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8.8 out of 10

Sony SAL-135F28

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Reviews and Problems with Sony SAL-135F28

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The King of the Bokeh!

AnonUser, Sony
28 July 2013
  • Summary: This lens is the only reason to go with A-mount! The bokeh is extremely creamy and smooth. I guess they used 'smooth' in the name for a reason. It does take some practice to get the best out of the lens and the bokeh is best when used at 2.8 (4.5 effect) but when all the ducks are in a row and you've nailed the shot, you could find yourself staring at the photo all day long :-) I wouldn't have been able to use the lens without focus peaking function in a camera body.
  • Pros: Fantastic bokeh
  • Cons: Manual focus if no focus peaking help
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Overall 10

Superb lens for flower

N.C., B&H Photo
24 May 2013
  • Excerpt: On my A850: Sharpness: Sony 135mm STF is sharper and with better contrast than my Minolta 135mm AF f/2.8 and Minolta 80-200 f/2.8 APO when it is accurately focused. Only my Sony 135mm f/1.8 gives higher resolution than the Sony 135mm STF. Bokeh: Sony 135mm STF show much smoother bokeh than the Sony 135mm f/1.8 when the subject has a closed and busy backgound.
  • Pros: Durable, Nice Bokeh, Rugged, Strong Construction
  • Cons: Poor in Low Light
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Overall 10

A lens for superb bokeh!

Ken, B&H Photo
24 March 2013
  • Excerpt: This lens is truly one-of-a-kind! I use this for portraits and nature (wildflowers, blossoms, etc). It's 135mm range is made for full frame on my a850, but it is just as suitable on my a700. The bokeh that is produced is creamy and delightful creating unique perspectives. The manual focus characterisitcs of the lens allow you to get the focus perspective you desire and the lens is real sharp on the in-focus subjects.
  • Pros: Nice Bokeh, Rugged, Solid, Strong Construction, Unique effects
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Overall 10

The ultimate "cream machine"

Alec, Amazon
4 March 2013
  • Summary: I had been reading about this lens for years, I just had to have it! If you have read the articles and seen the pictures posted all over the place, you either know you want this lens, or you don't. If you do (and you know who you are), it is everything you dreamed it was. There is simply no lens ever made that is better for pretty flower pictures and bright light still portraits. But let's be honest-- this is a difficult lens to use. It needs a lot of light.
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Overall 10

SAL135F28[T4.5] STF "Bokeh Monster"

Amazon Customer, Amazon
21 February 2013
  • Summary: Excellent prime lens, perfect circular and creamy bokeh, sharp, great image quality. All metal body and crystal glasses. It is a little heavy but you can feel the quality. Is a very specialized and unique lens, only manual focus but you can use the Peaking Level and Focus Magnifier functions to make focus easy; check your Alpha camera handbook. If you are a only "auto-focus" person this great lens is not for you.
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Sony 135mm f/2.8 (T4.5) STF SAL-135F28 review by DonnyTam

DonnyTam, slrgear.com
26 November 2012
  • Summary: amazing Bokeh rendering. a bit tough to use on APSC camera. work like charm when pair with A99 with Peak Focus.
  • Pros: Uniquely smooth Bokeh, dual aperture control.
  • Cons: T4.5.. less light fall on sensor, the hood doesn't locked properly.
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Overall 10

Awesomely Unique

thewizardus, Ebay
3 April 2012
  • Summary: It will be an understatement to say that this lens produces an impressively smooth bokeh. Be it foreground or background, this lens does the job, and so well that there is no other lens I’m aware of to match it from any brand. And while this is the king of bokeh, it is worth pointing out that it is also one of the sharpest lenses around and that involves a corner to corner sharpness.
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Overall 10

Great, Underappreciated Lens But Not for Casual Photographers

robertsmx, Amazon
12 March 2012
  • Summary: Sony 135mm/f2.8[T4/5] is one of the great but underappreciated lenses in the market. Part of that may be due to Sony's lack of marketing initiatives and a part of it the price tag. But, to a greater part, it may also be usability challenges as this is not a lens for the casual photographer (see below). Build Quality: Superb.
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Overall 10

AMAZING LENS!!! BOKEH like nothing else!

MOB81, B&H Photo
15 May 2011
  • Excerpt: For Product Photography, Portrait and still life this lens is amazingly sharp and has THE BEST Bokeh EVER. Use it with Full frame or 35mm Film and you'll treat yourself with one of a kind lens. some how Easy to focus on a 35mm film due to the bright viewfinder. However, No focus confirmation of any kind!! I found this is the only problem with it. But doesn't bother me.
  • Pros: Durable, Nice Bokeh, Sharp, Strong Construction
  • Cons: No focus confirmation, not fast enough
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Overall 10

The Bokeh Machine

Wayne, B&H Photo
7 July 2008
  • Excerpt: If you like bokeh this is the lens for you the down side is its not as useful (no autofocus)as the CZ135mm if you can afford only one high end 135mm prime the CZ135mm maybe the way to go. The build quality is excellent, a lens that will last forever if not abused. This is the bokeh lens that is unparalled by any lens by any brand. Its in a class by its self. If bokeh is something you care about its THE lens to have.
  • Pros: Durable, Rugged, Sharp Focus
  • Cons: No autofocus
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