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8.4 out of 10

Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM

With a large maximum aperture of f/1.2, this is the fastest 85mm Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM

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Overall 10

Fast. Sharp. Perfect.

Jane alexander "Jan the bug", Amazon
8 July 2014
  • Summary: I love this lens but boy howdy is it HEAVY. I just sold my Mark III due to its massive bulk, I traded down to a 6D, but when I add this lens I need two hands to navigate it. But...and this is why I bought it, we are talking SHARP.. We are talking FAST. I basically do available light shots, I almost never use flash and this lens is perfect for that.
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Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM review by lextalionis

lextalionis, slrgear.com
29 February 2008
  • Summary: Perfect lens in every way! This AF does seem a little slower but it doesn't bother me. Here's a nice set of photos taken with the EOS 1D MkIII: Sample Photos -Lex
  • Pros: Sharpness at 1.2 is great! At 2.2 it's unbelievable! Bokeh is dreamy!
  • Cons: AF seem a little slower from other L lenses
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Overall 10

9.6 out of 10 on user review site, way fast lens f1.2 & L quality

Chuck Bittner "Disabled comedian & gamer!", Amazon
11 December 2007
  • Summary: Pros: tack sharp,incredible bokeh,low light ability Cons: none so far given the upside of the lens Pros: Fabulous image quality, clarity and color rendition. Smooth OOF areas a.k.a. Bokeh Big, manual focus only works with shutter button partially depressed Pros: Fabulous bokeh, contrasts, and color. Pulls in the light.
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Overall 10

Best Prime!

Christian Bouchez "VIP", Amazon
11 December 2007
  • Summary: Best lens I have! I have a few prime lenses and this is very sharp. Very heavy but that is not a n issue for me focusing is kind of slow but I use it for portraits so is not an issue. Can't go wrong. V2 is faster but more expensive. Can't go wrong with it.
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Overall 10

Amazing optics

H. Swanson, Amazon
11 December 2007
  • Summary: I can't explain how much I adore this lens, and how worth the money it was. I own a 13 year old copy that still looks and functions like new. That's really saying something about the build quality of this lens. I you invest in this lens not only will you be taking your photography to a whole new level, but you will have a lens that will last you your whole career. The optics you'll see from this lens are just outstanding, something I can't get from any other.
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Overall 10

Why is this lens so expensive?

Abdulrahman Aljabri, Amazon
11 December 2007
  • Summary: I bet if you are considering buying the 85mm 1.8 you came across this lens and thought to yourself why is the 85mm 1.2 so much more expensive? Is it sharper? Is it that much better? Not necessarily. This is a specialty lens, and that's one reason I don't own it (I also can't afford it, lol). Photographers who buy it are aiming for a specific look that's created with 1.2 aperture.
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Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM review by mebailey

mebailey, slrgear.com
14 December 2006
  • Summary: This is my favorite Canon lens. It is a pleasure to use and gives outstanding results. It looks like a little Hubble telescope from the front (it gathers light like one too). Its alittle long for group photography unless you have alot of room. Each time I remove it from the camera I set the manual focus to infinity so the rear element will retract maximally to lessen chance of scratching it when I mount it again.
  • Pros: The best portrait lens in the Canon arsenal. Dreamy bokeh. Very sharp even wide open.
  • Cons: Heavy, slow focusing (MarkI), rear element easily damaged, awkward manual focus
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Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM review by gadgetguy

gadgetguy, slrgear.com
13 December 2006
  • Summary: This is the ULTIMATE portrait lens, bar none. Af is slow, though (due to the heavy elements) and I hear the "II" version is faster. It produces just about the best bokeh I have ever seen!
  • Pros: f1.2, "L" build and image quality
  • Cons: HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY and slow AF
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Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM review by lord_malone

lord_malone, slrgear.com
20 February 2006
  • Summary: This is a superb lens. Everything good that needed to be said about this lens has been said. Once you've mastered this lens, the priceless photos you'll capture more than justifies its heavy price tag. I would like to use it on a FF body (currrently mounted on a 1.6x crop body) as it gives me a little too much reach in certain situations. Though I said weight was a con (for most), it doesn't bother me in the least bit.
  • Pros: Rock solid L build. Outstanding color, contrast and bokeh.
  • Cons: Heavy chunk of glass. Slight learning curve. Slow to focus esp. in low light.
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Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM review by twereliu

twereliu, slrgear.com
30 December 2005
  • Summary: I am not sure what other poster meant by the light issue. At 1.2 the images are a bit soft, but this is a portrait lens primarily and sharpness isnt that important there, can actually detract, at 2.0 it is very useable, sharp, and still has awesome bokeh. But if you want sharpness stop it down and bit more and it will perform, like wow perform.
  • Pros: Very good Bokeh (Amazing Actuall) and stunning minimum DOF
  • Cons: Heavy, Very Slow focus
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