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Intel X25-M Series SSD
7.0 out of 10

Intel X25-M Series SSD

Intel 34nm X25-M The Intel 34nm X25-M is a 34-nanometer (nm Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Intel X25-M Series SSD

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Intel X25-M SSD Review (12)

11 February 2014
  • Conclusion: Let us summarise the most important positive and negative points below: The Intel X25-M series drives are good in fact, extremely good. Reading access times are lightning fast and applications load in an instant, making the Intel X25-M series of drives ideal as the operating system drive with all the user’s installed applications. 4K random IOP performance is outstanding, and the drive is completely stable. There is no hint of stuttering whatsoever.
  • Pros: Silky smooth operation as a system drive and completely stable., Excellent reading performance., Outstanding 4K random I/O performance, Excellent multitasking potential., Lightning fast access times., Completely silent operation., Fast operating system start-up and shutdown times., Fast application loading., 3 years warranty.
  • Cons: Expensive., Slow sequential writing speed.
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Intel X25-M SSD Review and Giveaway: Vroom Vroom Fast

13 October 2010
  • Excerpt: Replacing your traditional hard drive with an SSD, or solid state drive, is one of the latest ways to bring speed to your system allowing you to get into Windows faster, and thus get to work quicker. Intel was kind enough to send over one of their Intel X 25-M SSDs for us to test out, and another for us to give away to a Notebooks.com reader. Keep reading for our Intel X25-M review and to find out how to win one of your own.
  • Pros: Noticeable Speed Improvements, TRIM Support, Ease of installation
  • Cons: Size requires sacrifices for storage
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[Review + Contest] Intel Solid-State Experience: A look at X25-M’s

6 September 2010
Overall 9

Intel X25-M G2 80GB Solid State Drive (SSD) Review

30 April 2010
  • Summary: The tests we ran today provide a good indication of the performance and value of this Intel drive. At around the £200 mark it’s sitting at about £2.50 per GB, which although expensive by traditional HDD standards is par for the course in the SSD world. Performance wise it’s able to hold its own against newer competitors from the likes of Mach Extreme, and easily trounces it in terms of read speed, even pulling ahead in the Crystal Mark Write speed test which is something...
  • Pros: - Solid construction, - Great read performance, - Strong random write speed, - Affordable
  • Cons: - Price compared to HDDs high, - SandForce options faster in real world tests
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To SSD or not ? How Intel X25-M Solid State Drive performs in a HTPC

Review Horizon
10 March 2010
  • Conclusion: – booting time ~22 seconds…I remember the early  HD-DVD and Blu-ray players with booting times toward 2 minutes… – everything inside WWindows Media Center is almost instant, including Media Browser. I also turned on SQLLite support and I can access my library in seconds. Effectively an order of magnitude faster than before. – Windows 7 Primary hard disk score – 7.4 All in all, a good investment for all Media Center aficionados.
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Intel X25-M 160 GB

PC Magazine
14 January 2010
Overall 8

Intel X-25M 160GB MLC SSD

maximum pc
27 October 2009
  • Excerpt: Last fall, Intel slapped the solid state drive market on the back of the head with the release of the 80GB X25-M MLC drive. That drive absolutely trounced the competition with its 200MB/s read speeds, incredibly low random-access times, and best of all, no random-write stuttering or cache overflows. The first X25-M garnered a Kick Ass Award and defeated all comers in our last SSD roundup (November 2008), but the market has come a long way since then.
  • Pros: Blazing-fast reads and random writes; decent capacity. Cost per GB keeps falling.
  • Cons: Can't keep up in sustained writes.
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Intel X25-M 'G2' TRIM Enabled Firmware and SSD Toolbox Review

PC Perspective
26 October 2009
  • Excerpt: (26OCT2009) After this firmware went live, some users were reporting their G2 becoming unresponsive after updating.  What is odd is the first boot after the update worked fine for many, but after a reboot their drive became unresponsive.  Intel is following the reports and is on the case.
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Overall 8

Intel X25-M G2 Review

LAPTOP Magazine
31 July 2009
  • Summary: By introducing a lower cost 34nm production process and revising its controller, Intel has moved the ball forward in terms of manufacturing, but it hasn't shaken up the market in terms of performance like it did last year. While modest write speeds drop its overall performance behind competitors such as the OCZ Vertex and Patriot Torqx, the X25-M G2 is a good choice because of its strong read speeds, higher capacity, and slightly better price per gigabyte.
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Intel's second-generation X25-M solid-state drive

26 July 2009
  • Summary: Intel's tick-tock approach to processor development delivers new architectures on each tock and then shrinks them to finer process technologies with each tick. This philosophy now appears to be influencing the company's solid-state drives. The second-generation X25-M retains the same architecture as its predecessor, but takes advantage of new manufacturing technology and some targeted tweaks to deliver real improvements.
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