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Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M

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Overall 10

I love this mouse

Andrew P., Newegg
10 November 2014
  • Summary: Owned this mouse for awhile now and I'm truly impressed. The built quality is superb, its heavy and solid. The only little part that feels plasticy is the DPI adjustment button. The movement is smooth and it just feels right. I never have a problem with tracking on any surface (I don't use a mousepad). Would definitely purchase again if this ever died on me.
  • Pros: - Heavy mouse - adjustable DPI on the fly - sick colours - smooth movement, comfortable hand fit - able to adjust structure (tilt, rise) - customizable software/mapping - nylon wrapping around cord
  • Cons: - right side buttons are not easily accessible when needed for quick response - mouse wheel is not fluid, "spins" only in intervals (good or bad depending)
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Overall 6

It's an OKAY mouse

Joshua J., Newegg
15 October 2014
  • Summary: The mouse is great, but I was going to use this for gaming, and for that. I will say, look somewhere else, because this mouse is more of a casual user then a gamer.
  • Pros: The mouse is very well balanced, the buttons are too big on the sides, the grip is nice. The ability to change LCD was pretty cool and have it rotating.
  • Cons: I unfortunately bought this mouse when it first came out for $99.99 and I was like, okay this mouse has to be the mouse for me right? Well IT was... for a little, until I realize that the weight of the mouse is a bit excessive. Along with that, when I have to pick up the mouse and move it, I can see my cursor moving, even when I don't have anything underneath it, (like if I shake the mouse.) I also have a rattling sound in my mouse where it sounds like something got d...
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Overall 10

Awesome Mouse Bad Shipping with a USED ITEM!

frankie v., Newegg
13 August 2014
  • Summary: Newegg sent me a USED item. The Package looked like it had been kicked around multiple times. The bag the mouse came with looked like someone burnt it somehow and made it shrink. I know Newegg will say that they NEVER send used items. This item was definately used. The zip ties that hold the mouse in place were clear. ALL of the unboxing videos I have watched had it tied down in black zip ties. It also already had the sticker that covered the lazer removed.
  • Pros: The mouse is the perfect size for my hand. I'm not picky and don't need the luxury of a pinky grip so that it rests comfortably i work in an office with an everyday average mouse. This mouse is the perfect weight for me and the side buttons on the left are perfectly ok with me. I Don't know how people accidentally hit them. If you have tiny hands then yeah this probably isn't the mouse for you. I am a Palm/Claw Gripper and this fits me perfectly. If you want style and...
  • Cons: Not a Major Con but I wish the profile/sensitivity button could be useful during game play.
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Overall 6

Decent Enough

Justin W., Newegg
7 June 2014
  • Summary: While there is plenty to like, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm eventually going to pull out the R.A.T. 7 that I shelved.
  • Pros: Looks great. Enjoyed the ability to change LED color. Software was usable. Easy to adjust to hand size. The ability to disable all side buttons!
  • Cons: The buttons. I assumed the buttons that grace the side of the BMW designed mouse would be streamlined at hardly stick out... But no, they stick out like crazy, and happen to be right where I rest my thumb. So even moving or picking up the mouse results in my hitting at least two buttons at all times. It's big... Like really big, I have large hands and this thing is still a monster to wield. The software, while usable, is pretty archaic and unfriendly.
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Overall 2

It’s a pretty piece of junk.

Daniel H., Newegg
19 May 2014
  • Pros: It’s very pretty and it points/clicks well.
  • Cons: I was concerned about purchasing a high-end mouse via mail without knowing how it would feel in my hand. I chose this mouse because it was designed by BMW’s design team and I figured it would at least have good form and function. I was wrong. Simply put, there no comfortable place for your thumb or pink. To make matters worse, the two buttons on the right side are almost unclickable, due to the fact that the pinky must apply pressure horizontally rather than clicking ...
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Overall 6

Solid hardware, Lacking Software

James W., Newegg
10 May 2014
  • Summary: TL:DR you have an excellently made mouse with an amazing look that has zero software support and a cumbersome DPI switch.
  • Pros: The mouse itself is incredibly well built. The weight is a little on the heavy side which is what I prefer, the custom adjustment let me set up an amazing grip. I love the little wire harness out the top of the mouse, it eliminates the issue of the cable getting in your way.
  • Cons: Lets start with the worst part of the mouse: the software. It's beyond useless, to the point where it seems maliciously written, or at least maybe coded by a 12 year old in notepad. I used the mouse for about a week before deciding to try setting up a different keybind, did not install the software until then. I was unable to get it to bind to a keyboard button and I have a pretty high technical skill level. I created a new profile and set it as active, but the 'singl...
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Overall 10

Amazing mouse...after a while

Trenton M., Newegg
25 March 2014
  • Pros: This mouse is fantastic in my opinion. The vent in it does seem to reduce my sweating (which i normally have a severe problem with) Its pretty heavy compared to most mice.
  • Cons: This mouse will most likely take some getting used to, the buttons are so sensitive and its so heavy if you go to lift it your bound to accidentally click so you have to drag in naturally. I would sometimes twitch and click or bump the Dpad, but after a few hours it was fine. It actually made me calm down when i play and improved my game a bit. The LED lights for the DPI indicator stay red while the others change, but thats every mouse I've gotten so far
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Overall 2

Retraction of my initial 5-star review

Kevin F., Newegg
19 February 2014
  • Pros: Great mouse - when it works.
  • Cons: First mouse stopped working after perhaps 3 months. Computer would repeatedly play "USB disconnected" noise, mouse would stop working for several seconds, and then the computer would recognize it again and the mouse would start working. This got worse and worse until it was happening several times a minute - symptoms could be reproduced by wiggling the USB cord where it connected with the mouse. Sent it back to Thermaltake for a replacement, which I received after a l...
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Overall 4

occasionally malfunctions

Alen A., Newegg
2 February 2014
  • Summary: it would be a great mouse if it didn't malfunction every so often
  • Pros: looks nice
  • Cons: pointer occasionally wanders around sometimes it is difficult to make fine accurate movements occasionally loses connection and sometimes must be unplugged and plugged back in for it to be recognized by pc
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Overall 2


David M., Newegg
27 December 2013
  • Pros: looks cool
  • Cons: button placement is the worst Ive ever experienced, Adjustment range in non extant
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