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Apple MagSafe 45W Power Adapter for MacBook Air (MC747)
6.9 out of 10

Apple MagSafe 45W Power Adapter for MacBook Air (MC747)

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Reviews and Problems with Apple MagSafe 45W Power Adapter for MacBook Air (MC747)

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Good and Bad

Susan K, Apple Store
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: There are things I love about this adapter, the design, the engineering, the flexible cord, the magnetic attachment but I don't understand why they don't have better cord protection, it seems so practical and obvious. It reminds me of the nursery rhyme….
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All the bad reviews lol

Myko B, Apple Store
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: SMH at all of the bad reviews. I have no idea what y'all are doing to these plugs if they wear out in a year. I have a 13" Macbook Air from 2010. I have used the same 45W MagSafe Power Adapter since. (It is September 21, 2015 btw).
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Worked great when new.

Brian A, Apple Store
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: Started out fantastic, eventually started burning up during use, then quit all together. Love the innovation and ease of use, but really need longer lasting product. Paid a lot anticipating long life, but three years and finished. Any cheap electronic company could have matched that.
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Let's be honest

jkr, B&H Photo
7 September 2015
  • Excerpt: You're here for the same reason I am - our frail, overpriced ac adapters either broke, frayed or no longer charge. Probably after less than a few years. Apple computers are great. Their chargers are junk. They know it - check out the reviews on Apple's own site - and we know it.
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Cord Frays

Christopher M, Apple Store
25 August 2015
  • Summary: Agree with numerous other reviews, The cord frays and gives up on these power adaptors far too quickly. Anyone know if the 3rd party versions last any better?
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What a SHAM!

Lisa G, Apple Store
24 July 2015
  • Summary: The charging cord is the worst piece of junk that Apple sells. There needs to be another class action like for the T-connection cord - this one is doing the same thing - Apple only changed the shape. I bought my Air in 2011.
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Major Issues

Kaelyn F, Apple Store
24 July 2015
  • Summary: I bought my 13 in MacBook Air in August of last year (senior year of high school) to go ahead and get used to it before going to college. It worked fine for about two months and I was absolutely in love with it. Then I realized it was one of my worst choices of how I could've spent my money!
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Weak power cord frays and costly to replace so frequently

Carrie H, Apple Store
15 July 2015
  • Summary: Apple is choking its faithful customers, roping you in with a great computer but leaving you with no juice to run it on because the power cord frays way too soon. It's a deal with strings attached: you have to repeatedly buy expensive replacements because they're poorly made in the first place.
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3rd or 4th ac adapter since 2010

Steven S, Apple Store
8 July 2015
  • Summary: It's a great revenue stream for Apple. Frail with 1 year+ life expectancy. Just manages to outlive the warranty each time. Garbage and we're stuck with it.
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I believe Apple intended for the product to be called 45W piece of garbage

Micah W, Apple Store
7 July 2015
  • Summary: Have had 2 in 3 year span. rubber wears off and they stop charging at a little over a year.
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