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OCZ Vector Series VTR1-25SAT3

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Reviews and Problems with OCZ Vector Series VTR1-25SAT3

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Overall 6

fast, bricked due to firmware

Garrett W., Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: Just submitted RMA request to OCZ. If they screw up the deal I will update this. If all goes smooth I probably won't bother. Use the flathead screws to mount the drive in the caddy, the rounded head screws to mount the caddy in the tower. The orientation of the items is not obvious and takes a bit of trial and error.
  • Pros: Fast, small, comes with 3.5"caddy. 5 year warranty. OCZ support seems pretty good.
  • Cons: If you don't upgrade to firmware version 3.0 it is likely the drive will fully brick without warning. This happened to me after 11 months of use, as I missed the firmware update notice a few months ago.
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Overall 4

Amazing at first, now dead/locked

Marcus F., Newegg
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: During a routine Windows 7 Update shutdown process, received a blue-screen-of-death error. Resulted in a panic-locked 2.5" brick. Will not be purchasing OCZ products again since I can't RMA. Replacing with Samsung 250GB 840 Evo like I was told to buy the first time. This a good entry-level SSD, don't misunderstand, but I lost a significant amount of data due to an inability to reset the lock on the drive.
  • Pros: Extremely fast compared to your run of the mill non-ssd storage. Price ($124 when I bought it 1/2014)
  • Cons: High failure rate Unrecoverable data
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Overall 2

Great Until It Stops Working Within Two Months

Devon P., Newegg
25 November 2014
  • Pros: Easy to incorporate into computer.
  • Cons: Failed to work sometime two months in for no reason.
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Overall 2

ocz, i expected way better

Christopher V., Newegg
22 November 2014
  • Pros: nice fast drive, included adapter tray
  • Cons: first one died in about 3 months. customer service replaced it, but my experience was terrible. took well over a week, even with credit card securing shipment, email only, no phone service, terribly slow res ponces, some ignored when I complained. I expected better. w/d, seagate, etc over the years, always helpful, not ocz. Now the refurbished unit they replaced it with, died in after about 4 months. Still same terrible service.
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Overall 4

DIED after a year

Samuel M., Newegg
22 November 2014
  • Summary: I was really disappointed after reading so many pros about this drive and it was very fast.
  • Pros: It was pretty darn fast
  • Cons: Pricy, unreliable, always had write issues was always getting corrupted.
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Overall 2

Failed after 6 months

michael b., Newegg
14 November 2014
  • Summary: This SSD failed a little before 6 months old.Bought this early 2012 and it got put away and forgotten. I assumed by now, it would be out of warranty, but, website says a limited 5 year warranty at the time. Someone says they are only 3 years now., So now trying to create a RMA. We'll see. Note: My Samsung SSD's with the same size also bought and installed at the same time still good now for over 2 years. Not sure about OCZ now.
  • Pros: Fast as anything else at the time- very satisfied with the speed Easy to install
  • Cons: reliability
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Overall 2

Worked great until...

Andrew T., Newegg
13 November 2014
  • Summary: Do not buy! I am unsure if this is a product line-wide problem of OCZ's, or if it's just this model, but if this and most every review is true, this drive is absolutely terrible and will die on you unexpectedly and far sooner than it should.
  • Pros: Device is very fast. I threw my OS on there and, with my BIOS in fast boot, ended up getting to the welcome screen in about fifteen seconds from cold start. Also, it's occasionally on sale, so you might be able to pick it up for a lot cheaper, like I was able to.
  • Cons: I had my SSD for around nine months when it started throwing telltale signs of a bad HDD, occasionally freezing, random bad sectors, etc etc but I just wrote it off and hoped it would go away. Then, randomly I reset my PC, Disk Check ran and found tons of bad sectors and corrupted files, which it said it "repaired" and on next restart, it was no longer recognized by my computer.
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Overall 8

Good service

Anonymous, Newegg
4 November 2014
  • Summary: The drive did fail but when I contacted OCZ support I was quickly and efficiently taken care of and after a few back and forth email strings I was able to get a refund for my drive at current market value AND they provided me with a shipping label, I rate their customer care very high and appreciate what they did. It's nice to have confidence in a company these days.
  • Pros: Drive was fast at first and had a good build to it
  • Cons: The drive failed just after a year of use, it was always a bit slow to boot, and when originally purchased it was much more expensive then other ssd's
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Overall 4

died after 3 months usage. getting RMA

Brennan W., Newegg
24 October 2014
  • Summary: Getting RMA. Quality help from OCZ tech support.
  • Pros: Died after 3 months usage. This was a refurbished product so I'll go easy on this one...but since it's a product with a manufacturer recertification stamp of approval I won't ignore the false premises of stability they claim. I will say that OCZ does make the fastest drives for consumer and enterprise markets but dang do they need to work on their controller and firmware stability. Great sustained write speeds and IOPS AS well. Price was great when I bought it..now pr...
  • Cons: unreliable. Dies after 3 months usage Current price is a rip off at $500
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Overall 4

Good drive but it failed after one year

23 October 2014
  • Pros: It's a decently fast SSD. Came with a mounting bracket for desktop 3.5 inch bay.
  • Cons: I started noticing corrupted files less than one year after installation. But all diagnostic software, SMART, etc. said the drive was fine. Then it turned into a brick just after one year. I'm glad I purchased a 2-year "recertified replacement plan" (and keep regular backups).
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