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Logitech G19s

Tiltable, color GamePanel™ LCD The (320x240) display shows you Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Logitech G19s

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Overall 9

Logitech G19s Keyboard for Gaming Review

17 April 2014
  • Summary: Once you get past the sticker shock, the Logitech G19s is a premium keyboard that delivers a white-glove gaming experience. It offers a generous number of macro buttons, a sturdy build quality, and a built-in LCD panel that's more useful than gimmicky. Yes, you can watch YouTube videos on the display and scroll through RSS feeds, both of which are of dubious value once you've played with them once or twice, but you can also stream game data or monitor your system...
  • Pros: Useful LCD Panel:, Look Ma, No Fingerprints!:, Sturdy Build Quality:, Lots of Macros:, Built-In USB Hub:, Automatic Profile Detection:
  • Cons: Bulky Cable:, Rigid Keys:, Price:
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Logitech G19s

4 April 2014
  • Conclusion: The G19s is in a weird spot right now when you consider its price paired up with the fact that it isn’t a mechanical keyboard. At this price point you will normally find higher end mechanical keyboards do to their increased construction costs (those cherry switches aren’t cheap). Logitech does still offer a lot with the G19s to help justify the price.
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Overall 7

Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard

PC Magazine
11 March 2014
  • Conclusion: The Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard offers plenty of customizable features to gamers, and a built-in display, but is it worth the high price?
  • Pros: Built-in display for data, communication, and video. Customizable backlight. 12 programmable macro buttons. Integrated media and volume control. Multiple switchable profiles.
  • Cons: Pricey. Membrane switches feel mushy and stiff. Plastic construction feels flimsy. Requires AC power.
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Logitech G19s gaming keyboard review

2 July 2013
  • Excerpt: Late March Logitech came out with a number of updated versions of its gaming products, including the G19s gaming keyboard. We compared and contrasted it to the original G19 model, which has been available since 2009.
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Overall 8

Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard Review

Stick Skills
23 May 2013
  • Summary: The Logitech G19s is one of the best keyboards out there. However, certain features of it will only be effectively utilized by the hardest of hardcore who play the games that the Gamepanel supports.
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Overall 9

Expert Review

Tweak Town
9 May 2013
  • Excerpt: Anyone who has paid attention to what Logitech has provided in keyboards over the years has always had an eye on their boards that come with an LCD screen. I remember when they first came out - even the idea of being able to see what the PC was doing, live right on your keyboard, always seemed like a great concept, even if the LCD technology then wasn't exactly great.
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Review: Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard

19 June 2011
  • Excerpt: One hobby I’ve always enjoyed has been video games. In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, the only way my mother claims to have been able to calm me down when I was an infant was to put me in her lap and play the original Super Mario Bros.
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Spyshot: Logitech’s Covetable New G19 Gaming Keyboard

The UberReview
15 June 2011
  • Excerpt: Engadget China are claiming that this is Logitech’s new G18 gaming keyboard, which would make sense as a name except for the fact that by convention Logitech’s gaming peripherals have always had odd numbers. So, I am going against Engadget China and siding with Crunchgear’s Devin Coldewey on this one. It is probably the G19 and it most certainly looks hot.
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Logitech G19s LCD Gaming Keyboard Review

2 June 2011
  • Summary: The Logitech G19s is a well-built membrane keyboard that does not alter the original keyboard layout other than extending it out a bit on the left to implement the G-keys. However, a big bombshell to this keyboard would be its retail price which is a whopping amount of MYR 699.00. While I understand that most the cost comes from probably the LCD screen, some parts of the keyboard just doesn't cut it for the price tag.
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Overall 7

Logitech G19 Programmable Gaming Keyboard with Color Display

19 May 2011
  • Summary: Logitech's $200 G19 Gaming Keyboard boasts a built-in color LCD with exciting capabilities, as well as lots of little improvements over previous models. But with few apps--thus far--that take advantage of the screen in a meaningful way, the G19's potential remains largely untapped. Until the community software effort gets rolling, we can't recommend spending this much on a keyboard that, while flashy, has yet to realize its full potential.
  • Pros: Large color LCD supports digital photos and video playback; included software development kit opens LCD up to homebrew and community-made apps; 16 million color options for backlit keys; built-in USB 2.0 ports; improved macro recording capabilities with support for five simultaneous key presses.
  • Cons: High price could limit adoption and thus hurt community software momentum; configuration software needs consolidation.
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