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Linkskey LDV-DM202AUSK

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Overall 2

Save your money!!!

Paul M., Newegg
10 June 2014
  • Summary: Like many others have stated, the only way was to reboot, which means lost work if you were in the middle of something. AND, if I really wanted to waste time rebooting, I could just swap cables when I wanted to use the other computer. I was really looking forward to being able to free up desktop space by removing 2 of my 4 monitors. I should have spent the extra and purchased the IOGear.
  • Pros: The pros would be: nice small footprint and cheap price; however, since the device does not work, those really can't be pros. Bottom line, there are none!
  • Cons: You get what you pay for. Second channel would not display or wake up the monitors.
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Overall 8

Worth the money!

Tyson B., Newegg
13 March 2014
  • Summary: Others have complained about the device not working. It is somewhat temperamental. If you boot a computer and it does not have control of the monitors during the boot process there will be issues with only being able to view one monitor. If you boot the computer and allow it to have control of the monitors until it is fully booted you can switch back and forth and there is no issues. It took me a little bit to figure this out and was frustrating.
  • Pros: This is great for hooking up two separate towers using a single set of dual monitors, a mouse, a keyboard, and speakers.
  • Cons: See other thoughts. They're not really cons just some issues I came across that need some understanding when considering the product.
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Overall 4

Fails at switching

Paul P., Newegg
10 October 2013
  • Summary: This had the potential to be a really great product, but it has given me one disappointment after another from day 1. Very sad.
  • Pros: Solid case, professional look. Lots of features including switching audio independently of the video and input. Came with high quality cables
  • Cons: It came with DVI-I cables, which are not compatible with any of my devices, so I had to purchase another $40 worth of adapters.
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Overall 2

Does not work with two 1680x1050 monitors

Brandon K., Newegg
21 September 2013
  • Summary: First monitor worked fine through this KVM switch, but second flashed on an off repeatedly. While on, second monitor displayed a smattering of green pixels across the desktop. I tried a couple different DVI cables, same behavior. Monitors both work fine when connected directly to the PC.
  • Pros: Cheapest dual-DVI switch on the market.
  • Cons: You get what you pay for.
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Overall 4

bad product

Bart A., Newegg
20 September 2013
  • Summary: Can't get a response from customer service via email. I sent in a RMA request and waiting for a response. I will probably have to call but don't see much progress with that either. KVM switches aren't cheap either.
  • Pros: Nice product when it works! Allows you to connect to two monitors per computer when it works right. I bought 4 of these KVM's and only 1 seems to be working correctly.
  • Cons: computer would lose video signal after a couple hours and it would have to be restarted to regain video. Connected KVM to another computer with same problem but it seems to work fine with HP computers for some reason.
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Overall 8

Works great

Reid B., Newegg
26 July 2013
  • Summary: Setup:
  • Pros: Works as I hoped. Some reviews had me worried but I am running a 27" and 22" with Razer keyboard and mouse from a Win 7 x64 and OS X machine with only very minor issues so far. Win 7 machine is a gaming PC and performance of the keyboard and mouse was important. So far, I have only had a very minor issue mention in the cons.
  • Cons: Green LED for the last device continues to blink when both devices are turned off. Support recommended plugging both computers and KVM power into a power strip and turning it off to kill the power which is bandaid to a design problem. The device should have a power toggle or a way to turn of the LEDs after X amount of time.
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Overall 10

Excellent KVM

Steve G., Newegg
11 April 2013
  • Summary: Would be nice if I could have both audio channels play at the same time. Listen to music from my personal machine and still hear notification beeps etc. from my work PC. I could always just not hook up the audio from the work laptop and control it independently but the KVM switch is too much fun. At this point only reliability would be my concern as I have seen some hit and miss reviews on Linkskey KVM's.
  • Pros: Dual monitors, USB and sound sharing. Many handy hotkey features. Compact w/ steel housing.
  • Cons: none.
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Overall 6

Works - mostly

James B., Newegg
28 November 2012
  • Summary: Overall, I gave this a three star rating because it *does* give me the ability to work with two computers with a KVM switch. However, the quirks make it a bit of a pain sometimes.
  • Pros: No problems to set up, has connected to everything fine, easy to switch between computers.
  • Cons: This switch has a number of odd issues. The first that I have noted is that in order to pull a signal from a given PC, you must first hit the switch button for that unit. If you turn on the PC, then try to switch over, it will not get any signal.
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Overall 10


Anonymous, Newegg
27 November 2012
  • Summary: Overall very pleased, especially given how affordable it is. This is a plug-n-play KVM that works great.
  • Pros: This thing works great. The metal housing gives it a sturdy feel. The switching buttons seem durable, though I rarely use them. I was a little worried that my wireless Logitech USB keyboard & mouse wouldn't work great, but this KVM handled it fine. The USB printer and audio channels work fine too.
  • Cons: It can drop the first key press after boot up, but I'm used to it now when logging in. Small nit.
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Overall 10

Works well for Mac/PC setup

Jason H., Newegg
6 July 2011
  • Pros: Works out of box, no software install required. Easy to set-up. I am switching btwn a WinXP box and a Mac Mini 10.6 OS. My USB hub/audio/mouse/keyboard switch flawlessly btwn Mac and PC. Can configure your keyboard to switch instead of the KVM hardware buttons very easily (again with no software to install).
  • Cons: The cables included have 2 male pins above the flat part of the DVI cable interface. DVI Mac require NO pins above the flat part of the DVI cable interface. So you can either remove the two pins or buy/find correct versions. If you are switching btwn two PC boxes, I imagine it is fine. I wouldn't fault Linkskey here however, unless you expect them to ship multiple cable variations and/or raise the price.
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