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Saitek Eclipse
6.5 out of 10

Saitek Eclipse

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Overall 8

Great keyboard that you can't get anymore

Matthew A., Newegg
12 April 2015
  • Summary: Don't bother with the knock offs. It's form not quality they seem.
  • Pros: This keyboard has lasted for almost a decade; and is still going strong. The only thing that has broken is one of the kickstands, but some superglue can fix that. Backlight still is going fairly strong. All the function keys is still work. No keys have faded, and this keyboard has seen regular us...
  • Cons: It's not mechanical, which for gamers is a con. So I knocked an egg purely just for that. The only other con is that the backlighting doesn't go through the keys, the letters are solid and don't allow the glow through. So even though backlit, the keys can be hard to see at night compared to other...
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Overall 10

perfect replacement for my eclipse

arthur b., Newegg
3 January 2013
  • Pros: after 8 yrs of using my "eclipse" in my mancave for gaming mostly, my keyboard drawer screws came out and it fell last week .the spacebar went then a few other keys after that . i dont know how many beers i spilled into the keys but it was more than 10 over the years ,and it always kept working f...
  • Cons: none i love the light color options and its real easy to switch and dim
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Overall 2

A poor quality keyboard with many faults.

John I., Newegg
31 December 2012
  • Summary: Avoid it, consider yourself warned.
  • Pros: It lasted a bit over a year, through ample use of superglue.
  • Cons: The keyboard is downright flimsy, cheap plastic connections that break under any real use with ease, the superglue I used for some odd 40 repairs actually improved the durability beyond the original design. The plastic connectors under the keys broke regularly. Expect to pay the keyboard's cost i...
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Overall 10

User Review

Michael F., Newegg
12 December 2012
  • Pros: I've been rockin this keyboard since 2007... still going strong. None of the ink on the keys have worn off as some other reviewers have said.
  • Cons: However its age as shown... the backlights have started to fade (magenta still works :) Also my "L" key has become a bit touchy. I have to press hard to make it work on sometimes. Otherwise fully functional.
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Overall 10

Great Basic Keyboard

Joseph N., Newegg
30 November 2012
  • Summary: This comment is experience from it's first version and the new version are almost the same, except that the volume controls are different from each keyboard. (Wheel vs Button) I've had this keyboard for about 7-8+ years now and it's still in good condition.
  • Pros: This is a comment from Eclipse's very first version and I plan to get one maybe in another year or two +Durable +Stylish +Has everything you'll ever need +Basic (I like basic) +Will last you a long time
  • Cons: -Paint on keys come off over-time -If you have small desk, this might be a problem since they keyboard is quite long (That's what she said!) -Spacebar problems
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Overall 10

3 years....

jeff m., Newegg
4 November 2012
  • Summary: glad the price still isnt almost 100 bucks. hope the quality is the same. i want this next one to last 3 years also.
  • Pros: well, im writing this using that keyboard. the first eclipse. the space bar is giving my an issue, its the spring, some kid beat on it cause his character wasn't jumping. the ink has worn off the gaming keys...a,s,d,c,e....it makes everything so much easier at night, and looks real neato....
  • Cons: it needs a bath after 3 years, wish i had a replacement spacebar spring...when the new one comes i will fix this.
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Overall 10

Fantastic Keyboard

Jeremiah B., Newegg
9 October 2012
  • Summary: Great solid keyboard .
  • Pros: Excellent tactile response. Solid Feel. Retractable palm rest. Color choice to match mouse and/or case.
  • Cons: None.
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Overall 10


TERRY P., Newegg
28 September 2012
  • Summary: I dropped a large 50lb. plaque on it broke 2 keys still works.No other board would have lived through that.I've had friends who spent over a 100 $ on KB's and in 2-3 years they fall apart all the keys still have there letter's visible.It just won't DIE even my friends don't believe it's the same...
  • Pros: This THING has been working for over 3 years ,I've spilt drinks on it too many times to count.Knocked it over on the floor a hundred times and it still works.Even the 3 lights still work.Even the dimmer knob works.It also has a volume control.
  • Cons: As many keyboards as i've been through over the years and this THING still works.All the others don't compare to this.I could have bought 6 of these with the money i've wasted,over the years.
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Overall 10

Reliable since day 1

Eric M., Newegg
5 September 2012
  • Summary: Everything from the keys to the LED's still work fine, and the adjustable wrist rest is a nice touch.
  • Pros: After building my girlfriend a rig, I started with Razer's keyboards. I went through 2 brand new keyboards and two RMA's and still suffered problems. I went back to my old friend Saitek and haven't an issue yet. She's been a heavy gamer and has brutalized it for over a year now and it's just as g...
  • Cons: The coating on one of her keys is starting to come off. Though I'm speculating that is because of her fingernails. Regardless, the coating would come off any keyboard with that much use. Especially since it was on the W key.
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Overall 10


JP, Amazon
2 November 2010
  • Summary: Very satisfied. I do not use the wrist wrest, don't need it and it made it feel cheap.
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