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Asus P5B-VM
4.6 out of 10

Asus P5B-VM

Das Asus P5B-VM Mainboard basiert auf einem Intel 965 Chipsatz Read more

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Overall 10

purchased power module in LG flatscreen

Ed "soregon45", Amazon
20 January 2013
  • Summary: My newly purchased 29" LG Flatscreen went on the blink several month after purchase. I have NEVER send things in for 'repair' (that`s a process that takes so long that you might as well buy another set; besides I`m a `tinkered`), so I took the back off, and examined the soldered connections on the...
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Overall 6


TONY L., Newegg
28 April 2010
  • Summary: Waited months for asus for an product release of their IPMI card. At least that works well.
  • Pros: nice feature set; cheap; has support for a IPMI daughter card.
  • Cons: DOES NOT SUPPORT ECC MEMORY CORRECTION! Supports ECC memory to the extent that you can plug it in and it detects. DOES NOT DO ERROR CORRECTION (which is why you go ECC on a server board!). Nowhere on BIOS to enable ECC either! If you google around for other boards w/ the same chipset, more than l...
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Overall 10

nice little board

Keith C., Newegg
18 September 2009
  • Summary: This is intended to be my NAS/file/web/media server. Mainly a media server. It's running an Areca 1220 RAID controller with 8 hot-swap drives. No compatibility issues with the Areca controller. There were no placement issues as far as the connectors went, the board plugged into either slot.
  • Pros: Worked out of the box. usual good Asus BIOS settings. Printed manual that's actually useful.
  • Cons: Area around the CPU is a little crowded. I had to be very careful in installing an aftermarket Zallman cooler. Price maybe - it's inexpensive as far as "server" bards go, but seeing as how there's no audio, so 16x PCIe slot and a very basic design, it seems like the price could be lower. Maybe th...
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Overall 2


James H., Newegg
23 July 2009
  • Pros: Smells new when you get it out of the static bag. You get all excited cause your funds allow you to build a new sever. You plug it all in, you hear trumpets in the background, thinking this is it, push the button.... wha! wha! whaaaaaa! Spinning fans and a lil green light. ARGH! I can build somet...
  • Cons: Board arrived DOA TWICE. Tried 2 CPUs (Intel Xeon E3110 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Model BX80570E3110), with memory and without. 650W Antec. Board turns on fans and get the green led that gives you false hope, but will not post or beep or ....well do nothing. Tried to reset B...
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Overall 8

Simple board, but seems fast

Maurice P., Newegg
28 May 2009
  • Summary: Even though I rated this as a four egger, don't be afraid of this board. It is very fast w/my build, and seems stable to date (2 days running now). I built this as a high speed document scanning station, so I don't have need for a server OS. BUILD: ASUS P5BV-M mobo.
  • Pros: Simple design, no extra frills (it is a server motherboard after all). Good overall value. The main thing that I noticed, is that with my configuration, it really surprised me as a very quick system.
  • Cons: I had to give this a four egg rating due to its price specifically. I understand server motherboards are going to be more expensive, but it still seems that at about two hundred dollars, Asus could have included at minimum all solid-state capacitors, or something that commands a premium of price....
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Overall 8

Does its job

Evan C., Newegg
21 March 2009
  • Summary: After a moment of profanity, I sacrificed the IPMI card (RAID was critical anyways). Be sure to pay close attention to any PCIE x8 card you may get for this board if you plan on using the IPMI card to make sure it won't physically interfere.
  • Pros: Reasonable cost and PCI Express x8 slots. IPMI interface for monitoring server health. Great performance for virtual servers.
  • Cons: Design aspect prevented me from using the IPMI module. The way it's designed, the IPMI connector is to the right of the PCIE x8 slots. The RAID card I purchased (Areca ARC-1210 NewEgg part N82E16816131003) has a hook to the right of the interface connector that sits right on the IPMI connector of...
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Overall 2

Board Arrived DOA

Michael W., Newegg
17 January 2009
  • Summary: In hindsight, maybe I should have ordered two, given the possible pattern of DOA that may be emerging.
  • Pros: Has close to exact feature set I am looking for. Compatible with CentOS 5.2 out of the box (according to previous review).
  • Cons: Board arrived DOA. This, of course, after paying for overnight shipping. Tried multiple CPUs, memory sticks. Board turns on fans, but will not even begin to post (or beep or provide any feedback). Reset BIOS. No go. Asus tech support did not pick up after being on hold for 20 mins.
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Overall 4


john t., Newegg
9 January 2009
  • Summary: Go buy the AMD version, higher quality...
  • Pros: None
  • Cons: Cheaply built. Poor design
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Overall 10

Great Low Cost Server Board

Tom w., Newegg
23 December 2008
  • Summary: The third LAN port (above the USB ports) is for Out Of Band Management. It is designed to only work with the ASUS IPMI add-on card (ASMB3-S.OL and ASMB3-IKVM, this board supports both even though NewEgg only lists the S.OL).
  • Pros: Good CPU Support as well as rock solid performance.
  • Cons: Make sure you have the correct BIOS version to run the CPU you have. Newer CPUs are supported, but only with the latest revision of the BIOS (0216 at the time of writing)
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Overall 10

Works as a workstation board

Anonymous, Newegg
17 November 2008
  • Summary: This is a server board, so you have to take into account the lack of connectors. * There are only two USB ports on the back panel, so you will need some on whatever case you get as well. * If you want sound, you'll either need a USB audio device, or a low profile PCI card.
  • Pros: I needed a cheap and portable yet still reliable workstation, and I used this board to build it. ECC + the server grade components gave me the reliability I sought. Adding a quad core and 8gb of ram gave me the horsepower of a workstation. So far I'm quite pleased with the results. For reference,...
  • Cons: There is no driver support for Vista x64. I suppose I could chance the XP x64 or 2003 drivers, but meh, it seems to be running fine with Microsoft's. The placement of the CPU socket at the edge of the board, on the opposite side of the back panel connectors, could make installation problematic in...
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