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Archos 605 WiFi

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Overall 2

You want aggravation ?

JeanieD "JeanieD", Amazon
20 November 2013
  • Summary: This had everything wrong with it from the get-go. Not going into all of the details....it spent more time being repaired than enjoyed. I would never buy another Archos product because when it finally used up it's short life, Archos said that they no longer serviced this model. Amazon was terrific and sent me a refund after I sent them a detailed chronology of my trials with Archos. Thank you Amazin'-Amazon !!
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Overall 2

Anything but Archos should be your mantra---ZERO stars!

Caveat Emptor, Amazon
20 October 2011
  • Summary: A long overdue follow up to a seperate review. I felt it kind to pass along a warning to anyone thinking of dealing with this company. Anyone who has attempted to deal with Archos's support, tried to return a faulty item or get a product of theirs serviced has come up against the concept of "let the buyer beware" in a BIG way.
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Overall 1

"Shoddy product, terrible company"

todikra, CNET
29 December 2010
  • Pros: What attracted me to the Archos 605 wifi was the fact that it was simply a hard drive with an operating system, giving me complete control over the files that I put on it.
  • Cons: Product is not well made. The TV/LED and up/down buttons broke unexpectedly and after only 9 months of use. Terrible costumer service. Broken products are not repaired properly.
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Overall 2

I'm gonna be VERY blunt about this thing...

ramon2585, Amazon
4 December 2010
  • Summary: First off, the last Firmware update that they did was July 2008. It's 2.1.04. That's just unacceptable, especially cause this thing has SO many problems, even though I have the latest Firmware update. I have to rescan all my music every week or so so the ArcLibrary would still be there. I listen to my music based on ID3 tags, & every week or so, the tags just disappear. I have to rescan them too much. This is also annoying cause I like to rate my songs.
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Overall 4

This thing was a sad waste of money

T. Fontaine "Tres Fontaine", Amazon
27 October 2010
  • Summary: The main complaint is battery life. I have never been able to get the battery to hold a charge for more than 1 hour and after owning this for a year, it would look like it was charged, then lose charge immediately after taking it out of the docking station. I paid Archos $80 to fix the battery but when they returned it, it still had the same problem. Now I discovered about a week ago that the battery that they "fixed" exploded.
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Overall 4

Good device but has some fatal flaws

Samir, Amazon
15 October 2010
  • Summary: My roommate had a 2 generation old Archos player and loved it. I borrowed it a couple of times and loved it too so that is part of the reason why I purchased this one. However there were some positives but many negatives with this product which I outline below. Btw, I just wrote this review recently but I purchased the item a long time ago. I know Archos has a new device out and I hope they learned from their mistakes with this one.
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Overall 4

"Spectacular! BUT!!"

claimedbear, CNET
28 September 2010
  • Pros: Beautiful screen, vibrant colours. Very versatile, I love its portability. I use it for displaying films, home movies, holiday pictures. Internet radio is great, and the traffic webcams very useful. The docking station is probably essential.
  • Cons: Number one has to be the short battery life, Unit also tends to get very warm, crashes frequently requiring hard reset. May have to now spend more funds to replace battery after only 18 months.
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Overall 8

Archos 605 review

Ossie, Mwave.com
30 August 2010
  • Summary: I had owned for 3 years so far and it still delivers a solid performance. Definitely a must have for Techies.
  • Pros: Very good product if you are a willing to spend some time doing some tweaking. I use as a wireless multimedia streaming device to watch divx/flv internet content on my TV. It is also a pretty good MP4 player for cars.
  • Cons: Expensive accesories and plugins. Out of box basic capability is not good enough. You have to buy the plugins in order to be able to browse the internet, watch certain video formats...etc...
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Overall 2

"Customer service is useless"

hoapersonal, CNET
14 August 2010
  • Pros: none. ARCHOS is all about taking your money and not caring after they get it.
  • Cons: No support on discontinued models. So when (not if) they stop making these you are SOL if you need tech support. Buttons on my unit broke after one month of use.
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Overall 9

"Great for normal use"

Anrey2790, CNET
18 June 2010
  • Pros: Good screen lots of storage good wifi
  • Cons: big slow processor (by todays standards) bad touchscreen
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