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Logitech M500
8.0 out of 10

Logitech M500

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Reviews and Problems with Logitech M500

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Overall 6

Alright mouse, shame about the scroll wheel

Jamin B., Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: In an attempt to fix the side-tilt-middle-click thing, I thought I'd try to maybe install SetPoint and customize the buttons. If nothing else, give up left tilt by mapping it to the same action as regular middle click, so that movement would work more reliably for me. Bad idea.
  • Pros: Love the ergonomic shape and thumb buttons. Bought it to replace a years-old MX518, which has a similar form factor, that had finally given up the ghost a few months ago. Seems responsive enough. Good cord length (some of us still want our mice to have tails!). Nice, smooth feel. Quite profession...
  • Cons: The "tilt wheel" is... just... terrible. There's a toggle button right behind it for whether you want it to spin freely or normal, uh, clicky-scroll mode. Seems pretty gimmicky to me, but I guess maybe someone, somewhere has a good use for the "just fling the wheel with wild abandon, reach the bo...
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Overall 2

Bought two - both broke in a year

Dennis Y., Newegg
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: Old Logitech mice came with reinforced wires, and were wired in such a way that the wires did not bend inside the casing. This mouse, for whatever reason, chose not to have standoffs so that the wires could pass underneath the circuit board.
  • Pros: Fast mouse, good response, I like how it fits in my hand.
  • Cons: The wire inside the mouse turns at two 90 degree angles, guaranteeing that the mouse will start randomly disconnecting within a few months when the wires inside the bundle break. If you buy this mouse, do not expect it to last more than 6 months.
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Overall 10

Great 7 Button Mouse...

Mr B., Newegg
24 April 2015
  • Pros: 7 programmable buttons. Get X-Mouse Button Control (PC only) and, with 5 layers of commands, have up to 35 mouse commands for each program on your computer. Makes editing audio in Pro Tools way faster than hunting for keys.
  • Cons: A very minor advisory, just be patient as the Scroll Wheel Button can be a bit stiff at first.
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Overall 10

The best mouse out there

Tatiana S., Newegg
15 April 2015
  • Pros: I've been using the older model for nearly 5 years bought the new one only because of cosmetic and it's very well built.
  • Cons: software
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Overall 10

A great mouse for a variety of grip types.

Kyle B., Newegg
12 April 2015
  • Summary: I thought the white stripe would be bad-looking, but it's actually dark grey and it has grown on me. Many of you probably don't care. Also the laser does not shine outside of the mouse, so it will provide no distracting illuminations at night.
  • Pros: + Build quality feels very good. It's just a bunch of plastic and and rubber, but it feels sturdy. It has a modest weight which provides accuracy and control, but still allows one to move it freely using a fingertip grip. Buttons sound and feel nice to press, but the middle mouse button requires ...
  • Cons: - Button to switch between free-scroll and notched scroll is not programmable. It's just a mechanical button. I guess it's not really a bad thing because it's not an issue with the mouse design itself. I just kinda wish I had something else to press. - Free-scrolling wheel is really expletive wei...
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Overall 10

Logitech M500 Mouse

Anonymous, Newegg
17 March 2015
  • Summary: Does not have all the extra programmable buttons that a gamer might like to have. Those buttons would be in my way. It is lazer, not optical. Lazer is better and I don't need a moude pad. It is also wired. No batteries, just reliable connection to USB 2-3.
  • Pros: After hours of research this mouse has the right weight, feel, and a scrolling wheel that either free-wheelies or rotates incrementally with the push of the button on top. The mouse uses quality Omron microswitches and the laser is steady and accurate. It is a wired mouse.
  • Cons: This my 3rd mouse of this style by choice. After 3 years of hard use everyday the first mouse was simply worn out. I hope the 2 remaining mice I have of this type last at least three years.
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Overall 10

Great so far

Peter S., Newegg
16 March 2015
  • Summary: I'm a little wary if the rubbery thumb rest will tatter after a while. I've used this mouse for a few months and so far its fine, but I'll be pretty annoyed if it starts getting brittle.
  • Pros: Very comfortable, decent precision, and the ability to let the scroll wheel loose. Clicking is decently quiet and the buttons are firm enough that I don't accidentally click the buttons just by resting my fingers on them.
  • Cons: * The forward/back buttons are pretty excessively big in my opinion, and a little "spongy". * The scroll wheel has too much weight to it, where even when the "super fast" mode is off, it can still freely spin a few clicks. * The wheel tilt clicks are too sensitive. I've often found myself trying ...
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Overall 8

Great replacement for a wireless mouse

Jasont T, B&H Photo
15 March 2015
  • Excerpt: I bought the M500 to replace my Logitech Performance MX Mouse, which does not seem to work with my new Asus Zenbook. Perhaps the MX fails to work properly due to lack of a Logitech driver for Windows 8.1?
  • Pros: Accurate Tracking, Comfortable Design, Fast Response, Glides Smoothly, Works On Any Surface
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Overall 6

Okay, but not a gaming mouse

Zachary K., Newegg
13 March 2015
  • Summary: Okay for the price but you only get what you pay for.
  • Pros: Bought as a replacement for a 6 year old Logitec MX518 that had started to have issues. Comfortable with scroll wheel and forward/back browser buttons. Tilt and wheel click take just a bit of getting used to. The ability to toggle the wheel ticks is occasionally amusing if not any more practical ...
  • Cons: I found it not sensitive enough to recommend use without mouse acceleration. Its 1000 dpi was a noticeable step down from the 1800 dpi of the MX518 it replaced. For example selecting the desired position between two adjacent letters in the same word can be awkward. This makes it not an acceptable...
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Overall 10

Love this mouse

Timothy S., Newegg
11 February 2015
  • Summary: I use this mouse for work and I couldn't be happier with it. The design fits my hand perfect and comfortably for prolonged use, and the two side mouse buttons are perfectly accessible by my thumb (I've had other mouses where the side buttons were awkward to reach).
  • Pros: - It looks great - It feels great - Moves precise and smooth - I love it's solid construction and weight - Mouse wheel works perfectly. It isn't too sensitive or insensitive, and you can lock it for that confirming "click" that I prefer or you can unlock it for a perfectly smooth scroll. Also has...
  • Cons: I honestly can't think of a con, I love everything about this mouse.
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