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Samsung SyncMaster 910MP

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Reviews and Problems with Samsung SyncMaster 910MP

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Overall 4

TV fuction is non-existant; dead after 5 years

Trottin'-Butterz "buckethead noir", Amazon
4 December 2010
  • Summary: Good enough display quality, but that can't make up for the TV function only picking up 1 channel (barely), and the speakers have never worked. Took it back to place of purchase for warranty work on the TV/speaker issue: nothing resolved; it's simply a sucky monitor. For the last year it'd been having an issue with the display randomly going to a black screen for a few minutes, then it'd pop back on; but sometimes after coming back on it would switch it's display color...
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Overall 6

happy at 1st but not later

M. Stone "artingstarvist", Amazon
30 September 2007
  • Summary: I bought my 910MP at Office Depot for premium price ($500+) nearly three years ago, and I was satisfied at first, even though the tv pic quality was not great. My chief interest was in computer-monitor use, which was acceptable, and I've almost always used the PIP to watch tv as I do computer work. The PIP tv image quality is much better than full-screen tv on this monitor.
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Overall 10

Does everything that was expected

Curmudgeon, Amazon
25 July 2007
  • Summary: We purchased two of these monitors to replace older LCD monitors that stopped working. The monitor does everything we expected. Set up in not intuitive but is OK if you read the instructions. Resolution is good for normal viewing but there is some banding if you are viewing a screen with mostly light colors. This is acceptable as I have observed it on other monitors. It leaves a bit to be desired when used as a TV but the PIP is very good.
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Overall 10

Excellent monitor and very adequate TV

Kenny Delapp, Amazon
8 March 2007
  • Summary: I read the above reviews before ordering my 910MP. In the end, I listened to the positive reviews and attributed the negative to people expecting something for nothing. I have been happy with any Samsung product I have purchased and this is no exception. The PIP feature is wonderful. The full size picture is not high definition but looks fine if you back off a couple of feet.
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Overall 8

overall good monitor

Robert Nino, Amazon
17 October 2006
  • Summary: I needed to save space in my room and my desk. This works great with my mac G4 and when you hook up a dvd player to it , it really stands out with its resolution. as a tv , I am satisfied. some stations which show old TV shows look grainy but the tv shows which broadcast quality programming and HDTV signals really look good. Like I said, overall I am satisfied. Would I like a hi def plasma TV and a Mac cinema monitor, you bet but I can't afford it nor do i have the room.
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Overall 2

Dead pixels; TV quality is no good; overheats

lonewolf, Amazon
7 March 2006
  • Summary: I've had this monitor for just a few weeks, and exchanged it for an HP model after it has developed multiple dead pixels (about one pixel per week). The Samsung warranty policy on dead pixels for a 19-inch monitor requires you to have at least 7 dead pixels for a replacement - which means that you will be stuck if there are only 6 dead pixels or the 7th pixel appears after the warranty expires.
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Overall 2

Really disappointed

Billy, Amazon
2 January 2006
  • Summary: I've had really good experiences with Samsung LCD monitors, so when I saw this model I really didn't think twice about picking it up. Unfortunately, I've learned my lesson the hard way to always do the research first before buying anything like this. The monitor case itself is very nicely designed, but the picture resolution while watching television was unbelievably poor.
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Overall 2

Description Oversells Features

Robert In Bellevue, Amazon
27 December 2005
  • Summary: As a monitor, this unit is very nice -- especially if you would like television as a picture-in-picture (at 20% of the full screen). However, as a fullscreen television it is not at all acceptable. Samsung would have done better to disable this feature and sold the item for what it actually can do. I wanted to replace both a TV and a monitor; this unit will NOT satisfactorily do that.
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Overall 10

Samsung did it again

Suigeneris, Amazon
18 November 2005
  • Summary: I love Samsung LCD's for many reasons. This one is a multi-functional one. As the specs suggests it has a built in TV TUNER so you can watch TV when you are tired of graphic design or while you are still designing:) It comes with built in speakers that are much better quality than I was expecting in from built in speakers.
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Overall 10

Excellent PC Monitor And TV

Jason A. Graves, Amazon
15 October 2005
  • Summary: The Samsung SyncMaster 910MP has one of the cleanest, clearest pictures I've ever seen. You hear a lot about ghosting in LCD panels these days, and this monitor simply does not have such a problem. It's solidly constructed which is quite in contrast to most other brands. The built in TV tuner which will work in either PAL (european) or NTSC (north american) regions, only makes working or playing on the computer so much more fun.
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