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KeyTronic E03601P2M
6.7 out of 10

KeyTronic E03601P2M

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Reviews and Problems with KeyTronic E03601P2M

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Overall 10

Great Keyboards

Scott J., Newegg
10 March 2014
  • Pros: If want a PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse you can't go wrong. High quality, has the click touch and sound if like that . Always been a fan of Keytronic Just a basic keyboard and mouse nothing fancy but works and It's not cheaily ymade and flismy like some of them today
  • Cons: None
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Overall 10

Satisfying keyboard

Greg L., Newegg
29 March 2013
  • Summary: Made in China.
  • Pros: This keyboard feels almost like a mechanical keyboard, but it's not. No squishiness at all for any of the keys, nice, crisp and definite feel to the keys presses. Loud and clicky. Perfect for games. The keyboard is heavy and solid feeling. It does not bend in the middle slightly like other dome keyboards. The risers have rubber on them and the keyboard doesn't slip around at all, but I don't even need to use the risers, because the keyboard already has a kind of slant...
  • Cons: Slight wobble to the keys. KeyTronic makes so many keyboards it is hard to differentiate between them. This one for example looks almost identical to the KT800 and there are no detailed pictures online. But keep in mind this is the "good" model.
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Overall 6

Keyboard Overly Sensitive

Bambi K., Newegg
16 February 2012
  • Summary: I really haven't bought a keyboard for about 3 years so maybe times have changed and people want a more sensitive keyboard. I have been typing for so long that I am very hard on keyboards. And mice are the same-I haven't bought a new optical mouse for about 3 years, either. I guess I've just been lucky!
  • Pros: I've owned a lot of Keytronic keyboards and mice over the years and obviously keep coming back to them. They make a good product that holds up a long time. I purchased this set because the price was right and I needed a backup set.
  • Cons: I do a lot of keyboarding, both sitting at the desk, and standing as a technician. I find that both the keyboard and mouse are overly-sensitive to touch. I keep making typos when my fingertip has barely brushed a key.
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Overall 10

My ears!

Eric T., Newegg
9 October 2011
  • Summary: Keytronic didn't put their name on the top. This really caught me off guard when I noticed. But there is a conspicuous rectangle in the upper left corner. Perfect spot to add your own paint, decal, or raised lettering to match the rest of your setup.
  • Pros: Heavy and sturdy, I'll be very surprised if this thing doesn't last as long as the $100+ brands.
  • Cons: These guys weren't kidding, I have a late-80s no-name buckling switch keyboard that's quieter than this thing.
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Overall 6

Keyboards are personal

Michael C., Newegg
26 August 2011
  • Summary: I wouldn't want to be in a room full of people all using this keyboard. It's the old school clickity clack type keyboard. Some folks may love it, but I need something more tactile and low profile. I'll be looking for another unit.
  • Pros: It certainly is a rugged unit, well built, and the cable and connector are heavy duty.
  • Cons: It's noisy and IMO the keys are too springy, in other words, too much mechanical action required to engage a key stroke.
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Overall 8

User Review

Andrew B., Newegg
17 March 2011
  • Summary: i use this whenever my other keyboards break, as i dont like looking at it.
  • Pros: Most indestructible keyboard i have ever seen, i have had this keyboard for AT LEAST 10 years(older model of this), and i have never had even the slightest bit of problems with it. If you g\can get by the fact that it has no programmable anything and no "smart" buttons, you will never buy another keyboard keys go CLICK
  • Cons: Ugliest keyboard ever made keys click like nothing else you have ever seen
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Overall 10

My permanent backup

Jason R., Newegg
9 May 2010
  • Summary: I bought one of these a long time ago from another vendor because it was the cheapest one they'd bundle with the system, but it's turned out to be the one I can count on to never fail.
  • Pros: This keyboard is well-built and has outstanding tactility for what is basically a garden-variety membrane-switch keyboard. It's still leagues behind the old IBM Model M, but so is everything else. If I didn't game and only needed my keyboard to type large volumes of text, this would be my second choice after the Model M. I've gone through a few higher-end backlit/macro-capable keyboards for gaming (most recently a G15), but my trusty plain-Jane Keytronics is always th...
  • Cons: PS/2 only. It's a bit loud, but I like that.
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Overall 6

Picture Doesn't Match Product

Accounts P., Newegg
19 April 2010
  • Summary: The illustration is not this product.
  • Pros: Solid construction. Most KeyTronic keyboards of this series last for a long time. The one I have here at my desk has been in used for eight years and types as nicely as the day I got it. I've used it so much the letters are starting to wear off the keytops.
  • Cons: Tiny Backspace key and L-shaped Return key. The latter encroaches into where the \ key is normally located, and the former is a real pain to use -- it's too easy to miss it when typing fast.
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Overall 2

Warning: Pictured item is not E03601P2

Daniel B., Newegg
16 March 2010
  • Summary: The image shown shows a keyboard with a normal, double sized Backspace key and non-L shaped Enter key, found on the E03600P2. The E03601P2 actually has a single key sized Backspace, which some people hate, as well as an "L" shaped Enter key. Either the model number here is wrong, or the image.
  • Pros: Keytronic keyboards are decent quality, depending on model.
  • Cons: The one egg is due to the misrepresentation, since if you order this you literally may not get what is shown.
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Overall 10

THE keyboard you'll want if you're ever attacked by a bear!

Charles B., Newegg
23 February 2009
  • Pros: Ergonomic keyboard? PFFT! This keyboard is rock-solid standard. Not one of those soft plastic lightweights out there. So big and heavy it's been known to frighten women and small children.
  • Cons: Did I mention is scares women? Man, I need a life...
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