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Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH

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Overall 10


Kenneth Allen, Amazon
30 September 2014
  • Summary: The folks at Amazon rejected my first review which read "perfect transaction" but it seems they want fairly wordy feedback, which I might have provided if this were a work worthy of critical review and there was anything to say other than "it works and I'm happy." In some ways, Amazon is brilliant, but when they are dumb, they are dumber than a bucket of ice. Rejecting feedback due to length is DUMB! I am happy with my purchase, PERIOD! And I love Amazon, mostly!
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Overall 2

Poor Product (Power Supply Disclaimer)

Joey Ryan, Amazon
5 February 2014
  • Summary: This Product only works with certain PSU (power supply) HX750 and TX650 Corsair DO NOT WORK It is not the PSU although certain PSU do work the issue is with THE GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UP5 TH Many people all over the place are having this problem... I have spent tons of $$ on this issue. RMA The board if you are having this problem. Gigabyte Needs to acknowledge This is a problem with the board [...
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Overall 10

Yeah, if you have the money buy Gigabyte, but which models are in this price range. They work (my opinion)

Eastern Tide, Amazon
17 December 2013
  • Summary: On the first build and OS install, don't mess with the factory BIOS except to activate ACHI if using a SSD, and XMP if you have performance memory modules.Simply load the programs one at a time and restart if the program ask for a restart. This is a Gigabyte product, it's designed well, it's tested well, it works well.
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Overall 8

Did not increase my OC! But, who cares...

Matthew Bradshaw, Amazon
11 September 2013
  • Summary: So, foolishly I figured a better power running board would in theory help me to increase my OC substantially on my 2600K... well it didn't. But! It is rock solid at 4.5GHZ and this board is feature-rich! Have no need or desire to upgrade to Haswell, or Ivy at the moment, but if the time comes, Ivy is plug-n-play in this late to the game board.
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Overall 10

Love it

ba12348, Amazon
26 August 2013
  • Summary: Plenty of room for expansion cards, 4 case fan connectors, 2 CPU fan connectors, and tons of SATA connectors. Best part (for me atleast) is the power while shut down feature, meaning the computer still provides power to USB ports for charging ipods, headsets, whatever without having the computer running. Nice and cool compared to my previous computer (a Dell XPS 435).
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Overall 10

best out there right now.

12 August 2013
  • Summary: This mobo is a breeze to work on, it fit perfectly in the case I purchased and there is more than enough room to work on it at any point in time. Super expandable and I would almost say future proof, but only time will tell.
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Overall 10

Awesome for Hackintosh!

Joseph Johnson, Amazon
1 August 2013
  • Summary: After trying to get an Asus Sabertooth to work for over a month without luck, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase this mobo instead. After another unibeast install USB stick made I booted it up and installed it for what seemed like the thousandth time and it popped on, resolution was correct and it was like a miracle. Overall, I actually liked the Sabertooth Z77 better (this one takes a while to actually boot and I just liked the look of the sabertooth board.
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Overall 10

hackintosh build - love this!

Zeyad Tarek "Zeyad", Amazon
12 July 2013
  • Summary: great MOBO for my hack. Don't worry, just buy it, i cant imagine moving forwards with my photography without my hackintosh, and this is what makes it tick... perfect!
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Overall 6

Must be good, the first one was stolen off my porch...

John G Gordon, Amazon
7 July 2013
  • Summary: I bought this for a custom build for my best friend. It's been no end of head ache with amazon getting the parts for the build but I must say, the board must be all that it claims to be, it was stolen from a zero crime area. now waiting for the replacement which is taking ages because the amazon prime vendor is now out so I am at the mercy of "joe's computer shack" who even though it is shipped over night has decided that it takes 8 days to box a motherboard for...
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Overall 10


Keon B. Billings "Digital Rastaman", Amazon
18 June 2013
  • Summary: Gigabyte has always made excellent motherboards, and so far, I've not had a single problem with any Gigabyte mother board that I've ever purchased. This one is no exception. It is a very nice board. PRO's Great board layout with all the essentials in just the right place, SATA, Power, USB2/3 etc.
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