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5.9 out of 10

USRobotics Courier 56K* V.92 Business Modem USR3453C

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Great Deal: $39.95

Reviews and Problems with USRobotics Courier 56K* V.92 Business Modem USR3453C

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Overall 10

Well worth the money

Chris H., Newegg
6 October 2014
  • Pros: This is the only modem that would connect with older analog style security gates, even after trying several other US Robotics models. This will connect with every system perfectly.
  • Cons: Price a little high
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Overall 10

Blast from the Past!

Frederick H., Newegg
30 August 2012
  • Summary: Newegg needs a "More than 20 years" option for "Ownership"
  • Pros: I was rummaging through some boxes while cleaning out my parents' old house, and found one full of old floppies and modems from the late 80's and early 90's. One of them was the predecessor to this modem - the 19.2kbps version - you know - from when v.32bis was the big thing. Even after sitting in their garage from the time I left high school in the early 90s until now, the USR Courier works splendidly. Most of those old floppies are still readable, too, so now I'm se...
  • Cons: None at all
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Overall 10


Chris V., Newegg
1 December 2011
  • Summary: I'm shocked they still sell these. And I LOLed that someone posted a 1 egg review because it's "slow"
  • Pros: I work in an industry where we still need to use modems for dialup support. This is the only modem that works 100% of the time at every site we dial into, and this is the first time I'm buying a replacement for one that broke- IN 10 YEARS
  • Cons: I still need to use modems. But I guess that's a life con and not a product con.
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Overall 10

US Robotice Fax Modem

cmmbrad, Ebay
22 December 2010
  • Summary: If you happen to be stuck with dial up internet service, you just can't get a better modem. It is fully functional with dip switches on the bottom and a volume control on the side.
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  • See Product at eBay ($39.95)
Overall 2

Poor Performance

Dave S., Newegg
23 August 2010
  • Pros: None.
  • Cons: Terrible performance. This modem performed worse than the $40 Zoom modem it was supposed to replace. Tried various init strings with no affect.
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Overall 10

Best Modem on market since '96

Anonymous, Newegg
30 August 2009
  • Summary: I've had one of these modems since 1995 or so when I ran a BBS ( bulletin Board system for those who are too young to know). It's the best modem on the market for anyone who needs one for business or even the old BBS's that may be in existence still.
  • Pros: Best comparability on the market, slide volume switch is great for when people are sleeping. Will connect to anything.
  • Cons: It's Dialup :)
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Overall 10

There is no better business class modem

PRolvaag, PriceGrabber
11 February 2008
  • Summary: As far as I am concerned there is no better business class modem. There is a lifetime warranty and it is firmware upgradeable to the latest modem certifications. This modem is fully configurable or just plug & play with the defaults. I would never use anything less.
  • Pros: Integrates seamlessly with any application - especially Microsoft SBS 2003 Fax Sharing Service.
  • Cons: Serial connection - not many PCs or Servers ship with serial ports anymore.
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Overall 4

Worst Technical Support - BAR NONE

Michael T., Newegg
2 October 2007
  • Summary: The technical support is just awful. I'm usually very understanding of folks who don't speak english as their first language but the communication skills of the tech support are awful. One technician put me on hold for 30 minutes while reading the manual and had no clue about modems - forget about hyperterminal or anything of that sort. After multiple troubleshooting rounds, I requested a RMA and I had to speak to 5 people for 2 hours to make it happen.
  • Pros: Supposedly the best business modem out there
  • Cons: Serious hazard to your health and emotional well-being
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Overall 6

Horrid Tech Support

Bedford T., Newegg
23 June 2007
  • Summary: tech support is the worst I have ever encountered. Not once but the 5 times I have phones in. This company must provide zero oversight in tech support. I needed it for server fax. The firmware update resolves the issue of it NOT FAXING on Win2003 very well, if at all.
  • Pros: Could be a great modem.
  • Cons: Just do not need technical support. Techs speak very poor english. They will try their best not to issue a case number - one even pretended to issue a case number. So when you call back in you have to repeat all the info to someone that can barely understand you. Try doing something hairy like a firmware update using hyperterminal with someone instructing you that 1. does not know how to do it and 2. with a huge language barrier My tech guy hung up on me minutes after...
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Overall 10

The BEST dial-up modem ever made!

Anonymous, Newegg
24 March 2007
  • Pros: The BEST dial-up modem ever made, period! High rate rates even on noisy lines, status lights to see what's going on. Everything is done on local CPU, so there's no operating-system dependencies and no overhead on yours (it's NOT a "winmodem"). If you're stuck using dial-up, at least treat your self to one of these.
  • Cons: Buying a new one is expensive. But there are options.
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