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SuperMicro H8DME-2
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SuperMicro H8DME-2

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Overall 10


Richard E., Newegg
6 January 2010
  • Summary: As seen above, not one major complaint about this board. Has run issue free 24/7 since they day it was brought online. dual opteron 1.9 GHZ, 64gb of ram, 5TB drive space running Microsoft Server 2008 Datacenter with hyper-V and 7 active VMs under it.
  • Pros: Simple install. Stable. Nice board layout. On board video. Lots of dimm slots.
  • Cons: Not really a con... but I wish it had onboard firewire and some more USB ports. Maybe tricky to find the right case. Using oversided CPU FAN/heatsink's may add to complication with memory installation. On board RAID is not so great, but that was to be expected.
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Overall 6

Fully Buffered Ram

Mark D., Newegg
24 November 2009
  • Pros: AMD Opteron Board
  • Cons: FULLY BUFFERED RAM will not work with this board! Only registered ram will work! Be good if specified that they were incompatible.
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Overall 4

Dead with 2 2358SEs

Robert C., Newegg
29 October 2009
  • Summary: I'm not 100% sure the memory I got for it was right. There was no source that I could find that said it *required* registered memory even though I know that motherboards like that are out there.
  • Pros: Nice component layout. Fits nicely into a Cooler Master Cosmos S, but then so does my car. Has all the headers I need for fans and more. My CPU coolers (Dynatron F558) fit nicely without additional parts or modification.
  • Cons: Dead when I put a second CPU in it. With one CPU and memory the system would power on, but no video to save its life. With no memory, I got memory beep codes. When I put the second CPU on it - completely dead, except for a power ON LED on the motherboard. I did not have another video card that wo...
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Overall 10

Works on ESXi 4.0

Lloyd M., Newegg
27 October 2009
  • Summary: Upto 128 GB of ddr2 memory should be enough for a while.
  • Pros: Board works flawlessly running dual 2374's and 32 GB of ram under VMWare ESXi 4.0 all devices are supported including NICs and onboard SATA ports. This has been in a white box production server for over a month running without issue.
  • Cons: Wish it were cheaper.
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Overall 2

Does not boot with 2346HE

Steven B., Newegg
20 July 2009
  • Pros: I wish it would work. 16 DIMM sockets is why I bought it.
  • Cons: I cannot get it to boot with 2346HE processors. No post codes no nothing. remove memory and I get memory post code errors so I would venture a guess that it is a CPU compatability issue. i will be returning it ASAP if Supermicro Support does not respond.
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Overall 8

Works with Shanghai opterons

Peter R., Newegg
7 June 2009
  • Pros: 16 DIMM slots! Some people have had issues with support for the latest Shanghai-generation CPUS in the BIOS of various motherboards, but I'm happy to report that the board I took delivery of last week booted just fine with two quad-core Shanghai Opteron's
  • Cons: So so documentation.
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Overall 10

Excellent product

Anonymous, Newegg
21 April 2009
  • Summary: Ordinary AMD AM2 heatsinks work just fine with the included plastic brackets
  • Pros: Excellent performance Sensor hardware supported by Linux Good clearance for heatsinks around the CPU sockets
  • Cons: Onboard video is terrible, don't bother. Needs an adapter for PCIe x16 video cards No manual in box - must download from supermicro.com
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Overall 2

no vga

Ben R., Newegg
9 April 2009
  • Summary: I wondered if BIOS was incompatible with the Shanghai Opterons I bought for this mboard, and that this possibly prevented POST from showing on vga. But manual indicates POST should happen just with minimum ram installed, i.e. no cpus.
  • Pros: Nice specs, but only on paper for me.
  • Cons: Could not get on-board vga to work, so I never even saw POST after all reasonable care and troubleshooting. I had assumed worse case would be to get a PCI-E video card, but this slot is 8x only. There are no 8x video cards, nor are there pci-x video cards. No post = no motherboard.
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Overall 10

User Review

Reuben S., Newegg
17 June 2008
  • Summary: - Installed in a SUPERMICRO CSE-833T-R760B. Fits nicely, although getting a couple of the cables to where they need to be will take some patience. - RAID is typical nVidia fake RAID. Works fine, just keep this in mind. - As always, excellent support from Newegg.
  • Pros: - Good layout. - Good feature set. - Good price for what you get.
  • Cons: - None, so long as you pay attention to your needs.
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Overall 10

Just awesome!!

Anonymous, Newegg
25 May 2007
  • Summary: SuperMicro makes some awesome Opteron server boards, I just wish they would do more to promote them! They still seem to be scared of Intel and praticaly hide the existance of their AMD based products on their web site! It's pathetic!
  • Pros: Very well designed board with a good component layout. Lots of memory sockets for expansion. SuperMicro has a history of making excellent server boards and this is board follows in that tradition.
  • Cons: None that come to mind. No real failures so far...
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