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Mionix Saiph 1800

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Overall 4

User Review

Atanas K., Newegg
16 March 2014
  • Pros: NIce large space, surface is decent. Works well with my old mice.
  • Cons: Very poor with R.A.T mice, barely registers most movements.
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Overall 4

Wish it worked for me

Michael O., Newegg
5 November 2013
  • Summary: This mouse pad tends to collect a bit of gunk from my hands like a mouse would over time.. it interrupts with my Razer Mamba Elite just like the actual surface of the pad. not a fan of the mouse. wish I could have returned it. I do like the pad though.
  • Pros: Smooth surfacing, easy glide for pro gamers, lots of space
  • Cons: This works badly with my R.A.T. 5 and my Razer Mamba Elite. Both very impressive mice on any other surface but this one for some reason. The RAT 5 doesnt register on this pad and the Razer Mamba Elite when sitting on the pad for 10 seconds without moving it thinks its not on a surface and then kinda skips a bunch slightly when moving it for about 1 second. I have messed with my mouse settings, but the mouse sensitivity doesnt want to budge from automatic. My buddy use...
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Overall 4

Sratches mouse!!!

Kristine B., Newegg
26 December 2012
  • Summary: going to buy something else and return this... very sad such a nice looking product gets returned
  • Pros: nice and big! nice shiny sparkel look to it.
  • Cons: after a hour or more i realized that the pad was TOTALLY Scratching my M500! I dont like the hard mouse pad as much as my regular cloth pad sides are kinda Sharp (??? really?)
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Overall 4


Dana S., Newegg
8 November 2012
  • Summary: While i like this pad i found it to have too many negatives to try again...like the price as well as the other issues i mentioned above. skip it, get an aluminum one.
  • Pros: Tracks really well for a while...depends on usuage. It added a lot of accuracy to my BF3...for couple months.
  • Cons: The texture of it scratched my mouse feet..left grooves. also this pad wore fast! Took some getting use to...friends tried it here and did not care for it...
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Overall 4

Did not last

Brian D., Newegg
7 June 2012
  • Summary: I'm also not heavy on my mouse so it's not like I standing up putting body weight on my mouse while dragging it across the pad. I grip the mouse with a modified claw/palm and I'm pretty light on the mouse when I play. If I bore down on the mouse while I played perhaps this sort of wear would be reasonable but there's not really any reason for a gaming mouse pad to wear this fast.
  • Pros: I bought this to go with my Naos 3200, was amazing for the first two weeks. I used this combo to play FPS games such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty 4 and the tracking was amazing. I had to move the mouse illogically fast in order to make this combo fail to track consistently. I loved this for the few weeks this mouse pad was in its prime.
  • Cons: This mouse pad wore extremely fast. After heavy use for nearly one month, I noticed a horrible inconsistency in textures. The middle had become significantly worn with increased friction while the outer parts of the pad were still somewhat textured and had less friction than the middle. I honestly expected this mouse pad to last longer than it did but it just wears out too fast.
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Overall 4

Does not last!

Ying K., Newegg
8 November 2011
  • Summary: I'm using this with the Naos 5000. For the price of this mousepad I do expect it to be somewhat longer lasting than just a few months.
  • Pros: 1. Great tracking: Smooth yet rigid enough that you get friction for precision. 2. Large work space. 3. Aesthetically pleasing 4. Stays in place (it does slide a bit after a while but I have a really slick table so I can't dock points for that)
  • Cons: 1. The edges are a bit sharp and leaning my arm on it does hurt. 2. The "rigidness" of the surface wears quickly. This is my chief complaint. Out of the box it's great but after just several months of use the active area has already seen noticeable wear. This has created an uneven surface across my mousepad.
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Overall 4

Mionix vs R.A.T. 9

Paul D., Newegg
17 October 2011
  • Summary: Really wish I could give this pad 5 eggs, but as it didn't work with my mouse I wouldn't be able to!
  • Pros: Very attractive pad, sturdy construction, not too shiny.
  • Cons: Doesn't work with my R.A.T. 9
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Overall 4

Not quite what I'd hoped

Timothy M., Newegg
8 October 2011
  • Summary: You'd think Mionix would make sure that their pads work well with their own mice. Oh well, live and learn.
  • Pros: Sturdy, attractive, no slip.
  • Cons: Tracking sucks. I got this to compliment my Mionix Naos 5000, but the cursor jumps all over with it. I had to go back to my cloth pad.
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Overall 3

Ganska dålig

PBateman02, Prisjakt
8 December 2012
  • Summary: Kan inte kalla mig själv för en pro-gamer men jag spelar en del, jag kollade här på prisjakt och sweclockers, kom fram till att det var en bra budgetmus vilket den var de första 5 minuterna. Efter det så började muspekaren vandra av sig själv och det var omöjligt att spela, skrev direkt till Mionix support och efter en vecka fick jag svar.
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