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Samsung 204TS

The Samsung SyncMaster 204T is a 20-inch TFT-LCD monitor deliver Read more

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Overall 10

I have seven of these, and they all work perfectly.

kaysert, Ebay
27 September 2013
  • Summary: One of the best monitors ever made. The Samsung 204t is a 1600x1200 60 Hz. native resolution, 20.1" monitor that is even today, astounding. I have one on my laptop, and I play videos, games, an the monitor is flawless. The Samsung 204t has VGA-15 and DVI connectors, and a standard PC monitor power cord connector. It automatically senses which input is being used. The aspect ratio is 4:3.
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Overall 10

"Problem free monitor in my case"

quahogwi, CNET
2 June 2011
  • Pros: Going on what, 5 years now? I haven't had a single problem with it. A very stable monitor. Can't find a thing to complain about whether it's hooked up to my desktop tower or to one of my laptops.
  • Cons: Sometimes I wish it was lighter and slimmer, but that's about all.
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Overall 10

"5 years, not a pixel lost"

kdcoldiron, CNET
10 November 2010
  • Pros: Have loved this monitor since I got it. Ne'er a problem, and I've used it all day every day for about 5 years now, constantly switching between an analog and DVI input with the 2 PC's I have connected to it.
  • Cons: Nada. Zippo.
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Overall 9

"Absolutely nothing wrong with mine!"

MacMachanik, CNET
11 March 2010
  • Pros: ? Fine picture quality, excellent for DTP and Photoshop work. ? Video and S-Video input, great for camera or other picture/video devices. ? Solid stand with huge amount of adjustability compared to most other displays.
  • Cons: ? Over 60 watts of power to operate, newer displays are close to half that, but that in understandable.
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Overall 8

Great monitor, until manufacturing decisions catch up with it.

C. Pilson, Amazon
25 January 2010
  • Summary: The monitor itself: 5 stars. The warranty: 5 stars. Customer service: -1 star. I purchased a pair of SynchMaster 204B 20" monitors a few years ago. I am leaving this review here, as it will help address some of the flickering/brightness issues that other users are experiencing. THE BAD: My monitor started to flicker and would sometimes take a few "tries" to turn on. If this were a CRT, I'd have said it was a flyback issue--this is the nature and extent of the flickering.
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Overall 7

"I totally disagree..."

timyoung88, CNET
7 January 2010
  • Pros: It's been a great monitor for nearly 3 years, I've come across the same issue as most of you. The difference is I know that a blinking screen means a 1.99 at radioshak and about 30 mins of my time. VIOLA! new monitor!
  • Cons: Samsun needs to stop using SAMXON cap's, thats the only con. the SAMXON Inverter filter capacitor is simply to big for the job its doing. and over time it wears out other components.
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Overall 4

Good but not great in the long run

Darryl Luscombe, Amazon
28 August 2009
  • Summary: I have owned this monitor for 4 years. It worked fine until recently, but now I have a problem with the monitor flickering. After hunting on the web I found that this was a common fault with the 204T. Due to faulty electrolytic capacitors - there is a fix that is easily found by searching on Google - but it does involve dis-assembling the monitor and removing the faulty capacitors and replacing them. It's not difficult, but not for the inexperienced either.
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Overall 10

Still a good choice

Brian SwanSword "Prophet of God", Amazon
13 August 2009
  • Summary: I've been buying this model monitor for desktop use for years. I still spec this model, because of its wide view angle. The colors don't change when you move your head. On the new models, if you move your head a little, the colors change. Samsung designed the menu well, and intuitively. There is a button labeled 'source' to switch between DVI and VGA inputs. If you use DVI, like I do, you'll want to just hit that button.
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Overall 8

"very good monitor"

wscarp1, CNET
19 April 2009
  • Pros: I've had this for several years now. It has been totally dependable and reliable.
  • Cons: It doesn't have all the features of similarly priced monitors today, but that's understandable.
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Overall 1

"Like you said was good for a short time"

golddog09, CNET
23 February 2009
  • Pros: The blinking makes me feel sick. Non stop and very fast blinking. I will never get another Samsung monitor
  • Cons: I liked the first 2 years i had it.
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