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Linkskey LKU-S02ASK
4.7 out of 10

Linkskey LKU-S02ASK

Linkskey LKU-S02ASK Linkskey LKU-S02ASK is a 2-port slim Read more

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Overall 2


Senad G., Newegg
2 January 2015
  • Summary: If you are looking for USB KVM switch im afraid that its really hard to find the one that works as they all seem to want to reload drivers every time you use it. I suggest looking into older technology (PS2) switch that doesnt require drivers.
  • Pros: Easy to hook up as with any KVM Switch
  • Cons: Worked good for about a month then kept reloading drivers and many times not working.
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Overall 10

Simply great.

Jeff B., Newegg
13 May 2014
  • Summary: I have this between an Ubuntu (12.04) and Windows 7 Machine hooked to a 32" TV. No issues what so ever. No degredation in audio or video quality. Easy , cheap and reliable.
  • Pros: VERY easy to hook up and use. Audio and Mic support. Plug and Play.
  • Cons: N/A
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Overall 10

Works with my G500

MARK B., Newegg
9 April 2014
  • Summary: I've tried a few of the consumer level KVMs and been disappointed in that they either didn't work with my Logitech G500, or caused issues with lag or accuracy. This unit worked from the first plug-in, and I haven't been able to detect any difference in the performance of the mouse.
  • Pros: Price, small form factor, quality cables, solid construction, works with Logitech high speed USB mouse.
  • Cons: Small form factor + cable spider layout means its hard to find a good spot for it.
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Overall 10


Timothy L., Newegg
14 September 2013
  • Summary: I did have to reboot the Macbook after hooking it through the KVM for it to see the resolution of the monitor beyond it.
  • Pros: This does exactly what I needed it to. I'm using it to control a Macbook Pro and Windows 8 desktop with one keyboard, mouse and monitor. I switch back and forth depending on task and it just works. No issues to speak of.
  • Cons: None.
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Overall 10

Handy device

Anthony C., Newegg
29 July 2013
  • Summary: I was moved to write this review when, for the first time since I installed it, it stopped working on both PCs (Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium and Ultimate). I strongly suspect I caused it by attempting to set up a new Power scheme on the PC running WMC.
  • Pros: Small, able to use wireless keyboard/mouse combo (Logitech MK520 in my case), leaving the second USB port free. I plugged in the IR receiver for my MCE remote, which actually goes through a USB extension cable. Now I can use the remote for Windows Media Center and for apps like MPC-HC on the othe...
  • Cons: Some people may not like the VGA connection on the side. It's a non-issue for me, as I don't use it. Got it strictly for the USB functionality. It's not terribly stable, what with those big ol' cables hanging off it, but as noted, it can be hidden and still function. So the stability factor is al...
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Overall 10

Overall a great device to have

Kesha R., Newegg
27 February 2013
  • Summary: It would be nice to the device to be slightly bigger to all the cables one side.
  • Pros: I like that I have both my personal PC and work PC with sound and can use a mic if I needed or want to. Everything works great. Both PC is to recognize my Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard and mouse without any issues. Sound works great! I had a "cheap" VGA switch that I had gotten free, but it was no...
  • Cons: The size of it small, but it does not stop it from doing it's job (so far). It does have cables on all four sides of the switch and trying to play it in a "normal" position is little to none. I've seen some reviews on it that it does look like a spider. Lol. And it does but it's on top of my pers...
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Overall 10

5 EGGS! Very satisfied.

Anonymous, Newegg
19 April 2012
  • Summary: Audio, and Video cable are about 3 feet long. Works using a wireless mouse / keyboard that share a USB receiver. I going to order a spare. I hope you found this review helpful.
  • Pros: It works flawlessly. Seems to be quality construction. The included cables are quality too. Supports up to 2048 x 1536 resolution. Option of listening to one computer while viewing other. Switches very quickly, as long as the computer you're switching to isn't asleep. No problems waking the sleep...
  • Cons: Included Software CD is outdated. Download Current Software Rev.2.44 from LinksKey www.linkskey.com/download.php?productid=188 Other than than. None.
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Overall 8

good enough for work and web

Anonymous, Newegg
21 March 2012
  • Summary: I use KVMs daily for office and home. This brand has held up for me at least as other models I have tried at this price (tried DL_nk, IOm_ga, Trendn_t). It offers few bells, it switches, it works on Linux. I keep buying this linkskey model, cause it works well (until it finally pukes).
  • Pros: its 20 bucks. it works. this model consistently work for me for a couple of years of constant and daily use. works well on my VGA setups. I will likely buy another, again.
  • Cons: these things do fail, with constant usage. I tend to burn up and replace one of these every few years. usually one of the two usb ports will completely and permanently fail to register an IO device. I have not bothered to crack one open to learn what is failing. for 20 bucks / 2 years, I don't mu...
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Overall 6

OK unless Win 7 sleeps

Gary B., Newegg
25 February 2012
  • Summary: Considering the price point, I think it is still a pretty good buy.
  • Pros: The switch pretty much works as advertised allowing switching between two computers and one monitor. Both soft and hard switches are available.
  • Cons: I use with Windows 7 and XP and when Win 7 is allowed to sleep and wake the KVM switch is not recognized by Windows 7. I must then unplug the KVM switch so that it is not powered and then plug it back in again. Kind of a pain and still looking for a solution.
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Overall 6

Decent, but POOR audio

Autumn, Newegg
4 September 2011
  • Summary: It's been worth it for a while, but I need to upgrade. Moving audio cables around every time has nullified this guy's purpose.
  • Pros: -Pretty-quick at switching -Cheap -Tiny -Easy to use
  • Cons: -Audio is terrible. It sounded bad wen I got it, and has only gotten worse. The humming and crackling has made it unusable. -Cords come out of every side--annoying. -Sometimes need to switch back and forth a few times for usb to register (but this could be Windows' fault)
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