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Gigabyte GA-K8NE
4.0 out of 10

Gigabyte GA-K8NE

AMD Athlon™64 / Sempron socket 754 platform Supports New Read more

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Overall 10

Blowing doors with my rev 1

Matthew P., Newegg
20 February 2007
  • Summary: Athlon 64 3200+ @ 2.65Ghz, x1300 Asus 128Mb video, 1Gig Gskill ram, 430Watt Thermaltake PSU, Sony 16X DVD-RW, 200Gig Maxtor HD... All from NewEgg. :D I'm thrilled!
  • Pros: This thing has everything you could want, hands down best budget socket 754 board on NewEgg. x1000 Ethernet, surround, PCI-E 1 and 16, 10 USBs. Easy first overclock of CPU, RAM and Video. Cold boot to gaming in under 30 seconds. All the memory slots work fine. I love this board!
  • Cons: Just little stuff. Case fan jack too far from back of board and you have to disable all the Raid and Sata stuff if you're not using them. North bridge heat sink does get VERY (burn marks on my finger) HOT, plan on putting fan on it. Vcore skips 1.6v setting. All the paperwork is in "engrish." Peo...
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Overall 8

GA-K8NE Rev1

Robert M., Newegg
12 February 2007
  • Summary: Not really a problem of the board, but be careful of the chipset drivers with Vista. Don't load old Nforce 4 drivers or you will lose
  • Pros: Stable, 3 usb headers on board plus 4 ports in back for a total of 10 usb ports! Has increased my download speed 40% over my GA-K8 NS Rev2 board
  • Cons: None yet
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Overall 10


3Demons.com, Newegg
22 January 2007
  • Summary: a previous reviewer "vga" is incorrectly stating an issue with this board and the memory support for DDR400. He is trying to use two dbl sided ddr 400 sticks of memory and is getting only ddr333 settings. The manual states exactly: either one dbl sided DDR400 or two Single sided DDR400 sticks.
  • Pros: Board is inexpensive, extends the life of you socket 754 and the PCIe slot is welcome as I am happy to get a newer vid card.
  • Cons: None so far, everything worked as claimed, DDR400 support also worked no problems. See other thoughts below...
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Overall 8

Good 754 board, stable,

David B., Newegg
16 January 2007
  • Summary: Some folks complained about 2-double sided DIMM support. This is a limitation of pre-Venice core Athlon64 chips, not a motherboard limitation. I had the same problem with my Newcastle, updated to Venice core 3400+, no problems.
  • Pros: I've had this board for a year now. Stable, good board. No major complaints. Featureset is great PCIe, Support for 10 USB, 4 SATA headers, surround audio, coaxial digital audio out, lots of available BIOS tweaks. No complaints about audio quality - running 6-channel analog outs to an Onkyo receiv...
  • Cons: Hypertransport speed needs to be cranked down when overclocking. If you have trouble coldbooting when overclocked, try reducing the HTT multiplier to 1x-2x. It makes no impact on performance anyway, so this is a minor issue. BIOS voltage options go by .5v, but then skips from 1.55v to 1.65v. Too ...
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Overall 8

Gigabyte GA-K8NE

Todd K., Newegg
14 January 2007
  • Summary: I would have given this board 5 stars, but the Network problem is annoying.Sometimes it would work and sometimes it didn't. I ended up putting in a spare Gigabit PCI card I had.
  • Pros: Good features for the price which isn't bad either. Gigabyte has been a good manufacturer for me so far.
  • Cons: On board Lan\Network card does not function correctly.
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Overall 10

Good socket 754 mobo

Andrew H., Newegg
9 January 2007
  • Summary: Will work with a socket 754 Turion (I'm using a rev 2 mobo, which Newegg is selling, with an MT-40). In Windows use CPUid to control voltage & multiplier; in Linux, set voltage & mult. in BIOS settings, since CnQ may not work. If you don't see the voltage setting in BIOS(e.g.
  • Pros: Good variety of features (3 PCI, 1 PCIe 16x, capacity for at least 8 USB ports, 3 DIMM slots), good BIOS configurability options (can overclock or underclock), no problems with regards to stability.
  • Cons: Feature set is a bit old (SATA I, no firewire, for those who care). North bridge gets unbearably hot to the touch; make sure you use a front-side fan at the very least. System fan control does not seem to work, though that may be the fault of the case fan.
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Overall 10

User Review

Thomas H., Newegg
8 January 2007
  • Summary: Great for a 754 board. pair it with an athlon 64 and good video card and can get a great budget gaming rig.
  • Pros: Great. a nice 754 board that supports new features like SATA and PCI-E. Gigabit network 7.1 sound.
  • Cons: 24pin power. not a bad thing but have to make sure your powersupply supports it.
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Overall 2

Did not work

alex a., Newegg
6 January 2007
  • Summary: I requested an RMA for exchange. Maybe New Egg purchased a batch of bad boards from Gigabyte. I will try atleat one more time.
  • Pros: Nothing
  • Cons: I purchased two of these Motherboards. 1 for my true 64 and 1 for my Sempron. Neither board worked. I installed them each, twice. Added and removed hardware. Nada.Made it as simple as possible, power supply, video, memory. Nothing. Sure the cpu fan would spin but the video would not engage. Perio...
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Overall 10

Excellent board for the price

Frederick B., Newegg
4 January 2007
  • Summary: This is my 1st purchase from NewEgg and certianly not my last.Was very pleased with the packing of the products and shipping was just as promised. THANKS NEWEGG
  • Pros: Lots of features.Easy set up.I own another gigaboard so the I was pretty much aware of the drivers that are on the cd so I used the drivers from the site and windows xp pro32 bit installed smoothly.Paired with the 2800+ sempron this thing runs cool and fast(temp on the board is 24c idle 29c load ...
  • Cons: not sure if this is a con or not but the passive hs on the N bridge gets a little warm so I put a fan on it.But with some VCs u may not get 2 do that because its right behind the pci-e slot
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Overall 4

Problems with DDR400

Vasile G., Newegg
31 December 2006
  • Summary: Overall, this board has very poor memory support. I would not buy it again. It's most likely Nvidia and not Gigabyte's fault. After some reading it turned out that the early Nforce 4 chips had memory HT issues, so they got relabeled and sold as 4x. Crippleware, duh.
  • Pros: See previous review
  • Cons: The most troublesome issue this board has is poor support for DDR400. The manual states that it will work with two dual sided DDR400 DIMMs in the first two slots (but nowhere else). The first board I had did not even work like the manual said. Put two DDR400 DIMMs and they get detected as DDR333,...
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