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Adesso MKB-135B

Adesso MKB-135B The Adesso MKB-135B is a full size keyboard Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Adesso MKB-135B

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Overall 10

Solid Keyboard

Aaron P., Newegg
23 October 2014
  • Summary: Best value for money full size mechanical keyboard that I am aware of. Compares nicely to $200+ keyboards.
  • Pros: Full NKRO when used with the PS/2 adapter. High quality mechanical keyboard for a low cost. Pretty resilient keyboard, other than the feet.
  • Cons: Only 6KRO with USB. Feet are flimsy - about the same as the majority of other keyboards on the market. The audio passthrough on the keyboard seems to add noise to anything passing through it.
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Overall 10

Fantastic Developer Keyboard

Greg W., Newegg
29 July 2014
  • Summary: This was the first mechanical keyboard that I ever purchased. I loved it, and have purchased 3 more for various computers. Honestly, I didn't realize the gem that I had until I recently tried a few other mechanical keyboards. As I use the others, I daydream about the near-perfect key feel on this keyboard. When I'm using these, I am consistently impressed with how much faster and more accurate that I can type with these Cherry Browns that with other key switches.
  • Pros: Great tactile feedback Fantastic key feel USB hub! Headphone and mic jacks Defaults the function keys as function keys Standard layout, no goofy key placement Multi-media functions available
  • Cons: Nothing major, only a tiny nitpicks:Needs an (included) adapter to hook up as USB (Default is PS/2)
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Overall 10


Shay S., Newegg
31 March 2014
  • Summary: This is an excellent keyboard. A friend of mine bought a more familiar name brand at the same time, and this is a better quality keyboard. It's awesome to type on, and ruins normal membrane keyboards. It is a bit heavy, but it isn't as though you're going to be playing catch with it, so that shouldn't be a con.
  • Pros: Excellent quality, feel. Sturdy.
  • Cons: None to speak of.
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Overall 8

Great low-end mechanical keyboard

Anonymous, Newegg
26 June 2013
  • Summary: Cherry keys. Apparently, Cherry is a company that makes certain colored mechanisms that power some mechanical keyboards. I think different colors mean different things. For instance, mine are light-blue. I have also seen red and brown but I don't know how they compare. I picked this up for three-quarters of one-hundred bucks. For someone who wants a "cheaper" mechanical keyboard, this is a fantastic buy.
  • Pros: Springy feel. Click-clacky sound. USB hub, microphone, and headphone jacks. "Lighter" key presses than a Model-M. Very slight shimmer/pearl dark gray "piano" finish. I'm a person that loves to walk through Ikea and touch all the items on display. This passes my test. Double-size BKSP key, ENTER key slightly larger than double-size and on one row, and a weird 1.5-key-sized pipe key. This is how all layouts should be. Fantastic legs. These things are double-wide and hav...
  • Cons: Picky personal preference warning: All of the keys are kind of shallow in reference to the body of the keyboard. This means they have less travel. It is especially pronounced in the arrow keys and the INS, DEL, HOME, END, PGUP, and PGDN keys. If all keys lay flat, how do I differentiate? I like tall keys I cannot lie. Blue LEDs for the scroll, mouse, caps lock indicators. Why do these things still exist on computer parts? Windows key only on the left side. For all of ...
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Overall 10

Excellent keyboard

Chad M., Newegg
7 June 2013
  • Summary: I use this keyboard in a work environment, and I type at 120-130 wpm. People who had not previously commented on my typing speed started giving me "compliments" about it. I interpreted this to mean that my keyboard was distracting even if my coworkers insist otherwise. I tried out keyboards with other switch types and didn't find any I liked, so I purchased some red rubber o-rings from wasdkeyboards.com to dampen the sound.
  • Pros: Great keyboard at a reasonable price. Good quality key caps, switches all work perfectly, smart layout (function key on the right side so you don't hit it accidentally when reaching for ctrl or winkey).
  • Cons: It's pretty loud, but if you've done your homework on mechanical keyboards, you know that cherry mx blue switches are loud due to their design. See "other thoughts" for a recommendation on how to use this in a shared environment without distracting others.
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Overall 10


Dennis K., Newegg
24 February 2013
  • Pros: My first time using any mechanical keyboard, this feels so great. The keys feel perfect and the aesthetic is extremely nice and clean. I was slightly worried going with a brand that wasn't Logitech or Cooler Master or Razer but this far surpassed my expectations.
  • Cons: It's loud I suppose, but the noise is very easy to get used to.
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Overall 10


RONALD A., Newegg
4 February 2013
  • Summary: I would recommend this keyboard to anyone who types or games.
  • Pros: Excellent tactile feel, amazingly responsive, easy to type on & increased typing speed. This keyboard is built to last, offers both PS/2 & USB connections and has some extras (like function keys which double as media keys, USB ports and Headphone jacks) without over-doing it like many modern keyboards.
  • Cons: None. Zero.
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Overall 10

A Gamer's Review

Peggy D., Newegg
24 December 2012
  • Summary: Feel very happy with this purchase. I will buy other Adesso products in the future.
  • Pros: 1. Keyboard noise- when typing it makes an almost therapeutic clicking noise. Of course it is very audible and can be a con if it disturbs others. 2. Response time- I upgraded from a PS/2 connection keyboard to this. While insanely out of date, this keyboards reaction times in FPS games are impeccable. 3. Typing- Keys feel firm and have a nice rebound effect when typing. 4. Sturdy- Keyboard is very heavy and feels incredibly well made. In a previous review, the review...
  • Cons: The only con is the sound of the keys while typing. This should only be a problem if you work or game around others.
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Overall 10

Great keyboard for all day use.

Jordan F., Newegg
19 November 2012
  • Pros: Great tactile feedback. Solid build quality. integrated USB2 hub.
  • Cons: Piano finish.
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Overall 10


Coles A., Newegg
31 July 2012
  • Pros: Really nice feel and holds up well. Even survived a soup incident.
  • Cons: Wish it were a bit thinner, but its not like its thickness is a problem. Just a solidly built keyboard
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