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Nikon AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D

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Reviews and Problems with Nikon AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D

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Nikon AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D Lens Review

SLR Lens and Camera Reviews
6 June 2009
  • Summary: When compared to all other ultra to moderately wide angle lenses (18mm to 28mm) based on the overall performance, Nikon's AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 does not quite stack up. The lens shows weak border performance at wide apertures on both full frame as well as APS-C type cameras and falls prone to pretty much all possible artifacts - vignetting, distortion, flare, aperture ghosting, you name it.
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Nikon 20mm f/2.8D AF Lens

The Digital Picture
22 January 2009
  • Excerpt: While I hope to create a full Nikon 20mm f/2.8D AF Lens evaluation, my first priority is to include results from this lens in the lens comparison tools. This page currently exists because it is required by the database and content management systems for the posting of those standard test results.
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Expert Review

21 January 2009
  • Excerpt: There isn't a whole lot to say about a fixed 20 lens. It is sharp, contrasty, and a bit fragile. All of Nikon's "very wide" lenses have "close-range correction" (CRC). This is a "floating element" that moves relative to the other pieces of glass inside the lens as you focus. Most lenses just move a whole rack of optics in and out as you focus. They are optimized for subjects 3 meters away but perform adequately at infinity or close-up.
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Lens Test: Nikon 20mm f/2.8D AF

Pop Photo
19 October 2008
  • Excerpt: What you should know : If any optic in Nikon's extensive lens line can be called a standard ultrawide, it's the long-running 20mm f/2.8D AF Nikkor. Covering an impressive 94- degree angle, it's also pleasantly compact and fast enough for available-light shooting. We were surprised we hadn't already tested it, so here it is.
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AF 20 mm f/2.8D

22 February 2011
  • Conclusion: This summary will be exceptionally short. A very unfavourable pros to cons ratio in the case of a lens with the price tag of 520 $ should definitely put us off the purchase very effectively. As a consolation for the Nikon fans we can add that the Canon aficionados don’t have it easier either. By the way the lack of good 20 mm devices is an interesting phenomenon.
  • Cons: weak image quality on the edge of the frame,, high chromatic aberration,, noticeable distortion,, visible coma,, high vignetting,, steep price.
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Overall 6
Value for money 5
Overall quality 5
Build quality 7

Nikkor AF 20mm f/2.8 D - Review / Test Report

31 October 2008
  • Conclusion: The Nikkor AF 20mm f/2.8 D had a very good reputation during the film era but the D200 didn't really like the lens. The resolution is fine for most of the APS-C image frame but the extreme corners never really reach impressive results even at medium aperture settings. Vignetting is fairly high at f/2.8 and CAs are pretty bad. All-in-all you may prefer to look elsewhere to cover this focal length on an APS-C DSLR.
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Expert Review

10 April 2005
  • Summary: Te podsumowanie będzie wyjątkowo krótkie. Niekorzystny stosunek ilości zalet do wad, w obiektywie kosztującym 2000 zł, powinien skutecznie zniechęcić nas do jego zakupu. Na pocieszenie nikoniarzom powiemy, że canonierzy nie mają wcale lepiej. Swoją drogą ciekawa jest ta pustka dobrych szkieł w klasie 20 mm.
  • Pros: bardzo dobra jakość obrazu w centrum kadru,, dobrze korygowany astygmatyzm,, poprawna praca pod ostre światło,, brak jakichkolwiek zastrzeżeń do pracy autofokusa,, kompaktowa, a jednocześnie dość solidna obudowa.
  • Cons: słaba jakość obrazu na brzegu kadru,, duża aberracja chromatyczna,, zauważalna dystorsja,, widoczna koma,, duże winietowanie, wygórowana cena.
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