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Samsung YP-K5

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Samsung K5 4GB MP3 Player w/Built-In Speakers

4 August 2007
  • Summary: In the world of MP3 players, it seems like almost everything has been done, and lately I haven't really seen many new MP3 players with new features that really impressed me, well at least until I took a look at the K5. The K5 is really a neat idea and when I first saw it I was skeptical of how it was actually going to work, because lets face it, most small speakers don't sound very good at all. This truly is an exception to the case however, it sounds great.
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Overall 8

Samsung YP-K5

PC Magazine
23 April 2007
  • Conclusion: This combination MP3 player and speaker folds up to the size of the LG Chocolate phone. It's a very hip idea, though I'm not quite sure people will pay a premium for the integrated speaker. The slider mechanism seems sturdy enough, though, and the device makes a great travel alarm clock.
  • Pros: The built-in speaker is louder than you'd expect. Very good sound quality.
  • Cons: Bulky for an MP3 player. Earbuds are oddly shaped. No PlaysForSure support
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Review: Samsung K5 MP3 player

11 March 2007
  • Conclusion: Like I mentioned above, having great and unique features is a good way to attract impulse buyers who have a lot of disposable income. If you really want to attract long term customers you need to have longevity built into the device.
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Samsung K5 MP3 Player Review

21 January 2007
  • Excerpt: We all knew that Samsung could come out with a solid MP3 player. This company has always had the potential to make an alternative to the industry’s best portable audio players but up until recently their offerings have been somewhat disappointing. They put out a couple of interesting portable media devices over the past few years, but nothing with enough substance to compete with the iPod (in any of its forms) or the recent products from Sandisk.
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Expert Review

21 January 2007
  • Summary: Love them or hate them, Samsung is definitely on the right track. The K5 proved itself to be a flash-based portable music player that is completely unique and very stylish, but still easy and fun to use. It is not the lightest or cheapest available, but it's good looks and built-in speakers make it a very attractive product. I found myself missing Itunes, but it's interaction with the computer is fine and it's earphones are way better than Apple's.
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Samsung YP-K5 Review

Anything but iPod
24 October 2006
  • Conclusion: Samsung’s K5 caters to a specific crowed and is not for everyone, myself included. However, it is a great player for its innovative design and surprisingly loud external speakers. I think that the player would be great for someone who listens to audiobooks, podcasts, or radio shows and doesn’t want to be tethered to headphones.
  • Pros: Unique Design, External Speakers, Supplied earbuds good with bass and sound isolation
  • Cons: FM radio will not work without headphones plugged in, Touch interface can be inaccurate, Supplied earbuds may be uncomfortable for some people, No on-the-go playlists, No custom EQ, Proprietary USB cable
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Expert Review

5 December 2007
  • Conclusion: There are times when you want to listen to good music, but don’t want to stick headphones into you ears, but there doest seem to be any way you can come over this situation. Samsung YP-K5 has found a solution by putting extra built-in speakers into the YP-K5. The speakers make the lower part of the player and can easily slide out for use. The headphones that come with player have very odd shape (they look like small hair dryers).
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Overall 8

Expert Review

Good Gear Guide.au
21 May 2007
  • Summary: With innovative features and a great design, the YP-K5 is a high quality audio player that will make your friends envious
  • Pros: Attractive design, Excellent playback quality, Alarm clock feature, High quality FM Radio
  • Cons: A little expensive, rather bulky
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Overall 7

Samsung YP-K5 4GB MP3 Player

10 March 2007
  • Excerpt: It seems like the evolution of the MP3 player has seen every innovation possible that could be incorporated into it. Today you can find MP3 players with FM radios, video, pictures, and even video games, etc. Has everything that can be done with MP3 been done? Well if you were to ask Samsung they would definitely say no.
  • Pros: Slick design, Built-in speakers, Alarm Clock, FM Tuner
  • Cons: Proprietary USB cable, FM radio doesn't work without headphones plugged in, No custom EQ
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Samsung YP-K5 music player

13 November 2006
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