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Genius Gila

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Overall 10

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Samuel L., Newegg
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: My main concern was that this mouse would over-promise then turn out to be cheap junk, but it turned out to be quite impressive.
  • Pros: It looks great with its sharp angles and tri zone lighting. The ability to change the lighting color and pulsation effects is what sets this mouse apart from others. Six included weights allow for plenty of customization. The software allows for even more tweaking, with a large amount of options as well. My favorite, aside from the colors, is the ability to set your own dpi levels, making it easier to find the right level.
  • Cons: I found that this mouse takes some time to get used to. With so many buttons, it's possibly to accidentally push one, especially the side button, though this not a major problem. The software is great in that it provides many options, though I wish these options were better explained in the help section. I still find some options confusing, like the fact that there are about five different ways to alter the sensitivity.
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Overall 2


Jesse N., Newegg
12 November 2014
  • Summary: dont waste the money. find a better mouse or look into spending a little more money.
  • Pros: fit well and was nice to have programmable buttons to move what i wanted on the mouse and have it at my finger tips.
  • Cons: first one died after two weeks and would not work right or even light up. i got the second one and like 2 days after warranty it would not work properly and then like others the double left click started acting up like others. I tried taking it apart and fixing it that way but no luck. Just pure garbage.
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Overall 2

Junk in a Pretty Box

Weldon N., Newegg
1 November 2014
  • Pros: Relatively comfortable for left handed use. Very accurate. Programmable buttons are a plus.
  • Cons: I am a lefty mouse user. The Gila seemed like a great idea at the time, even though I could have purchased a cordless mouse for less (even on sale), but I wanted the extra buttons. The first few months it worked adequately, but had I paid full price I would not have been the least bit impressed. After about six months the left mouse button started double clicking. And the scroll would occasionally move farther than rolled. At first wrote it off as user error, but as t...
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Overall 6

It had a good run

Gabriel R., Newegg
4 October 2014
  • Pros: This mouse is great; highly customizable and looks awesome.
  • Cons: Unfortunately, the double-click issue is all too true. After using it for over a year, it has begun to double-click on single clicks. It doesn't always happen but I have a feeling that with time, it will only get worse. It had a good run.
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Overall 6


Thomas R., Newegg
24 July 2014
  • Summary: I originally got this mouse for its button count. I really didn't need any of the other features. The mouse is capable of 8000 DPI, but 1200 is comfortable.
  • Pros: Lots of buttons. Can configure the extra buttons to keyboard keys.
  • Cons: Independent DPI for X and Y axes? Very poor design choice. Extra buttons are awkward to reach with long fingers. Cannot configure mouse with Windows 8.1 at the time of writing. Had to configure with a spare machine running Windows 7. Driver software is horrendous.
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Overall 10

worth the price and reliable

Christopher N., Newegg
5 July 2014
  • Pros: plenty of durable buttons without clutter I like the design, it fits my hand well responsive to input 1yr+ ownership, still working like new
  • Cons: the provided software is clunky, but it gets the job done nothing negative to say about the mouse itself
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Overall 10

Good mouse but has a double click problem *FIX HERE*

Jonah M., Newegg
9 June 2014
  • Summary: You can find this by finding the Genius GX Gaming Mouse on the Genius website and go to the downloads tab and you will find it under applications. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE PROVIDED INSTRUCTIONS OR YOU COULD MESS UP YOUR MOUSE BADLY.
  • Pros: The accuracy of this mouse is absolutely impeccable. It is wonderfully designed and the software for it is amazing. Programmable macros for each button, weight adjustments, amazing DPI and sensitivity flexibility to meet the user. Over all very satisfied purchase
  • Cons: There is a really annoying double click bug that this mouse is infamous for. This easily brought the mouse down to a 3 or 2 egg mouse but there is a firmware update for the lights that also fixes this bug.
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Overall 8

Not a bad mouse at all... but -

Damian (., Newegg
28 March 2014
  • Summary: I would definitely recommend this mouse for those who find the button placement comfortable for them. It's nice under the hand, moves well, has nicely positive clickback on all buttons.
  • Pros: Plenty.
  • Cons: 2 buttons on far right are not intuitive in placement, left & right secondary buttons require abandoning common L/R finger placement which is rather distracting in game. Primary Con - this the only mouse I've ever had that began double-clicking with every single click after 8 months. I find no way to get into the case to clear possible debris (pet hair, typically) or otherwise determine if the fault is native to the device - a failed part - or from a secondary source....
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Overall 4

Double click issue after 9 months

Christian G., Newegg
8 March 2014
  • Summary: I hope I can get this resolved somehow. I spent $99 on this mouse last year. I don't want to have to buy another one.
  • Pros: This mouse replaced an old G5 my dog chewed. I decided to buy this one after a couple of days of comparisons and liked the variety and buttons on this mouse. The Gila fits my hand perfectly, the buttons are responsive, and the software installed right away with no issues. The lights are cool and I like the fact that they're programmable - a nice touch.
  • Cons: I've had no complaints about the Gila up until now. After about 9 months I all of a sudden started experiencing the annoying double click issue. This really sucks because other than that I really like the Gila. I will be reaching out to Genius for their warranty.
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Overall 4

Double click

Arthur A., Newegg
6 March 2014
  • Summary: MADE IN CHINA, P*S! This is only the 2nd mouse I have ever seen failed in 25 years! The other being a Razor. Never had a Logitech fail, ever!
  • Pros: It feels and looks awesome. Great mouse feel in hand. The lighting is the nicest of any mouse I have seen.
  • Cons: After 6 months of use, just like everyone else reported, the left button started to double click. A shame as the mouse was really great until this. Will never purchase another Genius product again. At this price point this is unacceptable.
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