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Gigabyte GM-M8000
7.4 out of 10

Gigabyte GM-M8000

GM-M8000/GM-M7800S/GK-K6800/GK-K7100 GIGABYTE, announces th Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Gigabyte GM-M8000

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Overall 10

Very good for the price

Joel P., Newegg
26 January 2015
  • Summary: Seems like a good mouse for the price. Only time will tell if it stays this good.
  • Pros: Great feel and sensitivity. Nice that DPI can be adjusted both ways with a switch instead of cycling with a button, great for gaming. Software does not stay open constantly (at least it seems like it does not), instead saves settings to mouse itself, allowing for DPI, color, and macro settings be used on a different computer.
  • Cons: Back-lit logo pulsing, no way to make it stay on constantly or change pulsing pattern. HOWEVER using Ghost software it is easy to set one of the colors to black, doing so will turn off the back light.
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Overall 10

Great mouse

Thaddaeus W., Newegg
6 December 2014
  • Summary: Highly recommended mouse, overall. This is my second one. DPI light colors don't match Ghost logo, but I don't spend much time staring at the mouse, so...
  • Pros: -Braided cord allows for easy movement, less drags/snags. -Durable hardware. I've dropped this a few times and it hasn't skipped a beat. -DPI button is easily accessible, as well as extra buttons on side. Well thought out design. I spend most of my time on DPI #2, rarely use #4. -Rubber textured grips make all the difference. LOVE IT!
  • Cons: Ghost software takes some getting used to.
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Overall 2


Michael G., Newegg
30 November 2014
  • Summary: The scroll wheel was failing on my old mouse, so I got this one, it doesn't read at all on my Razer mouse pad, read for a few minutes on a sheet of paper, then stopped. Read for a little while on a vinyl bag, then stopped. Essentially a worthless mouse, never had such poor performance even off the cheapest of mice. A ball mouse would work better.
  • Pros: None
  • Cons: Doesn't track consistently on any surface.
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Overall 8

good mouse but

Steven F., Newegg
7 October 2014
  • Summary: Again I have not installed the software. I don't need to have macro and micro settings. I'm on Windows 7 x64. And I love this mouse so far.
  • Pros: Love the look and feel. The weights make it heavy handed but smooth fluid movement. I bough this mouse because of the low price and weighted system. I am not disappointed. Everything works. DPI settings rock. Can't beat laser. Fits well in the hand. Very comfortable. The buttons, all of them. seem to be very sensitive to touch. You don't need heavy fingers to work the buttons. Light to the touch, so to sum it's an adjustment. Like me coming from a Logitech G9X, I feel...
  • Cons: The only Cons for me is the two side thumb buttons are way too sensitive. All you have to do is brush over them with the lightest touch and they activate. Needs more pressure to the buttons to ensure not accidentally clicking them. A lot of ppl are complaining about the software being buggy. I have not installed the software so I could not confirm this. Also, there is no way to turn of Ghost LED on top of the mouse. It will flash colors for the life of the mouse. Stup...
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Overall 6

Good design but ghost software buggy!

Chris D., Newegg
27 July 2014
  • Summary: If you unplug & re-plug in the USB connection then mouse control returns (for awhile anyway). Going to check into a RMA with newegg.
  • Pros: Like the way it feels & it's laser is tops! Plenty of button & macro assignments & customizing available. DPI settings are changeable on the fly (4 settings) adjustable from 400 to 6000dpi. There is 4-way scrolling using center tilt-wheel.
  • Cons: Gigabyte Ghost software for this M8000X is buggy. When you setup (even the most basic) button assignments, the mouse tracking will sometimes freeze or cursor drift with little control. NOTE: there is very little detailed no tutorials or video for using M8000X ghost mouse software...very little.
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Overall 10


hadia m., Newegg
29 May 2014
  • Summary: great if you don't need allot of buttons or extremely high DPI
  • Pros: precision is high, stable, quality build, use every day for over a year and a half. Precise
  • Cons: surface could get dusty when sweating
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Overall 10

I loooove it!

Leslie J., Newegg
23 January 2014
  • Summary: It's expensive, but will reward you for every penny spent.
  • Pros: Ho yes I love this mouse. I love it so much that I'm writing a sound about it that'll be released on Youtube in a short while. I've own quite a number of gaming mouse; Gigabyte Aivia Krypton, Logitech G5 & G3, Coolermaster Sentinel Advance II, Razer Death Adder. The Gigabyte GM-M8000X is the best I've ever used so far. Perfect button pressure operation, perfect glide on cloth game pads, perfect sensitivity and second best hand grip amongst previously named product. I ...
  • Cons: Expensive
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Overall 8

An Inverted Glove

James G., Newegg
24 October 2013
  • Summary: Currently use it without a pad in a kitchen nook situation with a laptop, and it works just for me.
  • Pros: Love the weights. Like, all of them. Feels like I'm more involved in the moving of the mouse than just pawing at it.
  • Cons: Don't like the pulsing lights. The blue light is .. ok, but red, blue, or purple may not be your fantasy - I'd prefer a dull white or none, but meh - the lighting help when locating on the fly when gaming at night/dark room.
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Overall 8

Almost too much!

Eric S., Newegg
17 October 2013
  • Summary: Great gaming mouse and will definitely recommend (already have) to multiple gaming friends.
  • Pros: Adjustable DPI - up to an astounding 6000dpi Run this with my "FPS" settings as the highest and regular usage on low with random settings in between for gaming. its perfect! Hand contour is awesome if you are a claw gripper like me. Supplied software to adjust the lighting as well as the two buttons on the side is really simple to understand and use.
  • Cons: 6000dpi is a con if you are not used to it.
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Overall 10

Worth the money.

Yves C., Newegg
4 September 2013
  • Pros: Very very comfortable. I have never owned a mouse that has felt this perfect in my hand. DPI switch is a great feature as is the use of the Ghost software to manage your multiple profiles for different games. Price isn't bad in my opinion either. Fast reaction time and also made of nice material. The added weights are nice bonus as well.
  • Cons: This is nitpicking but at times my DPI settings seem to shift around on their own. It doesn't change the actual mouse DPI though. So it will say its on High, when its really on medium. A weird bug it looks like. A reset of the profile and a calibration test usually fixes that for a long while. Other than that. No other complaints.
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