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Samsung 45mm f1.8 i-function

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Reviews and Problems with Samsung 45mm f1.8 i-function

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Samsung 45mm f/1.8 NX review by Timmi

Timmi, slrgear.com
1 November 2014
  • Summary: A camera cannot be better than the lens that is on it, no matter how good or expensive the body is. And the Samsung 45mm lens yields images that are sharp and pretty darn close to perfect. It is among the best consumer lenses out there. It is not to be confused with the other 45mm lens produced, the 2d/3d. This is the "normal" lens. It focuses very well, images are very sharp. Auto-fucus works flawlessly.
  • Pros: Light, good build, very sharp, very practical view angle for general photography
  • Cons: manual focus by wire: no tactile feedback, no indication of where you are (if past target and reached closest or infinity)
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Overall 10

In Love

April, B&H Photo
7 May 2014
  • Excerpt: As the headline states I am in love with this lens. It takes beautiful photos even in low light situations. The bokeh is quite nice as well. Much better than the kit lens. I was almost ready to throw in the towel and sell my camera thinking either it was just not capable of taking clear photos or that I myself was to blame. Nope it was just a matter of getting the right lens. So worth the investment.
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Overall 10

This lens makes the NX2000 turn heads!

RioRosso, B&H Photo
26 March 2014
  • Excerpt: This is hands-down my go-to lens, and I keep it wide open at f/1.8 most of the time. The color saturation, sharpness, and ability to capture fairly wiggly (e.g. pets) objects in low light via handheld grip is impressive. Since I started using this lens, my two variable aperture stock lenses pretty much never see any use.
  • Pros: Consistent Output, Durable, Nice Bokeh, Strong Construction
  • Cons: Slow Focus
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Overall 10

Super Portrait Lens

ace1a, B&H Photo
5 February 2014
  • Excerpt: Super Sharp Lens from F2.0 onwards, Great prime and great colors, the I-fn button is great, this lens is definitely worth the money!
  • Pros: Reliable
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Overall 10

Love this lens!

Robinssong, B&H Photo
28 December 2013
  • Excerpt: I took this lens with me for a photography club outing in a small city and thought I would only use it briefly...well I didn't take it off the whole day! Loved what I saw immediately! Great for city outings and low light areas. I used at at the aquarium and was surprised how nice some of the photos came out with moving fish in low light situations. I used it on a Samsung NX1000. For the photos the ISO was 800, f/1.8 and Shutter 1/125s.
  • Pros: Easy To Use, Lightweight, Reliable
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Samsung 45mm f/1.8 NX review by arn

arn, slrgear.com
22 December 2013
  • Summary: Sharp, great bokéh due to the rounded aperture blades. AF is accurate. Better than the Canon /1.8II in sharpness and (especially) AF accuracy.
  • Pros: sharp, great bokéh, light
  • Cons: can't think of any
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Overall 10

otimo vendedor

caionavesbr, Ebay
30 October 2013
  • Summary: otimo produto, melhor compra q ja fiz no ebay. o produto chegou rapido no brasil. o vendedor pos o valor mais baixo na nota fiscal e tive que pagar pouco (imposto) para retirar dos correios.falando nisso muito obrigado a voce (102_store). 102_store é nota 1000.
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  • See Product at eBay ($279.00)
Overall 10

Awesome lens

Thecure69, B&H Photo
29 August 2013
  • Excerpt: The range of aperature gave me great pictures. The lens is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Lightweight, Reliable
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Overall 10

Superb Lens, must have!

Roygiggs, B&H Photo
24 August 2013
  • Excerpt: bought this lens after i had the kit 18-55 and 55-200. The 45mm serves a totally different function, used it for simple macro and also for portraiture and the effect exceeded my expectations! Portrait comes out distinct admist the smooth soft bokeh background.Lens quality is good as well, and the ifunction button adds a plesant bonus to the functionality of the lens.
  • Pros: Compact, Great Image, Lightweight, Nice bokeh
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Overall 10

Very Nice lens

Mr. Den, Adorama
11 August 2013
  • Excerpt: This is somewhat of a departure for me as I go back to the manual focus SLR days where lens were made of brass not plastic. Back to the present I want as light a piece of kit as I can get but with the caveat that it must be optically excellent. So the lens in question the Samsung 45 f 1.8 is light and produces stellar images. The focus is quick on my NX300 and accurate. Getting the hang of touch focus and maybe it is OK.
  • Pros: Lightweight
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