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Asus P5WD2 Premium

Intel 955X chipset- Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 CPU - Dual-Core CPU Read more

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PCI Express 2.0: Scalable Interconnect Technology, TNG

5 January 2008
  • Conclusion: Final Thoughts As we have seen, PCI Express 2.0 is the next step in the quest for more bandwidth. This trend has been around since the beginning of time as each successive generation usually doubles the maximum bandwidth of the previous generation (or technology). This only makes sense as according to Moore's Law the number of transistors placed in an inexpensive integrated circuit approximately doubles every two years - improvements in interconnect technology necessary...
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Overall 1

Expert Review

Tweak Town
26 September 2005
  • Excerpt: Intel's Pentium 4 platform is definitely coming to the end of its line, with talks of moving from Netburst to Dothan architecture, the future of the Intel Pentium 4 CPU line is certainly looking to be at the end, however, we still haven't reached that part yet.
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Asus P5WD2 Premium 955X Motherboard Review

PC Perspective
4 August 2005
  • Excerpt: In April of this year Intel first introduced their dual core processors and their new core logic chipset to power them.  It is now the end of July and we are still seeing a very slow market for Intel's product lines.  Since the introduction of AMD's dual core line up, Intel has once again found themselves in the back seat of the performance bus; at least when it comes to pure gaming applications.
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Overall 9

Asus P5WD2 Premium

Trusted Reviews
5 February 2011
  • Summary: Asus has raised the bar on motherboard packages once again. The P5WD2 doesn't come cheap, but you do get everything bar the kitchen sink in the box.
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Overall 10

ASUS P5WD2 Premium

PC Authority
2 June 2006
  • Summary: Brave enough to just jump ahead and try new stuff, we have to give the inventiveness prize to ASUS for coming up with this gem.
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ASUS P5WD2 Premium WiFi-TV Edition (Intel 955X Express)

Hardware Zone
3 February 2006
  • Conclusion: Well, we've come to the end of our review and its no surprise to see another ASUS Premium board that was decked out to the high heavens. The P5WD2 Premium WiFi-TV Edition was just about the most complete all-in-one motherboard available today. While features like multiple RAID and LAN controllers aren't hard to find, it is really the combination of features that made the board stand out.
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Overall 10
Value for money 8
Features 10
Performance 10
Speed performance 10

Expert Review

15 July 2005
  • Conclusion: The P5WD2 Premium is currently the flagship motherboard from Asus and from this, you can expect that it will be a featured packed motherboard. Everything you'll ever ask for in a motherboard is already supported and included inside the packaging. Wireless LAN, PCI-Express, Gigabit LAN, HD-AUDIO, SATA II /IDE RAID, Dual Channel, N.O.S. WiFi-TV are only some of the board's long list of features.
  • Pros: Excellent construction and Stack Cool 2, Retail Package with plenty of goodies, Plenty of features, The best performance at this moment, Monitoring utility from Windows, Q-Fan and AI NOS features, Excellent motherboard overclocking capabilities, TV Tuner available, WiFi Lan included
  • Cons: SLI mode did not work
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Asus P5WD2 Premium

19 January 2006
  • Excerpt: Kortet på testbenken i dag heter Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe, og baserer seg på nVidias siste brikkesett for Intel-plattformen, nForce 4 SLI X16 Intel Edition. Dette er brikkesettet som endelig tilbyr fullblods 16 kanaler SLI til begge skjermkort på Intel-plattformen.
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SLi交火一肩挑:P5WD2 Premium主板测试

My Drivers
23 December 2005
  • Conclusion: 内容导航: 华硕P5WD2 Premium(WiFi-TV)主板以其豪华的配置,对众多功能的支持,无可厚非的成为了华硕时下的旗舰级产品。而同时支持SLi和CrossFire技术的特性更是让人瞠目结舌,这也体现出了华硕强大的研发实力。但对SLi技术的支持还是有不小的缺陷,如果您是一个想购买主板组建SLi的用户,那么很显然现在的Intel主板还并不适合您。但对于CrossFire技术的良好支持依然是其一大特色。 而华硕P5WD2 Premium(WiFi-TV)主板丰富的BIOS调节选项、软件等更是保持了华硕高端主板的一贯风格。 可以说,无论你是一个硬件发烧友、还是一个音乐发烧友、或是对视频采集、使用等有特殊需求的用户,华硕P5WD2 Premium(WiFi-TV)主板都能够满足您的需要,当然前提是您要有足够的钱来换回这个让人心动的家伙。 优点:可以同时支持SLi和CrossFire技术、附件齐全、功能丰富、具备强大的扩展性、提供WiFi-TV及FM等支持。 缺点:对SLi的支持并不完善。 市场售价:2799元。
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華碩P5WD2 Premium/WiFi-TV Edition

1 November 2005
  • Excerpt: 數位家庭 概念在 微軟 推出新版本的作業系統後更為熱門,要自己建立一個多媒體中心的電腦一點也不困難。 最近整個IT產業,最熱門的話題就是數位家庭了,特別是微軟最近推出新版本的作業系統後,似乎讓個人電腦開始跳脫傳統的應用範疇了。個人電腦發展從傳統的辦公室應用或是個人運算工具,到今日的娛樂或是多媒體運用中心,皆利用了強大的運算能力來達成。近來數位家庭的概念發燒,整個概念的中心便是以個人電腦為中心做為出發點。 在這樣的概念之下,國內許多產品也陸續將這樣的設計加入產品當中,除了整合家電功能的新奇產品外,主機板市場也陸續有相關的產品問世,讓使用者可自行建立所謂的媒體中心「Media Center」。 主機板大廠的華碩,在近來推出的新產品中,便開始加入這樣的概念,讓消費者購買這些產品後,不僅可以擁有高效能表現的系統,更有極致的影音功能。在多款新產品中,採用Intel 955X晶片組的P5WD2 Premium/WiFi-TV Edition,不僅功能與效能兼具,影音功能更吸引人。 WiFi-TV多功能電視卡輕鬆建立媒體中心...
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