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Reviews and Problems with Corsair Nova Series (CSSD-V32GB2-BRKT/CSSD-V64GB2-BRKT/CSSD-V128GB2-BRKT/CSSD-V256GB2-BRKT)

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Overall 6

Worked Well, Crashed Hard

Glenn, Amazon
13 February 2014
  • Summary: This drive served me well. It was installed in a small (mini-ITX) system that was used as a print server on a home network. It was running 24 hours a day, available at any time. The drives performance was quite nice, allowing for quick reboots after installing O/S patches. However, when it crashed, it crashed without warning and went completely dead. It lasted not quite three years. Not bad, but I would have expected more from a drive that did not get much use.
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Overall 4

Lasted 2 years and then began to act strange.

Lawrence S. Sinanan "You get what you pay for", Amazon
27 December 2013
  • Summary: This drive developed some strange behaviour. causing BSODs. Using offline boot CD, I zero-filled it twice without a problem. Those who know how SSDs work will know why i had to repeat the zero fill. Now, Windows 7 64bit would crash during install. Again using another off-line boot cd, I used a low level format tool to format the device only because it had a Drive map progress bar. The two times I tried to format it, I saw a bad sector in the same spot!
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Overall 10

Corsair 64 GB Nova Series

mudman "mud m", Amazon
10 August 2013
  • Summary: works great, using the old sata disc drive for storage. there is a good video on youtube that helps you setting it up for windows 7 users.
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Overall 10

Working good so far

Bhaskar K., Amazon
9 February 2012
  • Summary: It's been more than a year, and the SSD is going strong. I get 200 MBps on Sequential reads and 94 MBps on writes. Drive health is also good.
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Overall 8

Fast Performance from a "64GB" HDD

RhC, Amazon
21 October 2011
  • Summary: I got this HDD to replace a faulty laptop drive. The performance is really fast; I was surprised at the performance boost, especially on OS and program start-up - I was expecting some, but not as much as the drive ended up giving me. However, what started as a 64GB SSD became a 57GB drive rather quickly; I understand that flash memory is a bit volatile and unstable, however to lose 7GB (and some change) in space was kind of disappointing; you might not - and in fact...
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Overall 10

Definite Speed Increase

Dave, Amazon
23 April 2011
  • Summary: This is my first solid state drive (SSD) so I can't speak to how this drive compares to other SSDs on the market, but if there's anyone reading this review who is --like I was-- on the fence about making the jump to a SSD: go for it. I'm running a 4 year old machine that was a lower-high end system when I bought it, but by today's standards is probably only average, so I was skeptical that I would see the kinds of speed boosts that people in other reviews have talked...
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Overall 2

Failed in less than one month

MikeInWA, Amazon
27 March 2011
  • Summary: Bought the 64GB Corsair SSD in Feb 2011. In just over one month it was dead. Now I face the hassle of warranty and ask myself why I'd want another one of the same. Bought it because it was low cost. Maybe this is a lesson for me. Here's what happened to mine: Built my laptop OS on it and it worked wonderfully. Booted WIn7 64bit in less than 30 seconds. Seemed all good.
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Overall 10

It's fast

J. Brown, Amazon
6 December 2010
  • Summary: I decided to buy this drive for one purpose - a boot drive for my HTPC. I was originally was just going to get a 8GB SSD, but the performance on those was only slightly better than a typical hard drive. I decided to up to the 64GB model and put my the OS on the SSD drive as well. First off, putting this in the machine was trivial, thanks to the included 2.5" -> 3.5" adapter.
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Overall 6

Verdict is still out

Scarrz, Amazon
2 December 2010
  • Summary: I put this as an OS boot drive with Win7 Ultimate 64bit, updated bios and chipset. Installed Win7 fine along with some photo software had it up and running then started having BSOD errors and occasional reboots within the first 24 hours. Approx. 2 days later the SSD was not recognized by my system. Not sure what happened but after some troubleshooting I decided it was not worth keeping and returned it.
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User Review

Robert Tanner, Techgage
14 July 2010
  • Conclusion: On the first page, we spent quite a few words on exploring the various model SSDs Corsair sells on the market, and for one simple reason. Out of all the models listed there are only two worth considering, either because the others were superseded or because they are utilizing controllers that should be avoided.
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