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Video7 M30P10

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Overall 10

Great mouse

Steven M., Newegg
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: I just bought another one of these. My current one, after 3 years of heavy daily use(2011-2014), is finally starting to expire. The fact that it made it to 3 years, when I usually wear out mice in 2 years or less, should tell you something. It could honesty last another 6 or so before its clicking issue is more bothersome, but I'm not waiting anymore when it's so cheap. It's lasted long enough. Rather than buy a different mouse to replace it...
  • Pros: Decent DPI, cheap cost, long lifespan.
  • Cons: None.
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Overall 10

Low Cost, Works Great

TIMOTHY S., Newegg
31 July 2014
  • Pros: I tried several inexpensive mice to provide for my customers. Most were junk. These work great. I reorder a few every couple of months.
  • Cons: None
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Overall 10

Easily the best mouse I've ever had

Matthew M., Newegg
14 February 2014
  • Summary: If you're in the market for an inexpensive and very reliable mouse, get this one. It's easily the best mouse I've used.
  • Pros: I've used this mouse daily for the last ~2 years and it has never let me down. The scroll wheel is nice and firm. It always clicks what I tell it to. It is accurate enough for art and games. I've had $40+ mice that come nowhere near this one.
  • Cons: After ~2 years the little stickers on the bottom that help it slide smoothly across my desk have worn off. This means it catches grit on the underside occasionally, but isn't really a big deal. It just means I need to clean my desk.
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Overall 10

Good and Cheap

Dimitri B., Newegg
29 November 2013
  • Summary: even now for 14 dollars, it is definitely a great buy, would do it again.
  • Pros: It was ridiculously cheap and it still works after almost 2 years, Cannot Complain
  • Cons: The clicks are sort of loud, and the shape is a tiny bit awkward from my old mouse, but now, I don't even notice it.
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Overall 2


Michael K., Newegg
31 July 2013
  • Pros: cheap.
  • Cons: Is super spastic. At times it is difficult to get the cursor to hover over your intended selection. This is especially frustrating when working on art. Bottom line, it doesn't work as intended.
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Overall 10

User Review

Lioubov M., Newegg
2 July 2013
Overall 6

Good Budget Mouse

Robert A., Newegg
9 April 2013
  • Summary: It tracks fast. Not a big issue. If your control panel can't give you a slow enough tracking speed you may be able to manually edit the preferences to a lower number than is otherwise available. This is fairly easy to do from OSX with a few tutorials on the interwebs describing how.
  • Pros: A very lightweight and responsive mouse with good grip. I was attracted to the styling and ergonomics of the device. The build quality is good for a mouse at this price point.
  • Cons: The scroll wheel is operating IN REVERSE by default?! Surely this is a manufacturing error?? In OSX I can fix the setting but it's annoying to see this kind of hardware issue and I always have to apply the setting fix across different accounts. The scroll wheel does start making some noise a few weeks into use. V7 could win many more converts if they stepped up their game here and addressed this. Having used the mouse for less than 2 months, I'm starting to notice tha...
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Overall 4

Half a year great, but then...

Dennis L., Newegg
16 March 2013
  • Summary: How many stars should I give for something that works flawlessly for half a year? Zero, because it has failed so quickly, or 5 because it performed flawlessly for 6 months? I have given-up on wireless mice (and wireless keyboards) because they eat batteries, get flaky, and because it is not possible to have two computers with the same type/brand of wireless devices in the same room. So, the search remains for a ten dollar mouse that works for a couple of years.
  • Pros: Nice, cheap mouse that works very well...for a while.
  • Cons: As if a phantom entity has incarnated into my mouse, it has begun to click its own button. Randomly, clicks become doubleclicks, and occasionally, in just moving the mouse it will fire. (No, I'm no neophyte - I program for a living.)
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Overall 10

So good I bought one for each of my 3 PC's

Harry S., Newegg
14 March 2013
  • Summary: One by one, other mice died or were in need of replacement for one reason or another. Most recently replaced was a mouse that came with a keyboard from a big name manufacturer. It's scroll wheel was giving me problems. No problems with the V7 scroll wheel ever. If I didn't love the V7 I would not have bought 3 to replace 3 other mice, one at a time. I would definitely buy a V7 again and will highly recommend the V7 to friends and family. A really great mouse.
  • Pros: I just bought a 3rd V7 USB wired mouse for my 3rd computer. All 3 are still in use and working just fine. No problems whatsoever. In all 3 cases, I was replacing a mouse that had problems. No DOA's with V7. Makes a great flashlight. ;-) Works great with both Linux and Windows. Very dependable and very trustworthy.
  • Cons: The only Con I can think of is the bright red LED on the underside could be used as a flashlight, but in normal use it's not visible.
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Overall 10

Great mouse

Conrado J., Newegg
5 March 2013
  • Pros: I've had this mouse for over a year, I play games with it and I have not even had a single hiccup. 10/10 would buy again
  • Cons: Never wants to cuddle :(
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