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Reviews and Problems with Yamaha YSP-1

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Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector

Sound & Vision Magazine
3 November 2013
  • Excerpt: In a time when housing prices are rising at an exponential rate, making affordable square footage scarce, one of the major challenges to having a home theater system is space. The home-theater-in-a-box phenomenon has attacked this problem by packaging smaller, matched speakers together with a receiver, but there's still the issue of finding space for proper speaker placement and the messy wiring that follows.
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Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector

2 September 2008
  • Excerpt: I've been waiting a couple of months to review the affordable Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector after hearing about it at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show. The YSP-1 is a great looking single-enclosure, multichannel speaker system, whose core technologies are licensed from the British firm 1 Limited—technologies that were first implemented a few years ago in Pioneer's then-$40,000 PDSP-1 digital sound projector.
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Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector

Audio Ideas Guide
24 October 2005
  • Excerpt: “The YSP-1 is an exciting product to contemplate. It is a surround reproduction system in one box, that needs only a digital source, be it DVD player, broadcast audio, or another option. According to the literature from Yamaha’s web site, “The YSP-1 employs multiple small speakers, each with it’s (sic) own digital amplifier, and our unique projection technology to control the orientation of the sound…”
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Yamaha Soundprojektor YSP-1

10 June 2009
  • Excerpt: Die Konfiguration des Geräts ist über die "Easy Setup"-Funktion schnell und einfach erledigt. Wer allerdings dann Raumklang genießen möchte, muss über einen Musterraum verfügen, der genau dem Setup entspricht. Da der YSP-1 über die Errechnung von Schallwellen Töne beispielsweise hinter einem projeziert, stört ein Vorsprung oder ein verwinkelter Raum im direkten Genuss.
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