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Logitech G500
7.8 out of 10

Logitech G500

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Reviews and Problems with Logitech G500

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Overall 6

Initially good but became more and more frustrating

Titsomnana P., Newegg
7 August 2015
  • Summary: Other than the EXTREMELY tedious program and the infuriatingly annoying gaming/ default profile bugs that sometimes won't change or change when it's not supposed to, it is an ALRIGHT mouse. I wouldn't buy this mouse again. It was great at first but then started going downhill.
  • Pros: -Multiple Buttons and is relatively cheap for a mouse of this quality. -Multiple DPI settings that is changeable -Weights if you are into how heavy the mouse weighs -Size is just right. For me at least.
  • Cons: - 1 1/2 years in the wires got messed up and every once and a while, not too often, the mouse sensor won't work for a few seconds. I haven't moved my desk or wires at all and have taken great care of it. -Gaming Software program does not work as smoothly as you think. Sometimes it will be in the ...
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Overall 10

nothing bad to say

Chris W., Newegg
1 August 2015
  • Pros: - you can reprogram +/- DPI buttons - wired - best scroll wheel I've used - extra button between forwards/backwards buttons - all buttons have a nice click
  • Cons: The G logo wore off (i guess this should be a pro)
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Overall 10

Very Good!

Anonymous, Newegg
19 January 2015
  • Summary: A few years ago, I was gaming with only a cheap Logitech mouse that wasn't designed for gaming. It was very generic aswell, and I wanted extra buttons and dpi settings like the nice gaming mice had. So I went looking for a new mouse. I first got the Gigabyte M6980X.
  • Pros: This mouse has been the best mouse I've ever owned. It does exactly everything as advertised. My favorite part about this mouse is the anti sweat material. I cannot believe how well it works. Even after a year of owning it and hours of gaming on it, it still looks brand new. Mouse acceleration is...
  • Cons: The only problem I can think of is that the mouse doesn't have acceleration when only using the built in memory on the mouse. However, I could care less since my mouse is always plugged into one computer.
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Overall 6

Last time I get one

Robert R., Newegg
30 September 2014
  • Pros: Functional for a few months. Great for gaming.
  • Cons: The laser ball gets loose causing the mouse to be non responsive and jittery. It only lasted me a few months, I will be purchasing from a different company.
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Overall 10


Jacob V., Newegg
23 September 2014
  • Pros: The weights are just great! You are able to customize how much it weighs and have the feel you want! The DPI switch is great for switching on the fly!
  • Cons: Nothing.
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Overall 2

Failed within 9 months

Porter S., Newegg
1 August 2014
  • Summary: The last two failures indicate an overall lack of quality. My next mouse will, hopefully, be something else. I like the form factor, but quality has been a real issue. I don't understand, if I pay ~$50-$70 for a mouse, why the cord can't be a 14 gauge twisted cable.
  • Pros: Lots of buttons. Easy programming. The weight tray was interesting... i liked being able to tune the weight of the mouse.
  • Cons: Failed within 9 months. My last two Logitech gaming mouses have both failed within a year. I could be working with the mouse and it would simply start connecting and disconnecting. Eventually it stopped connecting completely. Wire cover failed within weeks. The wire has a woven nylon outer layer ...
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Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

revnum1, ReviewStream
25 July 2014
  • Excerpt: I bought the logitech g500 on sale off of newegg a couple of weeks ago. When I saw pictures of it online, I was a little unsure about the design (covered with bullet holes), but when I actually got it, it looks cool. The laser goes from 200dpi to …
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Overall 6

g700 much better

Kirstina R., Newegg
25 June 2014
  • Pros: I had given my son my g700. got a new mouse for a new build. and did not notice is was corded.
  • Cons: Is not very responsive. Sometimes the eye don't read right. and the cursor don't move. Not a great mouse.
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Overall 6


Garrett C., Newegg
12 May 2014
  • Summary: All in all I would say the mouse is decent but I can't say that I'm very happy with it. I would not buy this model again.
  • Pros: Nice mouse for the most part. It seems pretty solid so far. Decent button placement. I like the hyper scroll option for large pages. Being able to adjust the weight of it is a nice feature.
  • Cons: I have trouble with the wheel button. While gaming you must press the wheel down HARD and HOLD IT or you will be tossing your granade/simtex/hatchet early. This is very annoying and often ends up sticking simtex to the wall directly in front of me and then killing a team mate next to me. Wheel in...
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Overall 8

Fully featured, dual scroll disappointing

James S., Newegg
4 May 2014
  • Summary: I like this mouse for the side buttons, the location of its DPI buttons, and the texture of the material, but if you don't absolutely need a free-scrolling wheel, I recommend the G500 or the G700.
  • Pros: Precise tracking, excellent software, and great button layout, including three on the side. The shape is ergonomic and the texture on the sides is very grippy. DPI adjustment on the fly is a chich, mainly because of the DPI adjustment buttons' location on the top left side of the mouse instead of...
  • Cons: The only problem I have with this mouse is that the mouse wheel is too loose when locked; it continues to spin noticeably after I have stopped scrolling it quickly. This lack of precision can at times be annoying, yet rarely frustrating. In my opinion, this looseness renders the unlocked mode red...
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