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DoubleSight DS-279W

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Overall 10

Super value IPS display for the technically inclined.

xenospark, Ebay
19 February 2014
  • Summary: This monitor is definitely not for everyone. The OSD and controls are quite convoluted, but once they have been mastered, there is no better valued IPS display on the market. I am using a pair of these in Extended Desktop mode through an nVidia GeForce GTX 660Ti and the refresh rates are more than sufficient. I had to manually adjust some display settings through the nVidia control panel to achieve the desired results. I do not use these for gaming.
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Overall 4

Do not buy a monitor online

Dmitriy D., Newegg
15 July 2013
  • Summary: This is a second review as it seems I cannot edit my first one. First monitor was DOA and I had to mail it back (additional $20). Second time it took 4 days to deliver the package even though Newegg's warehouse is just 20 min away from me. After opening the box I found that the monitor is not new (well, I paid for a new one). The metal connector panel was badly bent so it was very hard to connect a DVI connector. I have pictures but there is no way to attach them here.
  • Pros: Big, very high resolution, no dead pixels.
  • Cons: Very hot when working, inconvenient control buttons, misleading button labels. DVI input is not working properly.
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Overall 8

Picture is great, slow from sleep

Get A Grip "Get_A_Grip", Amazon
11 July 2013
  • Summary: Picture is bright, crisp, not a single dead or stuck pixel on either one, running at 2560x1440 on PNY Quadro 600. The stand is quite short and has no height adjustment (just tilt and swivel), but is reasonably stable and strong. The plastic boarders outside the LCD are large than on my HP IPS, but this was a very in expensive monitor, so no complaints. I did not attempt to use the built in speakers so I have no comment about those.
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Overall 2


Dmitriy D., Newegg
9 July 2013
  • Summary: First thing I noticed when opened the box - all stickers were peeling off. Not really something you would expect from a $600 monitor. Then I tried to use it with the computer it was intended for - no signs of life. I tried connecting it through 3 out of 4 available connectors (DVI, VGA and HDMI). Tried to connect to different computers.
  • Pros: Looks big enough
  • Cons: DOA. Red light is on but does not react to button clicks nor to any external input. Smells like something is burning inside.
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Overall 10

DoubleSight DS-279W Monitor

Dale L., Newegg
29 June 2013
  • Summary: 1 word of advice....before you hook this monitor up either d'ld the manual off the site or run the DVD & read the manual to learn the button functionality as they do not always follow the labeling on the monitor bezel. This is a business-class single monitor at heart & so it doesn't have the auto signal search programming....you have to make the initial signal setting choice. I fought this monitor for approx. 3 hrs trying to set it up in DVI-D.
  • Pros: Good looking, well built, excellent picture, got a perfect panel (no dead pixels nowhere, no burn in, no bright spots, no glare...absolutely BEAUTIFUL), base fit perfectly on my Interex SurgeSlayer combo surge protector/monitor stand base (yes I'm that old), colors are simply gorgeous, response time/input lag is very good in the games that I play (flight sims.....don't know bout 1st person shooters as I don't have any...), IPS panel tech, PIP capable (I don't use that...
  • Cons: Stand is good overall but it has a little too much flex...this thing weighs 15 lbs by itself so this is somewhat justified & so didn't knock off anything. No paper instructions provided in the box....again nothing to knock off anything. Connections a little hard to get to (VGA, DVI-D in particular) due to placement behind/close to stand but is no different than the other offerings in the same price range so didn't knock off for this either as there is so much good her...
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