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SuperMicro X9DAi

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Overall 8

Solid board, thus far

Jerritte C., Newegg
20 February 2014
  • Summary: First, as others have said, this is NOT a standard eATX board. I put this in a Corsair Obsidian 750D case, which is eATX compatible. However, of the 10 holes in the board, only FIVE of them lined up correctly with the eATX holes (no, I'm not joking). As another reviewer stated, I too had to drill and tap holes in the case to get it to mount correctly (he said he only needed to drill/tap four...not sure why I had to do five, but I did -- maybe he forgot one :).
  • Pros: The board has a rich feature set and supports a wide array of components. It seems to be very well built, as well.
  • Cons: I'm going to list several "cons" here, but I'm being pretty picky on some of them.
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Overall 10

great board

Anonymous, Newegg
3 February 2014
  • Pros: My board was flawless, it's a decent board. I'm sure many others have mentioned this, but to find out what it's compatible with just head to the supermicro web site pretty easy after that.
  • Cons: None
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Overall 6

User Review

deyan p., Newegg
10 March 2013
  • Pros: im here to ask question , I stumble upon a PSU problem, I need 24-pin and two 8-pin power connec-tors.Which manuracturer had that
  • Cons: none since haven't put it to work
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Overall 8

Nice board, all working.

Yi L., Newegg
28 February 2013
  • Pros: Bought them in bulk, all working smoothly. one ram slot is not working in one board I received, but changing my ram to another slot makes it work. This board has everything I need for a server machine.
  • Cons: single DOA ram slot is my only disappointment. But i am satisfied with this low failure rate.
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Overall 2


karen s., Newegg
18 October 2012
  • Summary: Also, it would have been nice to have had dual, on-board USB 3.0 connectors for the front panel.
  • Pros: I'm sure there would have been plenty if the board would have worked.
  • Cons: Motherboard was basically faulty and when testing the setup on my workbench, with the power-button cable from the case properly connected, I found that the motherboard would turn on automatically once: (i) the 20+4 pin and two 4+4 pin 12V connectors were attached to the motherboard, (ii) the PSU switch was flipped to on, and (iii) without pressing the case's power button. Further, all of the other components, except the GPU/GPU fan, e.g., the HDDs, the optical drive, ...
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Overall 6


Matthew S., Newegg
14 October 2012
  • Summary: Additionally, there's only one USB 2.0 riser on the board, the other one is an internal USB 2.0 jack, which makes more than two USB 2.0 connections to the board impossible for cases with more than one set (or an internal card reader, for instance).
  • Pros: Everything fits on this board. The x16 Slots are positioned so that you can get basically any graphics card on the market into them.
  • Cons: Motherboard was DOA. Power supply was checked out good, as was the front panel switch, cable, and connection to the board (verified with the manual and a multi-meter). But the computer won't turn on. Because of that, I'm going to mark this board as 3 Eggs for now, I want to see how a working board will run in my setup (2x 4 core Xenons, 32 GB DDR3 RAM graphics workstation), before I re-review it after getting a working board.
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Overall 4

Almost, but not quite...

Jeffrey B., Newegg
26 August 2012
  • Summary: 2. Whoever approved the BIOS should be fired. Immediately. It is a royal pain to set up, and simple things like boot drive selection wind up taking far, far too long.
  • Pros: It has good features at the price-point.
  • Cons: 1. They do not correctly advertise the specifications. This is NOT and EATX motherboard. it is a *variation* of EATX. The mounting holes do not line up with any other chassis... besides their own. Tthis is a "EATX revision 'm' " product -- It only works in their own chassis, that happens to cost 3x the price!
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Overall 10

Great Board, Non-Standard Mounting

Aaron K., Newegg
23 May 2012
  • Pros: Top-notch build quality and components. Very well thought-out. Oodles of management options for use in an enterprise environment. Connectivity options are pretty good too, with all the essentials you would want in a beefy workstation. Super fast! Love this platform. Using it for video post-production and visual effects, working with 4K RED footage.
  • Cons: Beware! Mounting hole pattern is listed as EATX on NewEgg and SuperMicro's website. But, it is not what you would expect for what's usually called EATX! I put this into a Corsair 800D case (awesome, btw) and I had to drill and tap four holes to get it to fit. Not a big deal for me but it could be a nasty surprise to someone.
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User Review

Бажин Сергей, Yandex
19 October 2013
  • Excerpt: Данная материнка была в составе фирменной серверной платформы Supermicro, я лишь установил 2 процессора E5-2620 и 4 плашки оперативки по 8 ГБ 1600МГц. Установлен Windows Server 2012 R2 Standart, SQL Server 2012 Bussiness Intelligence, утилита управления от Касперского, сервер 1С 8,2 и Консультант+.
  • Pros: Качество; Возможности
  • Cons: Нет встроенного видеоадаптера; Оптоволоконный выход на звук и поддержка 7.1 акустики (зачем?Оо)
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User Review

Chukov Nikita, Yandex
17 October 2013
  • Excerpt: Решил на базе данной материнки собрать домашний сервер (suse xen, проброс видео карты в виртуалку)
  • Pros: Приличная 2х сокетная материнка за приемлемые деньги
  • Cons: Отсутствует ipmi, встроенное видео всего 2 парта sata3
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