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Logitech G510
8.0 out of 10

Logitech G510

Logitech G510 The Logitech G510 is a wireless keyboard that Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Logitech G510

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Overall 4

Keyboard is OK, display is bad.

Joe P., Newegg
17 September 2015
  • Summary: I like the keyboard but I wouldn't buy it again because of the frustration with the display. It's such a handy tool and once it's gone you really miss it. Quality is just to poor especially for the price tag.
  • Pros: Keyboard is good. the G series memory keys are handy. Love the volume wheel. Multi profiles are good and back light display is cool.
  • Cons: Display is horrible.. Started going in and out shortly after I bought it. After 2 years it's almost nonexistent. I have to push almost every button for LCD several times now for it to come on if I'm lucky and then it comes on with broken lines and goes out shortly after.
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Overall 10

Logitech awesome

Zachary P., Newegg
15 August 2015
  • Pros: customize colors numerous keys for macros easy to use / set up LCD screen is helpful for supported games (or clock, cpu info, etc) keys are comfortable to push and quiet extra controls for mic, headphones / speakers, volume, media control
  • Cons: lights don't always turn off when powering down PC (this may be settings in the PC itself w/bios) large sized keyboard (but you want the extra buttons so you should know this)
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Overall 8

Love this Keyboard

Kevin G., Newegg
14 April 2015
  • Pros: The G-Keys are very useful for gaming aspects as well as everyday uses. The ability to change colors also help change the mood you're in.
  • Cons: You can only change the color of the entire keyboard, you can't individually change each key to a different color.
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Overall 2

Mind of its Own

Dustin H., Newegg
7 February 2015
  • Summary: I have bought and used only logitech accessories my entire life, for more then a decade now I have stood behind their products, but this one destroys their image for me. My logitech G15 from 5 years ago works and functions better then this G510, and I have put the G15 through MUCH worse.
  • Pros: Sleek design, great "striking" feel when typing, too many macros to even use, any color back-light you want, mic and headphone jack with mute option, media controls, on paper it's the best keyboard I've ever owned.
  • Cons: It must have shorted out a few weeks ago because it now has a mind of its own. starts typing without any key being pressed, double/triple/quadra inserts on single key presses, and even throws in characters from the other side of the board. surprised I can even write this right now.. logging in wi...
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Overall 6

Not as Bright as shown

Robert K., Newegg
22 April 2014
  • Summary: While happy with how the keyboard performs I would have bought another with better back lights and display.
  • Pros: The keys are nice and crisp, even not being a mechanical keyboard it still works flawlessly.
  • Cons: The back lit keys are really disappointing, the light is not that bright, some of the keys the plastic cover where the light shines though is not even or even over some of the text on the keys. I had expected a much much brighter and better keyboard layout. The display is also not as good as expe...
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Overall 10

Works like a charm

Devin V., Newegg
5 March 2014
  • Summary: Otherwise... PERFECT KEYBOARD (has everything IMHO)
  • Pros: -Macro interface -Media control -Led light customization -Ease of use -Jack inputs (headphone, mic) -Nice keyboard layout for gaming -The screen is kick@ss... some games have updated real time stats for what you're currently playing -Board overall is awesome 5/5
  • Cons: Only a few... -Jack inputs are glitchy and usually cause the keyboard to reboot -Board automatically assumes a different color scheme for downloaded content and setup for the game you're playing -The dang keys... I've gotten some junk in my board by now and can't get it out without using a vacuum...
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Overall 10

A Gaming Keyboard For All Kinds of Gamers

Aaron F., Newegg
22 February 2014
  • Summary: This is a great keyboard for gamers. It's a nice solid build, looks sleek, is highly customizable, and was one of the purchases I've enjoyed the most over the years. I've got this paired with a Logitech G600, and with the two combined, I've not found a single game that I couldn't play exactly the...
  • Pros: - Solid build - Customizable lighting - Customizable profiles - 18 G-keys to play games however you want - Windows key toggle is EXTREMELY useful! - Media key setup is fantastic - Headphone and mic jack are nice, but admittedly not necessarily useful - Logitech Gaming Software is easy to set up a...
  • Cons: - Slight color mismatch with similar products (explained in Other Thoughts)
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Overall 8

Decent Keyboard

Shawn E., Newegg
17 February 2014
  • Summary: I am reviewing this keyboard after 1.2 years of use. The keyboard has been a great investment thus far. I have no real complaints about it other then little things, like the palm rest locking tabs are cheap and broke at 8 months ( I type with palms rested).
  • Pros: Multiple colors Plenty of Macro buttons Volume scroll wheel Multi-functional screen
  • Cons: LED's too dim for some colors Palm rest tabs break easy Spacebar gets loud after prolonged use
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Overall 10

One Of The Best

john L., Newegg
5 December 2013
  • Summary: have had this keyboard for years now getting another they last along time and they are the best
  • Pros: Easy To Use and Macros
  • Cons: none
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Overall 8

Almost 5 eggs!

Robin H., Newegg
3 December 2013
  • Pros: I found the G510 very easy to set up and customize. The LCD is nice and bright, and the ability to save three different "profiles" is great. The G-Keys are really useful for anything you want to automate and the software to create them couldn't be easier. Compared to other gaming/macro keyboards ...
  • Cons: After about 11 months the Enter Key on the Number pad died, although not a deal breaker it is a bit annoying. I was surprised because I've always found Logitech gear to be very reliable. This is the only reason I am giving it 4 stars over 5. However, this has not stopped me from purchasing other ...
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