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Razer Naga
7.9 out of 10

Razer Naga

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Reviews and Problems with Razer Naga

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Overall 2

Failed after 4 months, terrible recovery experience

Zack M., Newegg
21 May 2015
  • Pros: I purchased this mouse because the button layout was great for a few of the games that I play. While the mouse was working, it performed well.
  • Cons: However, this product has caused me undue headaches and my customer service experience with Razer left a very bad taste in my mouth. Problem 1 -- Power Surge Flaw: After about 4 months, I started to receive a "power surge on USB hub" error whenever I tried to plug the mouse into my laptop. The mo...
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Overall 10

Great mouse For MMORPG's

Robert Y., Newegg
20 May 2015
  • Summary: This is labeled as a MOBA mouse but i use It for MMO's. Primarily Guild wars 2. I can set almost my entire skill bar on my mouse and all i do on my keyboard is my directionals and any menus i need.
  • Pros: Comfort: Ive got big hands and this mouse actually fits me nicely. i can play for hours and not have any issues Its very well built and the cord is long and is also wrapped in a heavy thread instead of just rubber. mines been rubbing over my desk for years now. It looks really cool. smooth sleak ...
  • Cons: Raser Synapse is a pain cause it has an update like every 2 weeks. but its cool that you can save presets for different games
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Overall 2

Not worth it

Anson B., Newegg
13 May 2015
  • Summary: go with logitech.
  • Pros: Looks nice, good colors, and lots of buttons are great
  • Cons: the mouse is very lagy and very jumpy on the monitor to the point where it is not usable. need a refund.
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Overall 8

Awesome Mouse, Weird Size

Tristan M., Newegg
11 May 2015
  • Summary: Upgrading to this mouse from a G1 Gaming mouse with only 2400 DPi, still relatively new to PC, so I found it hard to learn how to memorize what buttons do what. Also bought it as a Refurb on an alternate tech site, but the mouse is mint, last person who RMA'd it probably just had a faulty lazer.
  • Pros: Top Beautiful look sensitive buttons great scroll wheel feel Lights all functional, not too bright Side (Left) Buttons are well spaced They aren't too sensitive Swappable rubber center rubber rest for your thumb Numbers light up, just in case you forget what you're pressing in the dark Side (Righ...
  • Cons: Top Oddly placed forward/back buttons for your browser - not really found any other use for them Light brightness can't be adjusted, only on/off The finish is easily smudged with fingerprints/natural oil from your skin Side (left) Wish the buttons were shifted around the center rest by about 45 d...
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Overall 10

Best Razer Naga Ever!

Christopher Grigg "The Real Pyxx", Amazon
10 May 2015
  • Summary: This mouse is a must have for any online gamer who is wanting to excel in their gaming experience while playing MMO's or just your every day email checking. It's very Ergonomic for the hands while offering 3 different side plates that can be interchangeable to fit your hands comfortably.
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Overall 2

If I could give 0 I would

Nicholas N., Newegg
7 May 2015
  • Pros: Comfortable Lots of rebindable side keys
  • Cons: Curser jumps in random directions fairly often. Stops working. A lot. Wired or wireless. Garbage company refuses to provide any kind of actual support and just emails you back with generic 'DID U INSTALL DRYVER?' Will never buy a product from this company again. Over priced made in china garbage ...
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Overall 4

User Review

Sheri R., Newegg
17 April 2015
  • Summary: Don't buy razer products, they will break and they have no support. I have had three nagas die on me over the course of a year, razer never responds to support claims so I was forced to buy a new mouse each time one stopped working or just be completely out the ability to keep up with my gaming...
  • Pros: Great feeling mouse, looks pretty, responsive buttons.
  • Cons: Terrible battery life Terrible support Mouse died after only having it for a month. The worst drivers ever created for any piece of hardware ever. The drivers occasionally crash your computer or the mouse just stops working.
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Overall 2

OK, needs work.. others ahead

Anonymous, Newegg
15 April 2015
  • Summary: Overall, I'm glad I returned it. - I was not happy with the ultra small buttons.. While I know it's an MMO Mouse.. They should have included toward the front a few larger buttons, and they should also add a ring finger button .. Other mouse designs are ahead of Razer ...
  • Pros: Solid mouse, when it works. Simple to setup, works well with my Mac.
  • Cons: Failed after a week. Newegg accepted a return. Would work for an hour then just 'die'.. Would turn off then on, would indicate still had anywhere from 40-80% charge..
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Overall 6

Razer gmaing mouse

Faith P., Newegg
12 April 2015
  • Summary: TELL people to plug it directly in to charge it the very first time you use it! Don't make an on/off switch to charge it. Also on the software make it say what % it is charged instead of having to guess because its not accurately displayed unless it is FULLY charged so you know how long you have to...
  • Pros: Fits your hand nicely, LEDS work in sync with the keyboard
  • Cons: First mouse arrived & would not charge. Would go off after 5 secs of use had to send back. Took a wk to get 2nd mouse even though original order took 2 days. Just putting it in the base would not charge it overnight had to plug it in.
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Overall 10

User Review

Timothy B., Newegg
5 April 2015
  • Summary: Absolutely worth the buy, especially with the Razer Blackwidow Chroma
  • Pros: Charges quickly, amazing performance, great software(free download from Razer.com) amazing look, great ergonomic feel, sleek design
  • Cons: Battery Life is a bit short if you have it wireless and the LEDs on bright.
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