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Overall 4

Below Average Performance, Excellent Looks

Adam T. Barber, Amazon
3 August 2008
  • Summary: I was fairly new to HT when I bought the JBL E150P. Luckily, I had a reference point, a home theater in my living room that a full service HT installer put in. The reference point subwoofer is a Pinnacle AC Sub 100. It cost me about $400 and I have been very satisfied with it. Anyway, I cheaped out, thinking JBL was a good name and the driver was the same size as the Pinnacle.
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Overall 4

Great for HT...not so good for music...It's all about the source...

NM 156, Amazon
7 July 2008
  • Summary: This sub does a good job for Home Theater in a small to medium sized room but for music it just doesn't go low enough. Would work better in a bedroom or a dorm. You'll only hear the difference if you're source is via digital coax or fiber optic cable. It does a decent job however for movies in Dolby D. Bottom line, if you want a good sub for both music and movies in a medium to large sized room. You need at least a 12" 250 watt or better sub.
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Overall 10

Very, very good sub-woofer by JBL.

tom L. -> "'the cpu (certified public und..., Amazon
11 June 2008
  • Summary: I had this sub-woofer, and it is the best 10" around. It is great. Get one, if this is what you are looking for. I just use my pc now, but i had alot of fun, w/ the JBL 10" sub, and you can find them priced very, very low.
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Overall 2


Eduardo Abdullah Nagasaki, Amazon
10 June 2008
  • Summary: This is one audio purchase that I've never stopped kicking myself for...bought it when I was just getting into audio and didn't know any better. The e150 is just horrible, doesn't go low enough (claims to do 25Hz but realistically probably just touches 35-40Hz) without resonating and booming like crazy. It's kinda sorta OK for movies if you're in a small room and put it in a corner but for bigger rooms and music listening it's just a cryin' joke.
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Overall 6

adequate for the money, I *THINK*

Mr. Dogen, Amazon
18 April 2008
  • Summary: Well this subwoofer has a very narrow sweet spot...turn it up too much and it resonates, turn it down too much and you can't hear it. If you don't have high expectations it'll do, and the price is certainly attractive. Still, I wish I had spent a extra two or three hundred for an SVS or Hsu or Velodyne, really good subs start at four hundred dollars and up.
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Overall 10

Excellent value!

Jerry, Amazon
25 February 2008
  • Summary: I needed to replace a pair of bookshelf speakers and decided to add the JBL E150P subwoofer to the order since the price was only $179 with free shipping. This sub has made a significant improvement to the sound of my system adding full rich bass without booming. It is well built; solid in both construction and performance. I'm glad I added it to my order!
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Overall 10

JBL 10" Subwoofer E150P

Richard Frantz, Amazon
26 January 2008
  • Summary: This Speaker seems to be no longer manufactured. As far as I can tell by the published specs. the JBL SUB 10 is its replacement. The grill is different. My E150P is well engineered and is very pleasing to listen to. In my listening room ( 16'x12' with vaulted ceiling ) which is not set up for surround sound, the E150p really brings out a symphonic bass drum or a 32Hz organ pedal. For under $200 I believe you will be satisfied.
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Overall 10

Good budget subwoofer from reputable manufacturer

Erik S. Johnson "O'wai kou i noa?", Amazon
17 January 2008
  • Summary: This is a great sub for entry-level to mid-level systems, where you have some measure of control over the listening environment. Its construction quality is high, has sufficient power to provide a good listening experience in a small to moderate sized room, is tight, and is musical. Because this is a ported design, it has a tendency to get boomy **IF** it is placed incorrectly, or tuned incorrectly, within a room.
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Overall 10

Great deal

L. Cox, Amazon
30 December 2007
  • Summary: I originally purchased the Yamaha YST-SW215 8" Powered Subwoofer. I was underwhelmed by the performance and the cheap construction. However, at $99, I got what I paid for. I returned it and began looking for other options. I looked at the JBL and at first dismissed purchasing it because it was out of my price range ($200 and under). I went to BestBuy to see/hear it ($299).
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Overall 8

Guter Subwoofer - Preis/Leistung GUT!

V. -Olfen "2154875421", Amazon
7 November 2012
  • Summary: Ich habe den Subwoofer nun seit ca. 3 Monaten und bin ganz zufrieden damit. Das Summende Netzteil meiner Mitbewerter kann ich jedoch nicht bestätigen! Kein Summen - kein Brummen - NIX! Jedoch: Ich hatte am Anfang auch dieses Brummen im Subwoofer... Woran liegt das? Kabel falsch verlegt! Wenn die Signalkabel in der Nähe eines Stromkabel liegt, brummt es! Also schön die Signalkabel von den Stromkabel trennen - schon hat man einen einwandfreien Sound!
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