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Tyan S7025AGM2NR
5.9 out of 10

Tyan S7025AGM2NR

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Overall 10

Three Steps Forward, One Step Back!

Rusty R., Newegg
21 January 2012
  • Summary: So far a very good choice for a video edit/color correction suite. I'm glad to see so many slots for modern cards and just enough legacy to get by in my 1394/USB pinch! Overall probably a 30% performance boost, but with the added slots a 200% usefulness gain.
  • Pros: Useful slots out the wazoo! I mean how many 16x slots could you need? I'm upgrading my Lenovo D20, reusing my Xeon 5550's and making use of existing RAM and drives. I fully expected to re-format my system drive, but low-and-behold the existing Win7 installation booted and repaired itself! That wa...
  • Cons: Only 4 RAM slots per CPU, now I have extra RAM. :~| No 1394a/b. Thankfully I have an old PCI33 with USB lying around :~| Only 4 built-in USB2 out the back. Only stereo on-board audio. A minor case mod moved the jacks to free a rear slot. Not a big deal as my audio is external.
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Overall 4

Big Time BIOS Problems

Rolf E., Newegg
27 October 2010
  • Summary: Big time BIOS problems. The BCM has become the bain of my existance. Flashing it to 2.0 bricked the feature. And then flash the AMI BIOS to 1.7 bricked the entire board. Also, Tyan's on-line tech support is simply horrible. Responses to ticket submissions take 3 or 4 days.
  • Pros: Number of working PCIE slots
  • Cons: Case Header integration can be a challange. Generally, I have some that some SSI\EEB system boards provide ATX case header pinouts. Others provide case header pinouts that are close to the SSI\EEB standard. This board is sort of close. I have yet to find a third party system board manufacturer th...
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Overall 8

BIOS Problems!!

Ahammed H., Newegg
4 June 2010
  • Pros: This is my second board. Great expansion capabilities stable. Rock solid with 1.05 bios for X5680 . But big problems with earlier CPU - see below
  • Cons: The new board shipped with bios 1.05 which seems to be not compatible with my X5570s hangs at the checking NVRAM line. I don't want to switch out the X5680s to downgrade bios due to risk of damaging the socket in my working main computer. Painful to say the least!
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Overall 8

4 fully functional x16 PCIe slots!!

Patrick F., Newegg
26 May 2010
  • Summary: Tyan provides a link to the Biosman website on the bios section. Biosman does not sell this type of Bios chip. There is a guy that sells Bios chips on the popular auction website we all know, that does have these new, and can put on the latest Bios.
  • Pros: What other board can you possibly buy that has four x16 PCIe slots that all can work at the same time, and that can actually fit for big double width cards, AND can fit in a standard SSI/EATX case??? I really do not think I will ever want four on my system, but it is nice to have the flexibility ...
  • Cons: Cannot work with the Xeon 5600 series without a Bios update, which Tyan will provide if you mail them the board. It had some problems with the E5620s when I tried them, but had absolutely no issues running the E5630s on the 1.05 version Bios.
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Overall 10

Powerful Server Board

Scott S., Newegg
15 January 2010
  • Summary: This board has two "Northbridge" IOHs, but you do not need to worry about PCI Bus Addressing like on other server boards with dual Northbridge chipsets- the two IOHs have QPI links to each other, so they basically pretend to be one massive IOH.
  • Pros: This is a powerful server platform with lots of flexibility. The price is there, too. For the features you can't beat this board bang-for-buck. All 4 x16 slots are fully populated- a welcome feature on a server/workstation board. With two E5520s, I just cannot slow this box down, no matter how ha...
  • Cons: Not a con. I had a problem with a pair of GTX 260s under Linux on this board which turned out to be an addressing issue. All I needed to do was specify the BusID in the Xorg configuration... Be sure (!!!) to use Hexadecimal! I tested with OpenSuSE 11.2. More notes in the other section. Just know ...
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Overall 10

Excellent board, with a few gotchas

Frank S., Newegg
11 December 2009
  • Summary: The board (or my Corsair HX1000 PSU) seems finicky about which 12V rail the second EPS12V cable is on. Even with a current BIOS, the board still wouldn't POST until I moved this cable to the other 12V rail.
  • Pros: 1) Dual Tylersburg chipset for massive PCIe bandwidth. Every x16 slot is fully electrically populated!!! 2) Dual-socket Nehalem support, fits in standard SSI/EATX cases. Very few boards do this combined with (1)--SuperMicro's offerings certainly do not. This fits perfectly within a Silverstone Te...
  • Cons: 1) Onboard GigE is Intel 82574L. In contrast, the 82576 NIC used on comparable SuperMicro boards supports better I/O virtualization. Not a big issue unless you're running with a VM hypervisor though. 2) Onboard audio (Realtek ALC262) is almost worthless. No fixed audio jacks in the rear (apparent...
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