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Razer Anansi

Razer Anansi The Razer Anansi is a gaming keyboard announced Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Razer Anansi

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Overall 4

MMO Kind of, Typing NO!

Jeremey S., Newegg
6 days ago
  • Summary: I expected a phenomenal keyboard considering I absolutely love the wireless Naga mouse. Much is to be desired and I think this keyboard needs a complete redesign....
  • Pros: Lighting seems fine for my tastes. If it were any brighter it may be an issue for me as I don't like playing in a brightly lit room anyways. Honestly, there's not a ton I love about this keyboard.
  • Cons: Keys feel spaced extra far apart compared to other keyboards. You fingers will adjust but that doesn't fix the next issue. I play FFXIV and constantly need to type a quick blurb in the chat window. Unfortunately, I look like a 5 yr old typing as the keyboard consistently misses keystrokes. Not only is typing an issue but during fights like Titan Extreme I've had issues where I attempt to strafe and nothing happens which in turn guarantees my death. Purchased from a mi...
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Overall 4
Design 10
Value for money 6
Ease of use 2
Compatibility 4

Great Hardware, Horrible Software

Dat1Guy, Bestbuy
15 August 2014
  • Summary: Great keyboard, but shortly after installing it the Synapse 2.0 software ( what you use to map the keys and configure the keyboard) became stuck in an...
  • Pros: A lot of shortcut keys
  • Cons: Management Software still doesnt work
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Overall 4

Gaming, Si! Typing, No!

Robert A., Newegg
24 July 2014
  • Summary: I got this keyboard as a gift from a very dear friend after my cat upset a mug of tea in my old keyboard. I've had a Razer Naga mouse for several years and can't say enough that's good about it. I also am a storyteller who tells several stories about the trickster spider, Anansi so I was primed to love this keyboard on several levels. If it were simply a game pad it would have a 5-Egg rating. I am a very serious gamer so the dedicated keys are a serious help.
  • Pros: The programmable gaming keys are excellent, a real boon to any serious gamer. I find the back lighting pleasant: not too bright or too dim and the color adjustment has a broad spectrum and is easy to use. The on-screen programming in the Razer Synapse UI is very simple and intuitive. For gaming I couldn't be happier.
  • Cons: As happy as I am with this keyboard for gaming I absolutely detest it for typing. I find it virtually impossible to find a correct, constant typing pressure. I'm not a super-fast typist but the number of keystrokes that fail to generate a character on my screen would slow down my typing to a snail's pace regardless. Keys will fail to engage and activate their character if pressed lightly or hard and sometimes in between. Capitals seem to have the worst problem which m...
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Overall 4

Not happy whit it

Anonymous, Newegg
27 February 2014
  • Summary: the WASD keys problem fixed by Upgrading the firmwares but it was kind of dissapotion to see a gaming keyboard has such problem. keys start to wear out super fast , and M keys are hard to reach for me ! (i play violin from when i was kid ! so my little finger is long !) the keybaord sceen also is super hard to clean takes time to boot at start, i ahve dualboot and somtimes i need to restart my pc to get to the BIOS overall it looks cool! and im not that dissapointed.
  • Pros: Kyboard font looks awesome (anoyying for my cousin) 7 thumb keys are more useful then you think "M" keys are good if you can reach it volum controls are good
  • Cons: shift key is really hard only 3 backlight brightness level space bar and keys starting to wear out (get bright) after 1 week of use requires 2 USB ports hard to clean and gets dirty easily backlight isnt bright had some wasd keys problem (my char keep running for itself) they say "Designed for gamers" but i dont really think this is usable for games really !
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Overall 4

Returning, and here's why

John W., Newegg
15 November 2013
  • Summary: Note, I did _not_ buy this from Newegg. But I like this site, use it a lot, and actually read reviews here. And so I'm giving back. Okay, lots to follow-up in in a more narrative, expository way. FIRST I need to point out that I use a KVM switch and this keyboard is apparently not really meant for that. NO deduction in opinion based on that -- that's my setup, clearly not the use-case for this item. FWIW -- IOGear, 4-port, DSUB KVM switch.
  • Pros: Neat layout. Pretty lights. Readable keyboard font. A wealth of programmable keys.
  • Cons: Two USB plugs; does not function with my KVM on just one. Needlessly wide. Poor feel on the keys.
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Overall 4

Not so happy

JEFFERY B., Newegg
7 October 2013
  • Summary: I would only reccomend this keyboard if you're a light gamer. I wouldn't call myself an intense gamer, but the keyboard seems to be at the end of it's life after a short 8 months. I purchased this from Best Buy because I didn't want to wait. The price was the same.
  • Pros: Backlights are great and it seemed to be an all around good keyboard.
  • Cons: I do game,and I game a lot. I don't expect a keyboard to last forever, especially if it's not a mechanical. However, this is supposed to be a "gaming" keyboard. The left shift started getting harder to press. After about a week of this it was completely impossible to press. I popped they key off to find that the metal bar that keeps the key balanced had busted off as one of the clips that held the bar to the key had broken. There was no fixing this issue. All I could ...
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Overall 4

Keys suddenly stop working

Kenneth W., Newegg
14 July 2013
  • Summary: They have a good concept here of a multi-macro keyboard. Keys work nicely but don't always work. Not being able to use the windows key or being able to make an underscore=big problem. Razer online support is weak and lacks resolutions to many problems with their products, Customer tech service isn't proactive in finding a solution. I wish I had bought something else.
  • Pros: Programmable Lighted Keys good layout of keys cloud system for saving specifications (Concept needs more development)
  • Cons: Lighted keys are dim at best Razer website is archaic (They just updated it a couple days ago; FINALLY but too late. Proper software is not easily found You're left wondering what software you need to operate this thing KEYs will stop working Windows key stopped and I also can't make an underscore Resetting the keyboard doesn't work properly
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Overall 4

Cannot recommend

Joseph R., Newegg
11 May 2013
  • Summary: If you are interested in Razer keyboards, spend the extra for their Black Widow Extreme. It is what I upgraded to and I am much happier with it. Better functions and a better overall keyboard.
  • Pros: LED lighting is a nice feature, programmable macros are useful
  • Cons: As others have pointed out, this keyboard has issues with keys not working correctly, and specifically the need to press very hard to get them to function. This has happened to mine as well, the "2" key does not work well at all.
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Overall 4

The e key dosnt work

David T., Newegg
11 March 2013
  • Pros: From having it lss than 5 hours whats good about it is that th kys ar nic its asy to read and the colors are cool
  • Cons: The part that isnt so grat is what you ar seeing in my reviw.... the E button BLOWS. you have to push down rally hard on it.... waste of time... should have trusted reviews
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Overall 4

Its not that great

Linda S., Newegg
6 March 2013
  • Summary: If you like it you like it. I didn't. Everything about it felt cheap and small.
  • Pros: probably easy to use if you have average hands to small hands. Has custom color led over 16 billion combinations (if you can even see it)
  • Cons: The keys are too close together, the led's are to dim, modifier thumb keys are the only nice thing about it. I bought this keyboard for 135 bucks cad at a computer store here cause I was impatient and wanted to try it out, good hing too cause I returned it unhappy, got my money back and now going to buy the keyboard I should have bought and be patient about it.
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