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9.1 out of 10

Sony SAL24F20Z

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Reviews and Problems with Sony SAL24F20Z

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Versatile lens...

Shadowfax001, Sony
16 July 2012
  • Summary: This is a great lens with several different faces. On the A900 it is a superlative wide angle with very little distortion, extremely sharp and rich Zeiss colors. on the A700 this is a super walk-around 36mm equivalent. I sometime find myself wanting the extra reach I have on the Zeiss 24-70. And, I sometimes feel like making this lens something that it is not. During times such as these, I just switch lenses to something more appropriate.
  • Pros: Great wide on A900 Super walk-around on A77
  • Cons: Not a vario...
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Bought 3(three) not working samples.

Mict, Sony
17 June 2012
  • Summary: Bought 3 SAL24F20Z. 1st one was an AF idiot. It hits everything but the target. I tried AF correction in my camera. But mistake is not linear. It differs with distance. Also this sample was very sharp and had beautiful picture. 2nd ones AF missed much lesser but it was not so sharp and still had 5 from 10 misses. 3d one missed 2 from 5 which is almost good. But it lacked crispy sharpness from 1st one. Ive returned all three to my local dealer.
  • Pros: Nice picture, good bokeh
  • Cons: you cant rely on this lens
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Sony 24mm f/2 SSM Carl Zeiss Distagon T* SAL24F20Z review by Beachrider

Beachrider, slrgear.com
1 August 2011
  • Summary: OK, I gave it all 10s. I would have given a 9.75 on image, if possible. Very usable down to f/2.0, but corners are a little soft at that setting. You need to work really close to subject to exploit semi-macro capabilities. My first Zeiss. Price for 24mm (f/2) is 70% of price for 24-70 (f/2.8), both from Zeiss. So it is a little pricey.
  • Pros: Amazing focus performance. Coatings are doing a lot of work on the flare and contrast. Very solid construction.
  • Cons: A little heavy. Somewhat pricey.
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Sony 24mm f/2 SSM Carl Zeiss Distagon T* SAL24F20Z review by edwardkaraa

edwardkaraa, slrgear.com
5 February 2011
  • Summary: Very sharp across the frame at all apertures, except at infinity where the very extreme corners need to close down to f/5.6 to sharpen up. Results are simply amazing. Even at f/2 it is as good as it gets.
  • Pros: Excellent sharpness and contrast, Zeiss colors, size, distortion.
  • Cons: None.
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Sony 24mm f/2 SSM Carl Zeiss Distagon T* SAL24F20Z review by 3systemuser

3systemuser, slrgear.com
15 November 2010
  • Summary: an almost perfect prime for me ,and if you dont need f1.4 or weather sealing of the similar Nikon and the Canon , the Sony is much better lens than these 2. it is much cheaper than both the Nikon and the Canon 24f1.4, it is sharper than both the Nikon and the Canon. it is much smaller than the both 24f1.4 lenses. so , I highly recommend this lens to all Alpha shooters. by the way, I use it on my A900 and A850.
  • Pros: sharp in all focus range , very well corrected optics, good AF, very small for what it is.
  • Cons: none.
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Overall 10
Design 10
Value for money 10
Performance 10
Reliability 10

A mazing!

AVESTA Saber, Sony
20 October 2010
  • Summary: This lens is an amazing wide angle prime, and with the SSM it can be a great 35mm type of lens on the NEX (has auto-focus now) or similar APC-C type of sensors. I love the fact that it has a auto/manual focus switch on the side, as well as the hold focus button in the middle. If you like the Zeiss lineup, this is a must-have.
  • Pros: Performance, SSM, Weight, Style
  • Cons: NONE
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Overall 10

Excellent lens

Mikethebike, Amazon
19 July 2013
  • Summary: This lens lives up to the name of Zeiss. It is a pleasure to handle and use and produces excellent clear photos.
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Overall 10


Joerg Lothmann "JLothmann", Amazon
16 April 2013
  • Summary: Crystal clear pictures, vibrant colours, a beautiful lens. Highly recommended. Contrast is sharp and it fitted the A77 with no adjustments required.
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Overall 10

A must have Sony lens

Mr. William Hughes, Amazon
12 February 2012
  • Summary: Ordered from Camera Outlets via Amazon at a great price. The lens arrived well packaged within a couple of days. Paired with my Sony a77 this lens is excellent - really sharp images and fantastic colours. Being a prime lens you do need to move around a little more than with a zoom to frame the shot but the results are worth it. Fantastic lens.
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Overall 10

User Review

14 May 2012
  • Excerpt: На момент написания отзыва из числа широкоугольных фикс объективов для Sony, продающихся в Москве на первичном рынке, на мой взгляд, это единственный достойный объектив.
  • Pros: Отличный фикс. Нужен был широкоугольный объектив с максимально лучшими качествами. Сравнил все широкоугольные объективы, в том числе и зумы. Могу сказать, что близко по качеству только Цейс 24-70, только он дороже и тяжелее. Но, на мой взляд фикс 24 лучше. Максимально лучший объектив из тех, что есть на данный момент на рынке новых объективов. Хорош для архитектуры, пейзажей, не говоря уже о снимках своих близких на фоне достопримечательностей всяких в поездках. Велик...
  • Cons: Объектив очень хорош, даже великолепен. Цена всё-таки дороговата, но это даже не недостаток а адекватная стоимость. Вес большеват, но при таком качестве вполне адекватен. Моя зеркалка Пентакс К-5. (Сони купил для жены) Для Пентакса один из объективов лим 15 широкоугольник. Он гораздо легче и компактнее, (да и дешевле) но по резкости и "картинке" уступает Сони Цейсу 24 (Возникает желание отобрать и снимать самому)
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