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Logitech G19s
7.1 out of 10

Logitech G19s

Tiltable, color GamePanel™ LCD The (320x240) display shows you Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Logitech G19s

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Overall 2

This keyboard is great when it actually works

Amazon Customer, Amazon
16 May 2015
  • Summary: This keyboard is great when it actually works. The problem is that Logitech's (bad) gaming software doesn't actually recognize the the stupid thing a lot of the time. Google"G19 flashing not recognized" to see how common, frustrating, and reoccurring this issue is.
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Overall 8

Great keyboard great brand I been using logictech for 6 ...

Scottish4891, Amazon
6 May 2015
  • Summary: Great keyboard great brand I been using logictech for 6 years now and they have never let me down if u are into mmo gaming u got to get the g19 it's it's great to use it feels good it's easy to use and the LCD screen is awesome I have the g15 and when I saw that they are coming with the g19 I wanted...
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Overall 2


Phyllis C., Newegg
24 April 2015
  • Summary: I'm 34 and I've been a Logitech customer for life. I would not even consider buying another brand of keyboard or mouse. Needless to say, after wasting hundreds on a top-of-the-line keyboard that's going in the garbage, I will never buy from them again.
  • Pros: Versatile software with great functionality - when it works
  • Cons: Faulty wiring causes some major issues for many customers. There's a wire connecting the LCD that's not properly insulated which causes the LCD to constantly reboot and the G-keys to stop working. It would cost maybe 5 cents to proper insulate that wire. Logitech prefers to deny responsibility fo...
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Overall 6

Great keys - Aweful vendor

Daniel C., Newegg
17 April 2015
  • Summary: All in all, even with the vendor, Logitech makes rock solid products that prove to be reliable over the long haul.
  • Pros: Programmable LCD display, solid key action, programmable back light color scheme. programmable Game (G) keys.
  • Cons: The vendor. I am not at all pleased getting a 240 asian adaptor in the box. I am not a fan a cheap Chinese stuff.
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Overall 2

I really liked this keyboard and I'd love to give it 5-stars

Tommy, Amazon
28 March 2015
  • Summary: I really liked this keyboard and I'd love to give it 5-stars, but I have had nothing but problems with the keyboard stopping working entirely with a "USB Device Not Recognized" error on my Win7 Home Premium 64-bit OS rig. Every. Single. Day.
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Overall 8

Logitech G19

Anonymous, Newegg
12 March 2015
  • Summary: I paid 120.00 for this keyboard 5-6 years ago.It blows me away this keyboard now goes for 200.00.At 120 I figured I paid top dollar.Dont get me wrong..It does what its supposed to and it does it well.It lacks game support for the lcd(the reason you buy this type of keyboard)It is hard to kill this...
  • Pros: Ive had the keyboard 5 years not one glitch..Works flawless
  • Cons: over priced,not many games support the lcd the main reason this keyboard is bought.
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Overall 8

Fun, Flashy and Practical

Dylan G., Newegg
28 January 2015
  • Summary: Something to note, i bought this keyboard refurbished so my issue with the LED screen could be a fluke, but thought i might as well mention it. And if you don't have electrical tape lying around because you used to or are an electrician than you can really just use any old tape that will make sure...
  • Pros: -Backlit color of my choice -Logitech Macro Program -Stylish -USB hub has it's own power source
  • Cons: First, the palm rest is super cheap and one of the connectors to the keyboard have already snapped off. Secondly, and this is the big one, my LED app screen would go on this constant reboot and sometimes it was intermittent but finally it just went on forever. I ended up taking the keyboard apart...
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Overall 8

Great Keyboard

Shawna L., Newegg
26 January 2015
  • Summary: If I was to have any thoughts on how they could better this keyboard for a new generation, I'd suggest two things. - Add an lcd to the orion spark and add a few more g keys - Make the keyboard easier to fully clean without the risk of voiding the warranty.
  • Pros: I've had this keyboard for almost 5 years now under heavy use. Everything still works flawlessly. Once I give it a good cleaning I'm sure it'll last me another 5 years (Since there's no keyboard to 'upgrade' to that includes an lcd) - keyboard is responsive - backlighting in any color you want - ...
  • Cons: The roll bar has always been a bit moody, but that doesn't bother me since I never use it anyway.
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Overall 4


Darrell L., Newegg
8 January 2015
  • Summary: Yeah, the LCD screen software is a bit buggy too, it usually crashed once a day but I don't really care or utilize that much.
  • Pros: No doubt, this keyboard is awesome with the LCD screen, and colorful dynamic back lighting. Logitech is top notch company though, I will still buy their products in the future. They stand behind them and will replace any without much guff. I love using MariuZ G19 Winamp App to populate the screen...
  • Cons: I had the G19 for almost 3 years then it died and I received this "S" version at end of July 2014 from Logitech directly as a replacement. By the end of the year 4-5 months later) the paint was wearing off the wrist pad on both sides. This G19S was sort of a matte black which looks and feels awes...
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Overall 10

All I can say is AWESOME

David K., Newegg
3 December 2014
  • Pros: Everything
  • Cons: None.....except wish it could do the laundry too
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