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8.2 out of 10

HP Chromebook 11

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Great Deal: $279.99

Reviews and Problems with HP Chromebook 11

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HP Chromebook 11 Review

7 August 2014
  • Conclusion: At $279, it’s hard to fault the HP Chromebook 11 too much for what it manages to deliver, but with Google really stepping up its low-cost Chromebook lineup, just being a good-enough machine at that price isn’t going to cut it for much longer. That said, if you’re looking for a second device that essentially replicates what a docked smartphone could offer, but with a little more flexibility with web apps thanks to Chrome OS, this is a great throw-in-the-bag-and-forget-it...
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Overall 8

Expert Review

9 April 2014
  • Conclusion: As it is now, the Chromebook 11, in its LTE and non-LTE versions, remains our favorite latest-gen budget Chromebook, a pleasure to look at and type on. Still, if competition brings machines like the T100T down under $350 (and we know other cheap Bay Trail ultralight laptops are coming), we think the Chromebook brigade will have to find a home closer to $200--and, for the cellular models, offer cheaper data plans—to keep their value propositions vital.
  • Pros: LTE lets this Chromebook connect where there's no Wi-Fi, Fine fit and finish, Impressive IPS screen
  • Cons: No SD card slot or HDMI port, Slightly slower performance than other Chromebooks
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HP Chromebook 11 Is a Laptop With Focus

30 December 2013
  • Excerpt: The Chromebook is a curious beast. The idea of a bare-bones laptop centered around the Google Chrome browser has merit: It could be very efficient at a few key tasks, such as email, web browsing and watching videos. And since it's "powered by the cloud," the machine wouldn't get slowed down by the multiple apps that creep onto our PCs and Macs. However, we already have a device for convenient consumption of media and shooting off quick messages — it's called a tablet.
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HP 11 Chromebook Review

23 December 2013
  • Summary: All in all, I like what HP did with this 11 inch version of the chromebook. I can work around the few shortcomings of this notebook. Keep the number of running tabs in check to alleviate performance and plan for the low battery life. One option would be to get one of those 2.1A, 10K+ mAh power pack battery and take advantage of the micro USB charging port.
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Overall 6

HP Chromebook 11 review: Colorful, but still a budget Chromebook

22 December 2013
  • Summary: A fresh look and comfortable feel make HP’s 11-inch budget Chromebook an appealing bet, especially for households that need a cheap no-frills Web-surfing Google Netbook. If you’re not thinking about productivity, though, you’re better off with a tablet.
  • Pros: The HP Chromebook 11 has a sharp design, comfortable keyboard, bright IPS display, and loud speakers; it also works with Chromecast for living-room media sharing.
  • Cons: Nothing much new under the hood: only 16GB of storage, no SD card slot, and it drops the regular HDMI port that the otherwise similar $250 Samsung Chromebook had. No touch screen. Chromebook still not great as offline-ready device.
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HP Chromebook 11 Review: Sacrifice, If Not Anything Else

29 November 2013
  • Pros: Low cost, Chrome OS remains beautiful, Display bright and very much usable
  • Cons: Touchpad not the best, Speakers are tinny, Performance is lacking, Magnesium chassis prone to fingerprints
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HP Chromebook 11 Review

22 November 2013
  • Conclusion: The HP Chromebook 11 is a mixed bag, and whether it will work for any given user depends ultimately on what their needs are and where they are willing to sacrifice. If you're a business user, there is little incentive to use the Chromebook 11, in that the performance and battery life are both lower than what you'd get from the Acer C720.
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Overall 7
Performance 5
Battery performance 9
Display 8
Weight 9
Noise 10
Gaming performance 5
Connectivity 5
Keyboard 9
Temperature 9

Review HP Chromebook 11

14 November 2013
  • Summary: Affordability and style. No one will accuse HP’s latest Chromebook of neglecting its appearance; as far as plastic devices go, it’s an attractive contender. But at just $279, is it even possible to supply the parts necessary for adequate performance?
  • Pros: Good build quality and impression for a budget machine, Bright IPS screen, Comfortable keyboard, Extremely portable size and weight, Charges using Micro USB (3.0 A), Fast boot and resume times, Completely silent, Great audio for its size, The stylish and solid construction, good keyboard, and bright IPS screen
  • Cons: Nearly all functionality requires an internet connection, Sluggish overall performance due to weak CPU, Tiny (8 GB) local storage, Very warm under load, Chrome OS feels very limited and unfinished, Only apps from the Google Play store are compatible, Faster system performance, cooler operation under load, and a more robust operating system experience
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Overall 8

Expert Review

29 October 2013
  • Conclusion: Were the Chromebook 11 $239 or thereabouts, it would be a shoo-in Editors’ Choice winner. As it is now, it’s a very good specimen of latest-gen Chromebooks, and a pleasure to look at and type on. But it’s currently flying just a bit too close in price to the Microsoft sun. And if competition brings machines like the T100T down under $350, we think the Chromebook brigade will have to find a more comfortable home closer to $200 to keep their value propositions vital.
  • Pros: Rigid, resilient-feeling construction, Firm keyboard, Excellent IPS display
  • Cons: Priced slightly high for an 11-inch Chromebook, No MicroSD slot, Offline mode begs for better in-box documentation
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HP Chromebook 11 review: Sometimes less is more

15 October 2013
  • Summary: Chrome OS still isn’t for everyone, and neither are ARM-based laptops. The HP Chromebook 11 can’t run all the software that you might get with a Windows or Mac laptop. There’s no iTunes, Microsoft Office, or QuickBooks. But there’s always Rdio, Google Drive, and QuickBooks Online if you really need those features. I’m already sold on the idea of using Chrome OS as an operating system for a portable, inexpensive sceondary laptop though.
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