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Func MS-3

Great Deal: $68.99

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Overall 6

Almost Brilliant

Kaitlyn M., Newegg
11 August 2014
  • Summary: The software only let's you change DPI in 90 DPI increments, which is worth an egg in it of itself, as that prevents me from using my preferred DPI of 400. Also, everytime my PC is restarted, i have to go back into the software to set it to the proper DPI, because it changes after every restart. Also, the fact that some LEDs are permanently orange is seriously a pain, and it sticks out quite a bit.
  • Pros: Great Ergonomic shape, Matte finish, Well placed side buttons
  • Cons: Mediocre Software, some LEDs are permanently orange
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Overall 10

Just...awesome. BEST mouse for the price, for larger hands.

Thomas J., Newegg
10 August 2014
  • Summary: I like what Func is doing with their peripherals. I like their no-nonsense approach to the software and design of their products. I like that they get out of their own way to just let YOU use your computer and are content to blend into the background - that's how peripherals should work, in my opinion.
  • Pros: This is the mouse that singlehandedly switched me from a claw grip to a palm grip, especially for general computer use. I had the rev 1 version, and loved it - it's still working, but I've had to clean out the primary switches to keep it from double clicking after 6+ months. Anyway, glad they made the revisions they did for this model - the new switches are noticeably better, along with the scroll wheel. It's an amazingly comfortable mouse - but it's definitely for pa...
  • Cons: The only downside to the settings software that I've found is when bringing your Func MS-3 r2 to a new machine. If you want to change the already customized settings (stored in mouse memory), you'll need to install the settings software - no big deal, but it doesn't detect the customized settings on the mouse, so you'll need to start over. NOTE - your customized settings ARE stored on the mouse, if you don't want to change anything when moving to a new computer you're...
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Overall 10

Great Mouse!

William W., Newegg
5 August 2014
  • Summary: Before I slid the plastic to cover up the dpi orange lights, I contacted customer support. about changing it's color. They dodged my question by sending me a user manual PDF and telling me that that was normal. Oh well!
  • Pros: Wow. You really can't get a mouse this great for the price. The ergonomic design prevents almost all wrist strain, and the circular button on the side which lowers sensitivity for first person shooters works extremely well.
  • Cons: It was advertised to be full color changing, which the scroll wheel and left circular button do in fact do (The lighting is very nice, not ultra bright but good) but the dpi mode lights are unchangeable from orange. I ended up shoving a small slit of black plastic to prevent the orange from shining through. Works perfect now! Not going to deduct an egg because of the awesome price.
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Overall 10

Best Peripheral I've Ever Bought

Loharasp N., Newegg
24 July 2014
  • Summary: This mouse was the best buy I could have made for a mouse! many mouses advertise a list of features, most of which I would never use, and on top of that they are horribly uncomfortable to hold. This mouse on the other hand is simply functional. It's actually big enough for me to hold, which is amazing considering how big my hands are, and the buttons feel crisp when pressed.
  • Pros: Amazing construction good feel big enough to hold! does its job soft touch finish customizable LEDs Low branding excellent buttons
  • Cons: none
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Overall 10

Just like a glove

Minh T., Newegg
3 July 2014
  • Summary: Despite the cons, I still give it a 5 star because I think it is the best mouse for me, I just got to break it in like a good pair of shoes and get used to it.
  • Pros: It fits perfectly in my hand and the rubberized coating makes it feel quite premium. The minimalistic design is very attractive and looks better than most gaudy gaming mice.
  • Cons: The right click seems to require a bit more force than the left one, which does concern me. I play some moba/rts games and that lil bit of extra force does build up and my hand starts to feel archy.
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Overall 10


Jamison B., Newegg
2 July 2014
  • Summary: This is simply the best mouse I have ever purchased for my needs as an FPS gamer. I am MERCILESS on my hands and equipment. I break keys. I break mouse buttons. I damage cords. I brutalize computer accessories (as do most FPS gamers worthy of their sport). Since the mice I used allowed my outside fingers to drag on the mousepad, I built up thick callous on my right pinky and ring fingers. After a while, they also get occasional blisters and small amounts of bleeding.
  • Pros: -Superior ergonomics -Excellent button layout -Excellent software
  • Cons: -only 1 color for the LED's (amber/orange) -has a large footprint, but not an issue if you are a gamer, or someone who uses a large mousepad.
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Overall 10


Morgan S., Newegg
29 May 2014
  • Summary: The shape is Odd. Though, this is why i bought it in the first place. I really like the ergonomics of the shape of the mouse itself. The problem i had was the button placement of the thumb buttons. It just did not fit my thumb correctly. (guess i have short thumbs?
  • Pros: Mouse performed exactly as advertised.
  • Cons: none. Not to say its perfect for everyone, but there is nothing wrong with the function of the product.
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Overall 10

Great mouse

Tory S., Newegg
22 May 2014
  • Summary: Very comfortable, highly recommended. Would like a wireless version just for work, but can't complain.
  • Pros: Comfortable. Came off of R.A.T 7 and a Deathadder and have to say this I have to say this mouse seems like a good mashup of the two. The button layout is great along with the ability of customizing each one. Also have been enjoying the ability of changing the LED's something neither of the mentioned mice have. While the mouse is big, I like that, was looking for something to rest my hand on since I use this mouse for work and have been using it for days without proble...
  • Cons: Where I rest my palm seems to get a little warm.
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Overall 8

Great design, great features

Chris G., Newegg
8 May 2014
  • Summary: I am probably just going to stick with the Razer DeathAdder 2013 that has solid build quality and has no annoying clicking noise while in use.
  • Pros: Out of the box this mouse is an impressive device. Extremely ergonomic design features very comfortable finger rests on the right side of the mouse, something that many peripheral manufactures tend to do without. Button placement is great, but definitely for larger hands, as some of the buttons are a bit of a stretch for my medium-sized hands. The mouse smoothly glided over my solid X-Trac Pads Hybrid Mouse Mat, which felt great for playing games such as Battlefield 4...
  • Cons: Nothing really wrong with this mouse and it could have just been an isolated incident, but my MS-3 had a very loud clicking sound within the mouse during movement. This I believed to be coming from either a loose part inside the mouse, or just loose buttons on the outside, but for my OCD, I had to request a replacement. Replacement arrived quickly, but had same exact problem and seemed to be the same one that I had sent back in the first place. I had hoped that NewEgg...
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Overall 8

Great Mouse, Tad bit Light

Kodie B., Newegg
15 April 2014
  • Summary: nice button layout for the most part, and nice Lighting, even allows Pulsing and individual light colors on scroll wheel and Snipe Button.
  • Pros: Seems to be a very well built mouse with a lot of Customization options when using the included software. slippy pads on bottom work very nice on mouse pads, but for best experience try a hard mouse pad incited of cloth. Nice DPI Range that doesn't seem to be overkill, 90-5670. Fully Rebindable buttons and 3 different profiles that are saved on mouse.
  • Cons: Seems a bit light for my liking, but coming from a fairly heavy mouse, that is to be expected. The ring and pinky rests are a bit to thin for my bigger fingers. but still comfortable overall. Also found the button on the right click corner button to be a bit hard to hit, but i'm sure that will change once i get used to it.
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