
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Overall 10

zero problems

Hans-Peter B., Newegg
15 June 2007
  • Summary: we're running a 2TB RAID6 Areca array in this thing - dual Opteron and 2GB RAM to operate as a streaming video server. Much faster than our old dual Ahtlons. Watch out that you buy the proper memory - we bought buffered ECC first like for all the other servers we've built recently.
  • Pros: Smooth installation of win2k3 server. No clue what the heat sink problems are others mentioned. We put a big aftermarket Thermaltake in there anyway, so no biggie. The server has now been running for a few months and there hasn't been a single problem with anytyhing. If dual core is enough, this ...
  • Cons: none
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