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B&W Nautilus

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16 November 2003
  • Conclusion: Undoubtedly the most stunning speakers ever made, the sound is beautifully clear and clean, with a real oomph thanks to the on-board tech and dazzling design. Of course, you’ll need a Euromillions win in order to own them, but any gadget fan can appreciate such a cutting-edge piece of design.
  • Pros: The utterly unique spiral design, coupled with the astonishing high-end spec sheet means that the sound thrown out by the B&W Nautilus speakers is breathtaking. Put on some Led Zeppelin and its as if Jimmy Page is standing toe-to-toe with you cranking out the riffs in your front room. The spiral look isn’t just one dreamt up by B&W to look bizarre either. It means there’s no internal resonance and those tapered points mean you don’t get any distortion. Unless you’re l...
  • Cons: The only issue with the B&W Nautilus speakers is the size and price. But the simple fact is, speakers like this aren’t meant for hooking up to your bargain bucket iPod dock and never come cheap. These are for serious hi-fi fanatics who think the credit crunch is a chocolate bar.
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B&W Nautilus 800

23 October 2003
  • Summary: And so the story continues, with almost boring uniformity the N800 goes around its business with aplomb, and usually with distinction, no matter what magnifying glass you may use to examine its abilities. Stereo imagery, for example, is almost ideal, with an excellent sense of scale, and the ability to sharply focus individual instruments and voices which stay put in space even when moving sideways across the loudspeaker's bows.
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B&W Nautilus 801 Loudspeakers

16 September 2001
  • Summary: Sound "Intensity and thrust" -- "fundamental tones and harmonics of the piano are just right from the sweet Nautilus midrange, and the full, vibrant bass is superb; what's more, " the three drivers combine with seamless integration; but "they really are at their best when reproducing music at live levels and tend to lose a sense of life while playing background music.
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B&W Nautilus 804 Loudspeakers

16 November 2000
  • Summary: Sound "Vocal performance is excellent, with just the right balance achieved -- neither chesty nor thin"; highs are smooth, but "perhaps the last gasp of air could be considered missing"; "musically satisfying bass depth and weight with a great sense of articulation." Features Trickle-down design technology from B&W's original Nautilus project and drivers from the more expensive Nautilus 801 speakers.
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햐! 이녀석 봐라

fine AV
17 September 2006
  • Excerpt: 아는 선배형님집에서 요놈으로 베토벤 피아노협주곡 황제듣고 감동먹었던게 생각납니다.100만원대 스피커랑 차원이 다르더군요.쩝..부럽습니다.
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B&W N805 감상 소감

fine AV
29 April 2006
  • Excerpt: 안녕하세요? 노틸러스 805를 사용하면서 느낀 점을 써볼까합니다.편의상 존칭은 생략합니다. 올해 초에 지금껏 사용하던 인피니티 Primus-300을 처분하고 B&W 805로 단숨에 업그레이드하였다. 내가 사용해본 스피커 시스템들은 사실 저가형이 주류였지만 B&W 스피커에 대해서는 일종의 동경하는 마음도 있었다. 그 이유로는 회사생활 초년 시절에 회사 근처에 있던 커다란 음반 매장에 B&W 매트릭스 801이 있었기 때문이다. 그 당시가 2000년이었는데 어떤 앰프에 물려있었는지는 사실 기억나지 않지만 소리하나는 정말 예술이었다. 음반 매장이라 결코 볼륨을 크게 틀어놓는 일이 없었음에도 작은 볼륨에서도 자연스럽고 마치 현장에서 듣는 것 같은 착각이 드는 현장감과 섬세함이 있었다. 그 때부터 막연히 B&W의 제품을 한번은 써보겠다고 생각했는데 마침 기회가 닿은 것이다.
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