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7.2 out of 10

Asus Eee PC 1015

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Overall 10

Fixed wireless

Stephen C., Newegg
1 week ago
  • Summary: Battery life is great. Quick to boot.
  • Pros: Computer works great now. The home router Dlink N300 is incompatible with this computer using Windows 8.1. It came originally with Windows 8 and the wireless used to work. I can hook up to my hotspot and it's great!!
  • Cons: Stll noisy fan
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Overall 2

Barely Used and Doesn'y Work

Sue Seibs, Amazon
26 June 2014
  • Summary: This laptop is really bad, to put it nicely. It is portable which is nice, however it is REALLY SLOW. I have had it for less than a year and I have only used it a handfull of times because I normally use my home computer. I took it out to use it today and the keyboard does not work. I am dissapointed in myself for not returing this piece of junk when I got it!
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Overall 8

It's exactly what I expected

Amber Casal, Amazon
17 June 2014
  • Summary: All I needed was a laptop to carry around to class and take notes with. This does just that! It lagged a lot in the beginning and I really hated it, but after updating it to Windows 8.1 it seems to work a bit better, it's still a little slow upon start up but for only $200 I wasn't really expecting much. The batter lasts a really long time which is great! I can charge it up over night and it'll last pretty much all day long during school.
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Overall 6

Need a little help

Stephen C., Newegg
26 May 2014
Overall 8

Very touchy

Linda S Porter, Amazon
3 May 2014
  • Summary: It comes with Windows 8.0 and I generally like it a lot. However, it is so TOUCHY. If you don't do everything just right, it whisks you off to another site, which diminishes some of the enjoyment of being online. The 8.0 is not big deal.....easy to get accustomed to; it does not come with any form of word processing software. No Microsoft office, etc........they told me I could use Wordpad, but my grandson installed something better.
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Overall 8

User Review

Russell C., Newegg
17 April 2014
  • Summary: Would of been nice to have a little more ram, but 2gb works if you have swap space installed. Like mentioned above just add SSD and you will have a good Netbook that will last years.
  • Pros: This makes a wonderful Linux netbook, if you need to safe a few dollars just get this version same as the Linux version and hardware is supported. Just put your favorite distro and it will work well.
  • Cons: Comes with Windows big negative as you have to pay the Windows tax, but it was cheap. Bios was not the most current version, but updated works fine.
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Overall 9

Asus EEE PC 1015PEM

22 March 2014
  • Excerpt: I have this Asus EEE PC laptop with me for just around 6 months, but one thing I can say is that I can be with it forever. With its different features and the advantages it gives me really makes me a satisfied owner of this laptop. I had a different laptop before, but when it broke, I had to buy another one. I chose this new EEE PC 1015PEM because of different reasons. First was its size and weight.
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Overall 2

Apparent Keyboard Failure

Korrigan, Amazon
13 February 2014
  • Summary: I wanted to like this computer and I did for just about a month before the keyboard failed. Since it's a column of keys I'm guessing it's the keyboard matrix that has failed. It has all the hallmarks of a hardware failure since an external USB keyboard works fine. I really did like this computer once I got used to the funky touchpad mouse. I also put a fair amount of time into getting it all configured just right. I'm hoping Amazon will issue a full refund.
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Overall 4

Not what it says

Artur A., Newegg
10 February 2014
  • Summary: Buying this was my first negative experience in over a few dozen newegg orders. This product says it is a touchscreen tablet pc... What I got was just your standard Asus netbook, not a tablet pc or even a touchscreen. I asked newegg what happened and they could not even tell me if it is labeled wrong on their website or if i received the wrong thing by accident.
  • Pros: None, read other thoughts.
  • Cons: Did not get what I ordered.
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Overall 2

Cheap construction

potameid, Amazon
8 February 2014
  • Summary: Bought this for organizing photos on a 3-week trip. Within a week the SD slot stopped ejecting SD cards. Also this computer is so weak it can't play movies in iTunes because there isn't enough memory to keep up with both sound and video. (You end up with a lag and movies become unwatchable within about 20 minutes) Except for these two issues it has worked OK, but given what I bought the computer for, I find the first issue is bad enough to make the computer unacceptable.
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