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Logitech diNovo

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Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks

2 weeks ago
  • Summary: The Logitech diNovo for Notebooks looks sexy and is comfortable for typing, but it's a pricey upgrade for a keyboard that lacks integrated USB ports and backlit keys.
  • Pros: Elegant finish; programmable shortcut keys; comfortable typing experience; easy plug-and-play design.
  • Cons: Expensive; lacks illuminated keys and integrated USB ports; no control over wrist angle.
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Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks

OverClock Intelligence Agency
24 December 2008
  • Summary: Seeing as this is a notebook-specific keyboard, that was the first environment I tested the diNovo in. I have a 12" HP notebook and while the keyboard on it isn't too terribly small, it was nice to have a full size keyboard with number pad to type on. Thanks to Logitech's PerfectStroke key system, the board typed really well and I didn't have any complaints about the keys at all.
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Expert Review

22 January 2008
  • Excerpt: Two months ago, I would have told you keyboards really don’t matter that much. That was before I stared using the diNovo Keyboard from Logitech. Now, I am firm believer in dropping some serious money for a decent finger tapping inputting device. The diNovo changed my mind.
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REVIEW: Logitech diNovo Keyboard For Notebooks

20 August 2009
  • Conclusion: Because you often use your laptop in busy wireless environments, Logitech’s 2.4GHz wireless technology helps to reduce interference, effectively eliminating delays and dropouts. And by optimising the power management system, Logitech’s improved wireless technology enables an impressive 3-year battery life for the keyboard.
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Overall 6

Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks review

Pocket Lint
11 August 2009
  • Conclusion: The Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks is well built and slim. Although a little more portable than a standard desktop keyboard, it's still not enough that you'd want it in your laptop bag. At £59.99 there are a lot of options available if you were to simply buy a desktop keyboard and many of these will also come with a mouse. Don't get suckered in by the "for Notebooks" marketing strategy.
  • Pros: Sturdy build, comes with batteries, multimedia keys, small wireless dongle, keys have familiar notebook action
  • Cons: Not particularly portable, will need external mouse too, a little pricey for just a keyboard, no real benefit over buying a desktop keyboard
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Test: Logitech DiNovo Keyboard for Notebooks

21 November 2008

无线+剪刀脚 罗技超薄笔记本键盘diNovo测试

My Drivers
7 November 2008
  • Conclusion: 内容导航: 总体来说这款罗技的无线笔记本键盘diNovo是一款不错的产品,经过测试其最远可以达到10米作用的使用范围,虽然日常使用中不可能在这么远的距离使用,但它的确让键盘操作更加灵活方便。 罗技无线笔记本键盘diNovo的接收器 剪刀式架构的应用的确为这款键盘带来了不错的手感,即使长时间工作手部也不会有明显的疲劳感,特别是铝制的掌托手感非常不错,不会向其他塑料制掌托那样让积累手汗,不过金属的热导系数较高,在冬天气温较低的情况下使用不太合适。 从键程方面来说,小编初次使用并不太习惯,因为我习惯了长键程,喜欢大力敲击键盘,在diNovo的中短键程上不是很爽,不过经过30分钟左右的使用即可适应,用它工作起来还是非常顺手的,此篇文章就是在diNovo的敲击下完成的。 在多功能的应用上来看是非常顺手的,虽然“F*”的按键设计的较小,但由于是采用了梯形的键帽设计并不影响使用,许多工作无需再使用鼠标,两根手指轻按一下既可完成。 罗技无线笔记本键盘diNovo...
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Test: Logitech diNovo Laser

21 December 2005