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Elo 1928L

The fully featured 1928L touchmonitor offers best in class optic Read more

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ELO TOUCHSYSTEMS - 1928L - 19- LCD - NO TOUCH - SERIAL/USB INTERFACE - BEIGE - MEDICAL - DESKTOP - NC/NR - REFER TO E586024 [e091968] Show additional offers GeminiComputers.com
ELO TOUCH SOLUTIONS, INC E522556, 1928L Accutouch, Ser/Usb, Beig E, Medical Show additional offers POSGlobal.com (Z) SEE IT
Elo TouchSystems 1928L 19 inch Medical Desktop LCD Touch Screen Monitor Show additional offers POS World (Z) SEE IT
Elo TouchSystems Tyco Electronics G86-61411 SPOS Keyboard (QWERTY, 14 Inch, USB Keyboard, Touchpad, MSR with Tracks 1, 2 and 3, US 135... (E258654) feed.file.us.shopping.com (S) SEE IT

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