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Biostar TA75M+
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Biostar TA75M+

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Overall 8

good motherboard

Simon E., Newegg
3 August 2015
  • Pros: Good design, nice replacement motherboard. Good shipping.
  • Cons: This mother board match 99% as replacement, but unfortunately the cable connecting on/off button on my case has different pin out configuration of that on mother board connector. I return this board for partial refund with no problems.
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Overall 2

going back into RAID mode will run into problems

Miguel D., Newegg
7 December 2014
  • Summary: this is a mistake from BIOSTAR that they need to correct with BIOS update which hasn't been one in over 2years
  • Pros: had it since it first came out back in 2011(3years now) and still going
  • Cons: switching from AHCI mode to RAID mode again is a nightmare you must find the correct drive to make RAID Array work again if you happen to switch from other modes the BIOS doesn't tell you as you must guess which drive it is otherwise u pick the wrong one it goes into a infinite POST loop which pr...
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Overall 10

3 years old, took a power surge

Trevor M., Newegg
23 May 2014
  • Pros: Took a power surge, and is still ticking. Nothing has failed yet. BIOS is mouse friendly and easy to figure out. Love the features for the price and the durability!
  • Cons: None really. Seriously have not had any bad experiences with it.
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Overall 8

User Review

Rory B., Newegg
1 March 2014
  • Pros: Great board love the usb3.0 and HDMI plug on the board
  • Cons: Don't really like the BIOS and it still didn't fix my PC :-( but i think it can easily be fix with some software and updates
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Overall 4

All Fired Out

Jessica T., Newegg
31 October 2013
  • Summary: My first TA75M+ ran fine for a solid 1 year or so without any issues before I accidentally shorted the board it by not seeing a loose screw left in the case. I ordered another TA75M+ after having a good record with the first board and there's where the trouble started.
  • Pros: works for the short term
  • Cons: major on-board component failure
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Overall 2

Does Not Work

David G., Newegg
23 July 2013
  • Summary: I bought the one-year insurance on each component--but I cannot load a diagnostic to tell me what's faulty!
  • Pros: Pretty. Easy installation, all pins are well marked, actually pretty good manual too.
  • Cons: Horrible BIOS--definitely need the manual! Bought from NewEgg as a combo with an A10-5800k APU and 2x4 GB G-Skill 1866 RAM. It boots to POST just fine, will not accept RAM as 1866 no matter what, and will not load an operating system. I've messed with this off-and-on since December 2012, now July...
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Overall 10

My first BioStar board

Andrea J., Newegg
16 July 2013
  • Summary: Got mine as a gift, installed with a Masscool 7WA868 UNIVERSAL Socket CPU Cooler and traded the fan for a Delta 240CFM monster (board wanted to take flight), the onboard CPU fan plug couldn't handle the amps needed and died, But the board kept going.
  • Pros: Ease of use, fast and plenty of SATA ports
  • Cons: SATA placement can be an issue for larger video cards. If running dual cards and something in the PCI slot heating might be an issue. Sound could be better.
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Overall 8

Worked well with a surprise

Mark E., Newegg
7 June 2013
  • Summary: Used this in an HTPC build, paired it with an A6-3500 and 4Gb of RAM. After the HDMI stopped working (switched HDMI cables to make sure it was the board), I plugged in my DVI-HDMI cable thinking I could at least get video and pull audio from the optical port but audio was pouring out of my sound...
  • Pros: It worked out of the box, it worked for 8 months. The DVI port carries audio, which was fantastic.
  • Cons: The HDMI crapped out after a week. Was getting really funny colors on my screen, lots of pinks and reds and greens.
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Overall 10

Great motherboard

Joseph B., Newegg
13 April 2013
  • Summary: I would use this in other builds but go with a PWM fan controller. It went into my dad's computer and he's happy just to have a working system again.
  • Pros: Good if you know how to set it up. It's not a typical beginners motherboard. But the more options the better and the price was good too.
  • Cons: couldn't control the fan speeds from the BIOS, the chasis fan is always 100% and rather loud.
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Overall 6

Working, but will never buy again

Jody W., Newegg
19 February 2013
  • Summary: I'm not sure if this is a Windows 8 mess or a BIOSTAR mess, but my HTPC this board serves is running Win 64bit and needs the Windows Boot Manager selected as Boot 1 option in order to find Windows at all.
  • Pros: Paired with an F1 3870k APU it serves as the motherboard for my HTPC and home central server. So far is working well. Overclock features are nice, but won't get used much in this build. All SATA 6.0Gb/s ports are nice. Works with S.Skill 1866mhz 16gb DDR3 memory (2x8gb).
  • Cons: Call me picky, but this board lacks quite a few features that I wish it had. The fan controls are garbage and lack the real user control that other boards I own have. The BIOSTAR website is pretty weak as well for drivers and support. This board wasn't even found in their search function at first...
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