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Western Digital WD TV Live Gen 2  (WDBAAN0000NBK / WDBAAP0000NBK)
7.4 out of 10

Western Digital WD TV Live Gen 2 (WDBAAN0000NBK / WDBAAP0000NBK)

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Reviews and Problems with Western Digital WD TV Live Gen 2 (WDBAAN0000NBK / WDBAAP0000NBK)

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Overall 2

Buy Chromecast instead...

Ed T., Newegg
4 February 2014
  • Pros: Buy Chromecast instead, don't buy this garbage.
  • Cons: Doesn't play videos stored on the local LAN but Chromecast does for a fraction of the price.
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Overall 10

Excellent Media Play! Love it!

alfredo m., Newegg
16 February 2011
  • Summary: This is a must buy! I don't care what no one else says.
  • Pros: Plays 1080p movies =) Love that it plays all my media!
  • Cons: None. to everyone else to is complaining here, STOP! What media player doesn't lag when it plays a 20+ GB file? come on... Stop being so picky..
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Overall 4

works when it wants

carl m., Newegg
11 November 2010
  • Summary: im on my second one and its doing the same as my last one. just not playing any movies or music. waist of money and time. NO NO NO TO THIS ONE!!!
  • Pros: plays Hd videos very nicely, sound is nice
  • Cons: does not play 85% of the time. it has a mind of its own. half the movies play part f the way. fast forward is a joke and no chapter set up. if you have to start a movie over it sometimes start where you left off or you have to set and watch the movie in 16x very slow fast forward.
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Overall 10

Great device

Nicole T., Newegg
5 November 2010
  • Summary: I got this so I could watch videos from my computer on the tv. It is very simple to run, I like that it is use friendly. I am trying to program it with code to change the interface, which I don't care for the interface.
  • Pros: -great product -easier to use than a computer -works well with Windows 7 -cheap alternative to having cables all over the house
  • Cons: -display non-helpful icons for videos
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Overall 4

Great idea, it just doesn't work!

Elizabeth T., Newegg
3 November 2010
  • Summary: If the firmware were to be upgraded to manage network access properly and to read directories within a share I would not mind the other cons seeing as it is very inexpensive device. But as it is its really just a doorstop.
  • Pros: It's compact, inexpensive, looks great on top of my TV and the idea behind it is great...
  • Cons: ...now if it would just work! I have about 100Gb if video on my laptop and I haven't been able to play any of it after hours of troubleshooting. This is mainly because it cannot read most of the folders in the share but I cannot for the life of me understand why. It apparently does not play DivX(...
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Overall 10

i love it

BRYN D., Newegg
22 October 2010
  • Summary: I wish other manufactures would make awesome products like this (I'm looking at you Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, etc.)! Products that just work, aren't filled with proprietary super-garbage (I'm looking at you, HDCP), don't come with it's own special new--does nothing and could've just used...
  • Pros: Plays .ISO images. Have yet to run into a video that format that wont play. From 25 minute episodes to 3hr long movies, this little box is awesome-o! The user interface is surprisingly intuitive (is on the same intuitiveness-level as the iPod). It asks the right questions at the right times. Firm...
  • Cons: Plays only the main title of .ISO images. User command executions lag a bit. For example, clicking pause/play during video is not as instantaneous as a DVD-player would be. The only way to control the unit is via remote. If you lose or break the remote, you might as well have lost or broken the e...
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Overall 6

Good media player

Nick R., Newegg
8 October 2010
  • Pros: More success playing MKV and AVI than my LG390.
  • Cons: If I pause or rewind it will freeze then play in slow motion. Only fixed by rebooting device. Works fine if I just play the movie all the way through. No bathroom breaks for me!
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Overall 4

Great while it lasted

Anonymous, Newegg
8 October 2010
  • Pros: Easy to use
  • Cons: Lasted only 7 mnths then would not recognize my network or any file type. I RMAd with WD and they sent me a recertified unit.
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Overall 10

the little box that could

Craig W., Newegg
6 October 2010
  • Pros: Small size, low heat and low power. Plays back my dvd folder storage (not .iso) and shows a tiled view of the cover art in the menu. Got this so my kids can play dvd movies not in the mancave and without scratching disks. I use a full HTPC for my viewing, this is a close 2nd.
  • Cons: Had a hiccup where it wouldnt play any video, did factory reset and its all good now. Doesnt have access to netflix but I dont use it anyway.
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Overall 8

Really Great Device, Simple and Easy to Use

Jason S., Newegg
28 September 2010
  • Summary: The only other thing (which isn't so much a con as a disappointment) is that only a few months after purchasing this unit they upgraded with the newer generation that supported Netflix. I LOVE NETFLIX and I was very unhappy to see that they started supporting it so soon after I had purchased this.
  • Pros: The most simple, easy to use device possible, plays great with little setup. Works nearly seamlessly with Windows 7 Home group setup (see cons to explain the "nearly"). This wins the novice choice award. I am very technical and understand the more complicated intricasies of networks and setup (so...
  • Cons: Above I say that this integrates with the files on my home network "almost seemlessly" and this is because it has a hard time discovering new files and even at times existing ones. I have read that you have to shorten the file names which I will try to see if this helps (I am really bad at giving...
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